Society conditions us to go out there and make things happen, take the bull by the horns and take control of our lives.  Simplistically interpreted, spiritual writings from not that far back talk of us being agents of our lives, to not let life happen to us.

Of course its helpful to not get sucked into thinking that life happens to us.  But neither is it useful to believe that life happens by us.   The more we believe we are in control in our lives, the more we feel out of control.  Life has a funny way of showing us that.  But then its not life, as separate from us, that is showing us that, its us showing it to ourselves.

Life happens through us and ultimately we come to realise we ARE life.  Accepting where we are at and seeing the learnings on a deeper level becomes deeply fulfilling and powerfully releasing.  Rather than trying to make headway in our lives, believing that action is required to kickstart getting more of what we want, perhaps its wiser than we just stop trying and trust.

Trust requires us to wait for the invitation.  Waiting for the invitation in a practical sense means we are waiting for others to recognise our worth and value or we are waiting for the ripe time.  Some of us are learning this, to feel the right time, to let things grow from seed to fruit (think of our seasons).

On a deeper level, some of us are learning that through the waiting, even if it be years, we are developing an unbreakable trust in the universe and the power of our waiting and patience.  Some of us have to wait a very long time to get what we want.

Through this we discover that we have all we want right here right now.  That’s a big discovery.  Resign yourself to waiting, then love the waiting, then discover what’s within the waiting.  In the meantime, clear the junk from your life that is not serving you.  Make the space.

If you are born to manifest your way through the world, and some of us are, then this won’t resonate with you.  Usually its the thing you find the hardest that you are here to learn.  Remember there is not one truth for everyone and what works for you will not and is not meant to work for someone else.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 25° Taurus 51' 31"
Moon 03° Sagittarius 54' 50"
Mercury 03° Gemini 22' 48" R
Venus 16° Aries 11' 03"
Mars 23° Pisces 51' 23"
Jupiter 01° Aries 06' 05"
Saturn 24° Aquarius 57' 09"
Uranus 15° Taurus 27' 15"
Neptune 24° Pisces 57' 37"
Pluto 28° Capricorn 31' 54" R
Chiron 14° Aries 47' 57"
TrueNode 22° Taurus 31' 26" R
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