Friday 5 JuneFull Moon in Sagittarius 19:12 GMT

Saturday 6 June – Sun square Mars 19:11 GMT

Thursday 11 June – Sun square Neptune 9.37 GMT

Thursday 11 June – Venus sextile Chiron 10:50 GMT

Saturday 13 June – Mars conjunct Neptune 14:13 GMT

Thursday 18 June – Mercury retrograde 4:59 GMT

Thursday 18 June – Mars sextile Pluto 23:08 GMT

Saturday 20 June – Mars sextile Jupiter 6:56 GMT

Saturday 20 June – Sun into Cancer 21:44 GMT

Sunday 21 June – New Moon Eclipse in Cancer 6:41 GMT

We have a penumbral Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis at 19:12 GMT on 5th June. The energies are beginning to intensify as remove into this eclipse, conjoining the Great Attractor in Sagittarius. This lunar eclipse (lunar because it occurs at a Full Moon, as opposed to a New Moon) pulls back the many layers and veils obscuring the truth.

Eclipses always come in pairs – the later one is on 21 June. These eclipses together begin a catalogue of events which included the peak of Venus retrograde (Sun-Venus conjunction retrograde 3 June) and the end of the retrograde on 25 June. Just after the solstice, there is a conjunction of Pallas Athene, Jupiter and Pluto; as Mars enters Aries. Mars sojourning through Aries will last for many months through to January. Mar’s retrograde period in September for a few months will spark many protests, what we are seeing now is nothing compared to what will come later.

Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn in July, for it’s final stint until December, so we can expect the power to lay once more with those in authority. Censorship of alternative views will continue throughout this year from July onwards particularly and so we will be challenged to find the truth even further. This will not though put a stop to our search for truth and the endless streams of perspectives. Perhaps someone just needs to start bring some structure, order and dot connecting to it all.

Saturn’s sojourn through Aquarius is prizing open the door of alternative views, only to be firmly closed again in July, and come December, it will reopen and stay open – that doesn’t mean smooth sailing, but it’s one thing in favour of the people. And of course we are all gearing up for when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in Aquarius on 21 December auguring a new cycle in our social, political and cultural understanding of this global community.

What we perceive at this time, in the media, in our personal lives will be very telling. It will be an important moment in the entire year, as covert agendas, hidden and vested interests get revealed. There are also useful prophecies and crank conspiracy theories that distract us dangerously, and everything in between. More new perspectives that have previously been obscured will be revealed also. It’s a lot to digest and process.

This is the time to reflect on how much power we’ve given over, given up and surrendered, we are living lives of imitation and predictability. Are we really interested in our freedom, our independence, our individuality? Or do we just simply prefer to belong to the mainstream and effectively give away our power to a system who pertains to be our ‘parents’? We do this in our personal lives also. Who and what are we living for? What values underpin our choices? Where are we aligned?

It’s a time to look at our values and re-establish a broader, new perspective of what needs to be at the core foundation of our lives. Our belief systems are continually being stretched and challenged so we need to be prepared to move beyond our current milieu of thinking and reach into new places within ourselves.

This north node Gemini is opening our eyes to so much new perspective, and the Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius is showing us the shifting of power dynamics. The challenge to those in power comes from those who have simply had enough. Bearing in mind, those actually protesting peacefully are the ones who have had enough and those causing violence are the paid, brought in violent rioters to create social unrest, potential civil war and martial arrest. There needs to be a clear distinction.

Which authorities are pulling the strings is still unclear – it appears to be a battle between two sources of power – and all the while, all the confusion and different perspectives and apparent truths serve to disorientate us further from our centre. We the people are the ones suffering as we do not know whose running the show. To get to any dimension of truth takes time and research, but just as you thought you’d arrived, another uncomfortable layer and level opens up, putting you right back into polarisation.

