We have a Full Moon in Capricorn at 5.52 am GMT on 28th June 2018. Full Moons are times of closure and illumination so we usually have more intense emotional experiences at this time, yet this Full Moon is supportive in that it lends us a more practical, grounded and bottom line energy. This helps to promote a realism and strategy for a way forward. 

Yet, we need to take an overview of the energies since many people are experiencing massive upheavals and intensive shocks to their systems. For some it feels like enough is simply enough. There’s no path forward, seemingly, on the horizon. These are the people I speak to since there needs to be a deeper understanding of the magnitude of what is happening and why.

Firstly the Sun in Cancer and the Moon, it’s ruler, represent water, the feminine, process, flow, phases, rhythm, home, internal, and is the deepest part of our souls, as it’s the base of the chart. Saturn and Capricorn energy represent authority, manifestation, karma, time, grounded earth, the father, bottom line, responsibility and growth oriented challenges. Yet with the Moon in Capricorn we have a blend of the feminine with the masculine. The maternal Moon with paternal Saturn.

The Sabian Symbol for 6-7 degrees Capricorn for this Full Moon is particularly powerful – “A Veiled Prophet Speaks, Seized By The Power Of A God/Goddess”. It’s a powerhouse of energy, it offers us a rock and anchor in this time of chaos and volatility. It takes us into deeply internal, into the Mother’s heart, where we reconnect with her umbilical cord – out of the earthly connections, which are often also unstable at this time. 

The challenges and responsibilities that we are being forced to embrace now will make us who we are. Saturn expects our commitment, responsibility and the long haul. While this is not an easy path to look upon, it’s one that is sent to make us indomitably strong on the inside.

Our sense of feeling confined to a karmic pattern can appear strong in our reality right now, like there’s no way out, that we have to endure the lesson. It might not even be something particularly painful, but it is something chronic and ongoing, that just won’t go away regardless of how much you work on it.

We are dealing with the strong karmic past right. It’s not always clear cut the past, as we are multidimensional beings, so it can also be a future potential that we are aligning into. The secret is that there are millions of possibilities and we decide, depending on our consciousness and it’s vibration, resonance and frequency, what we align with as our reality.

This is precisely the time to release, heal and resolve another layer of whatever we are suffering. The heart’s energies have been so abused and shut down in our recent and distant soul’s past. The level of wounding is making itself known, in ways we are perhaps not quite prepared to fully entertain. It again, can feel like a mountain of work is ahead of us, but lets not go there, lets just recognise that what and who we thought we were, is a very limited version of who we can be. 

When we face and are confronted with the utter potential and possibility of our own being, it can be a very destabilising place to occupy. Since it is far more comfortable to sit and get on with the familiar hun drum of life. We are simply not being allowed to do that anymore. The pull and destiny of our soul’s evolution is too great and too magnificent, that is is actually quite painful.

It is also painful to feel like we are in such a stuck, impossible, nemesis of set of experiences and energies that there can’t be a miraculous way out of the mess. I want us to completely suspend the idea of reality as we think it is and start entertaining something way beyond any conceptualisation of reality, especially any we’ve read in any books!

These astrological energies are densely and intensely playing out in a wounded sense, especially since this Full Moon is also square Chiron, which brings in a point of integration of healing – the wounded healer.

These are the changes necessary, and they are individual for each of us, for us to fully connect with what is happening in our lives and the world right now. We are feeling  multidimensional levels of consciousness and frequency within our own bodies and multiply timelines of consciousness, and we are just not yet fully conscious of it. Or even a little conscious of it.

Therefore it appears as some kind of chaotic reality that takes us down rabbit holes of victim consciousness. Yet the extremes of our very Saturn reality are juxtaposed against a cognisant awareness of the soul’s essence within us – which has now stepped into the driver’s seat.

We have not yet, by any means, relinquished control to the soul, but it is nevertheless in the drivers’ seat – this is the problem. We are living in so many different realities, we can nearly keep up. For some, in one moment there’s perfection, and in the next there’s extremes of victimhood.