Essentially part of the learning is how to navigate these varying realities and truth, dimensions, levels and phases, of the awakening process. There appears to be two different awakening processes – one is the awakening to the enslavement and the other to the existence of forces beyond us and within us taking us out of our little identity held in servitude and enslaved. I don’t use that word lightly, I really don’t.

Chiron, Uranus and Mercury are combining together to also unlock fresh perspectives. But alongside this, we need to be prepared to honour our own experience. Many are beginning to break free (Uranus) in their thinking. This means facing people, situations where we and others confront uncomfortable differences of opinion. This requires digging deep into our own being.

While mainstream views are the accepted ‘reality’ of choice because it’s easy to go that root and not question the political and media narratives, people are growing increasingly uneasy with being spoon fed do’s and don’ts. And it doesn’t matter how educated you are, in fact it seems the more educated you are the more the likelihood that you will hoodwink yourself into believing the extravagant brainwashing and mind control agendas are nonsense. Brainwashing doesn’t seem to discriminate on the education front. We are being shown how fragile and futile our education system is in these times.

Quite simply, we are beginning to realise that we have a choice, even though we are being denied it and persuaded that this is the only option. A choice to believe what we want to believe and create a reality from a place within. The beginning of this is to gather many perspectives and listen deeply to the other, especially the voice within, that knows what holds truth and what does not. When you learn to listen to that space within, you might be surprised what truths you discover. It can begin to turn your world upside down.

Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer on 18 June, putting another spanner in the works. It’s just before solstice and the second eclipse (eclipses always come in pairs). This emphasises truth through feeling our way. We will have an opportunity to recalibrate our internal knowing – aligned with gut, senses, intuition and revelation. This is a time to call back our power from the deep, matrix web, and the authorities that continue to attempt, through greed and power, to enslave us to their way.

So while enslavement might seem a strong word, in truth we are all enslaved to a diabolical deceptive system that lies to us from the day we are born. Most people know something is up, they experience it through symptoms, dreams, irreconcilable issues – but they do not have any awareness of how deep it runs, therefore keep running the matrix programme.

So now we come to a fulcrum in our collective and individual evolution and we are being called to enter into the deeper purpose of our lives – which is only to be free. That’s a lifetime’s work, though. This awareness is arising in stages and levels of truth, veils being slowly snipped away, permanently removed, so we can begin to breathe again, our freedom. That sounds like a comfortable process, but it isn’t, it’s earth shattering, as our small self hangs on to a disintegrating reality.

What helps us at this time is forming and forging alliances, those on our side. This is Gemini. Venus retrograde in Gemini is forcing some reworking and reexamining of old alliances also, and some letting go. But most relationships dissolving now are temporary, as we all wake up at different times and cannot all coexist in different planes of reality. It’s just not easy or comfortable to hang out with someone who thinks the complete opposite to you about fundamental aspects of reality.

The eclipse is an opening, so others can sense a more urgent awakening or truth rising to the surface. Others are still stuck in the dominant narrative and will fight tooth and nail for it. Some there’s a lot of pressure on those that ‘know’ something more pressing is being conveniently sidelined.

So there seems to be many fights and irresolvable issues, deadlocks and stalemates. I would even go so far as to say it’s a time for catch 22, rock and a hard place. I have personally witnessed this in many recent sessions. An inability to win, wherever you stand. This eclipse, it’s effects run for 6 months, is square Mars, signalling a backdrop of more tension and potential violence. So we can expect more protests and rage bubbling to the surface. Rage is understandable in the context of the centuries old racism.

There needs to be a balance between giving of space to those who are understandably finally wanting their voice heard, that say no more. And to not getting further manipulated by the media’s attempt to control the narrative and divide and rule. Narratives are being cleverly put together and so we must continue to look beneath and within to draw out the real agendas behind what we read and view, keeping in mind that while a lot needs to transform around our awareness of racism and white privilege, fragility and supremacy, and still we are not here to be exploited, or emotionally harvested.

There’s a curious conjunction to the Great Attractor at this eclipse, a fortunate event, that can only be described in terms of portal opening of Divine proportions. In combination with Sagittarius energy which encourages the broader perspective, and under an eclipse and Great Attractor energy, there’s a push to take us beyond our everyday idea of reality, beckoning us into new levels of consciousness. We can expect this to influence the next 6 months.

This eclipse is set to cascade through all levels of consciousness, in a way, you could it say it’s activating the Gods, the forces that are so often marginalised in our familiar, 3D, everyday reality. It might encourage a more spiritual lenses, taking us beyond our small 3D explanation of events and reality. This can’t easily be put into words and described in human terms, as it’s a kind of great mystery, the Great Attractor.

They forces, the Gods and Goddesses (not archetypes), but internal and external forces, are real forces that live in us, yet rarely summoned in western society. As the months ensue in 2020, we are going to be tested greatly and we will need an alliance of spiritual resources, far beyond ourselves. There’s nothing we cannot resolve, both individually and collectively, without Divine support.

We dream the world into being, and we can do with an alliance of solid spiritual support or not. All activism needs to be spiritual activism, which weds spiritual practise or ritual, the alliance of Divine forces, with compassionate social action. We can re-dream, and conjure, a more loving and ingenious world into being. Indigenous people know about this directly for they have not lost the connection between earth, matter, soul and spirit.

When the Inuit Indians in Canada were protesting a golf course being built on their sacred ancestral grounds, they gathered to protest as the army mounted to remove them. They summoned their wind God as the army lobbed tear gas, and the wind blew the tear gas right back in their face. In Hawaii, the Goddess is the land there, Pele is alive, and they live with that Goddess force, unlike anywhere else I know. So when a power plant was going to be built in Virgin Forest, the Hawaiians gathered to invoke Pele. Three times the army engineers built the foundations, and three times Pele blew it up. Finally they went elsewhere.

Off the coast of Puerto Rico, in the very deep waters, it is said that Yemaya, the ocean Goddess, lives. A boy disregarded the dangerous waters warnings, despite searches, local lifeguards and search teams couldn’t find his body. The boy’s mother, who was a devotee of Yemaya, could not leave her son’s body in the ocean. She asked to go out one last time, and when she felt it right, she asked the boat to stop and she said her song to Yemaya “you are a mother, I am a mother, I know you cannot bring my son back to life but give me back his body”. The searches were shocked when his body rose to the surface. This was reported in the newspapers.

In Hawaii also, I experienced an incredibly powerful ceremony, at the moment of completion, the mysterious elemental forces opened the heavens and rain poured and poured and poured down (you can see the photos on my FB page Feb 2019). It was like nothing I have ever witnessed. We found out later that it hadn’t rained for many weeks. Even some locals, drinking beer nearby, looking on in amazement at the ocean edge wanted to know what we had done. We weren’t quite sure, but the next night, on the flight back, I knew we were in for something big.

Nature’s power is way, way beyond us, it is not separate to us, there is not demarcation between spirit and matter, and yet we are not taught these things at school. We are simply taught to respect the earth and not litter. We are not taught the truth about Divine forces. We are not taught at school about the mysteries of the nature, or the elemental forces that exist within it.

Now we are at a chiros moment, which means we are at a critical juncture. What we do and don’t do now seems to matter greatly. And yet we still believe ourselves at the mercy of authority – we are resigned and often accept that manipulation by powers that be, that it is a given that cannot be changed. We have projected out the forces of nature and the Divine into the government and state – they have become what we have lost within, they have become our parents.

We can vote for reality with our dreaming, with our imagination, our creativity. We just need to be clear on what we want individually in this world and for our children?

The I’Ching reminds us continuously that the task is great, and nothing short of leading the world from disharmony back to order (not, the NWO), but an order based on connection with nature, the forces, our spirit and Divinity. We need to start entertaining fresh new possibilities and a new way, a new system, based on infinite abundance and not international debt. We are born and registered into debt, we need to leverage ourselves out of that system and with our imaginations and creativity, start birthing forth a new consciousness and it’s practical application.