We are learning to become aware of our consciousness and how that consciousness is engaging in life. The awareness of the engagement is through the act of self-awareness. The more we become aware of how we our lives play out, the more we can adapt to the changes without drama but simple shifts to a clearer alignment with our higher self path. 

We are in the process of ascending into a space of actions being based and motivated by love and the different realms of heart consciousness that we can embody. This is my take on the Leo North Node and Mars energising it’s South Node in humanitarian Aquarius. Of course there are many other dimensions that we can read these energies at, but it feels like a higher level of reading is needed at this time.

Our heart chakra has endured so many abuses, we are unable to identify the level of victim consciousness that we embody – in other words we are so identified with our negative internal states of fear, anger, disconnection and confusion that we have no awareness of how wounded we are. 

The North Node in Leo embodies the love frequency of the true King and Queen. This supports the inner masculine and feminine to see each other in whatever light they are in and go through the healing necessary for them to recognise each other in their inner light and rise in love. Some relationships that were previously stressed, frustrating and hopeless are transforming in this new light of the inner masculine and feminine energies rising in love.

This is a time of incredible inner purification, purging and releasing. The astrological energies are putting pressure on us magnetically and electrically. Our electromagnetic fields are feeling this intense pull to go within and connect with our centre. This is supported, or engendered perhaps, by the many retrograde planets.

This introspection and inwards pull helps us see what is us, our nature and essence, and what is purely a negative programme, an ancestral fear, a reality that exists elsewhere but this one, a parallel or future timeline, all of which can feel very real, but fail to have a hold on us if we are connected to our core, inner essence.

So dealing with the past conditioning of our maternal grandmothers and paternal grandfathers (Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon with Saturn). The Sun is journeying through maternal Cancer, which the Moon rules, which is also coming together of the masculine and feminine. 

For some, there’s a strong emphasis on healing relationships with parents, the inner child and the wider ancestral line. Our inner child along with it’s vulnerability, our feelings, and old wounds are often neglected in the light of the striving for goals, fitting in, achievement and simply getting through life.

What always astounds me, is when we feel our feelings, whatever they are in the moment, our field of consciousness and everything around us comes into equilibrium and recalibrates to reflect our witnessing in the moment. This is pure awareness of ourselves. When we fail to acknowledge and own our feelings, we create a distortion in our field of consciousness. We are outside of our hearts.

Just being in your feelings can be profoundly life changing. If you can’t be in your feelings, then you ahem work to do to be able to stay with them with awareness. Theres many reasons why we can’t be in our feelings – fear of what to do next with that new information, patterns around repressing, fear of vulnerability and weakness etc.

Bringing your inner child into your conscious awareness, feeling her feelings with an inner spaciousness can promote a deep healing at this time. The wounds of our inner child are also not in isolation, they are also the wounds of our parents and grandparents and way, way beyond – often back more than 8 generations.

Our ancestral realm’s content impacts us very literally in our very real issues today. Some of these issues have been played out repeatedly down the father or mother line for generations and generations. They are now urgently wanting resolution because we simply cannot integrate these higher heart energies until we do – our energy bodies simply cannot maintain a high frequency with such woundedness from the past. And besides, it’s not much fun to be playing out our ancestors issues, when we have enough of our own to contend with.

Healing the ancestral line, through a loving connection with the Divine, and thorough witnessing your ancestors’ lives is a crucial part of our healing journey. The lightness, simplicity and spaciousness that returns once we have undertaken this journey opens you up to what it feels like to be connected to the unconditional love of the Divine which is your nature.

With so many planets in cardinal signs our lives feel somewhat goal oriented right now, however with also four planets retrograde we need to turn inwards before we reach outwards. Mars has just turned stationary, and his very primal energy says this is not a time to force or push things. 

This is a time to go more inwards and work on freeing up internal space within so that the forward motion arises from the spaciousness. It’s almost as though we are needing a lesson in turning our direction inwards.

At this time, the volatile and chaotic energies can be somewhat bypassed if you focus on your deeper feelings – whatever they may be, and your witnessing of your ancestors suffering.

This unusual Moon is one to harness through ritual, since it’s grounding energy can support the integration of these higher heart energies.



Current Planetary Positions

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