I see us all as undercover agents, each with a mission and a purpose, Miss Marples. We just need to investigate more, not be satisfied with the superficial accepted reality and get curious about what might be around the corner, if we choose it. The forces of power, control and greed are pulling humanity towards an abyss and they are carrying the net of creation with them. We need to pull out our scissors and begin to snip this web, so they can hurtle themselves into that abyss (and be transformed into some alternative reality), and we can go about creating, dreaming and imagining the new world in it’s new cycle.

We need to work with frequency more – tune into that so to ascertain the frequency of a message. The quickening and aliveness of the forces of creativity are very different from the forces of destruction. Artificial intelligence interferes with the purity of our souls, it takes away our livelihoods and diminishes the efficacy of our being (and far worse if I felt this space was for ranting). Conversely, our birthing is quicker, it has more spirit, it is alive. Start attuning to it.

As human beings, we need to discern the path of evolutionary intelligence, the lively possibilities open to us at any one moment and align ourselves with that. The Mayan word for human means one that owes – contributing a gift. Therapy means to serve the Gods. Our primary act of service or devotion is to enlarge our imagination, expand the possibilities, envisioning in terms of liberation. It is prophecy we need to connect to now also. We can only grapple with these mysterious forces and offer ourselves to them, as we will never fully know them. They do not need to be known.

Neptune and Jupiter aligned in sextile in July is beginning to lay the groundwork for this envisioning – we need to imagine vast, broad and wide. The frequency of Neptune and Jupiter together is high, optimistic and positive. But this is way beyond just July.

In terms of change and instability we yearn for certainty, for normalcy, creature comforts. But instead lets embrace these times as an opportunity to dance and invite radical change as our ally. And so even the process of dismantling and deconstruction of reality and the system as we know it, is also our ally.

We have a choice, but we are conditioned into believing we do not have one. We do not need to accept this, we need to start envisioning our life and future. How would you like the world to be? What would you like the new system to look like? How might your part be in that realisation? We need to start to living through positive prophecy, through imagination, and the dreaming of reality.

Cards For This Full Moon

Tarot – Eight of Cups

Get to the bottom of things. To walk the narrow path into the deep chasms of the unconscious requires courage and determination. Losing your shape. Open yourself towards those dark, formless and obscure feelings that rise to the surface and reveal themselves in order to be seen. Part you have to do, part happens without your doing anything. This is all about accurately feeling and sensing and experiencing the subtle shifting of boundaries. To balance action and reaction requires great sensitivity.

I’Ching – Splitting Apart 23

One of the keys to happiness is simplicity and synchronicity. The symbol for this hexagram is a knife. Slicing through – streamlining. It’s about exposing shadow but not in a negative light. It’s about allowing things to break down, distilling and rebuilding them so they shine the beauty within. This is about quintessence and numinous of life, in the problem. When we have lost this simplicity in our individual and collective lives, it’s time for declines, decrease and deterioration, and this is a natural part of life. This is a time of waiting and protecting while in difficult times. Reaching into the heart of the matter. Life needs different things at different times as it runs on rhythms. By attempting to resolve things that are not at this time resolvable, you can do more damage than good. The answer here is trusting simplicity, getting back to nature. Complexity comes from an incoherence in the mind, simplicity from the being, the quintessence at the heart of things.





Archetypes – The River

The reason there is so many rituals of change and rebirth take place in the river – it is forgiveness embodies in physical form. Without asking anything in return, the river washes away what is no longer necessary, smoothing over shape edges and accepting all our mistakes and grievances. Once we step in, we are no longer in control: the river carries us farther down the stream of transformation than we planned to go. It’s waters have a special gift for reflecting back to us a new and dreamlike vision. Once the tears have passed we see ourselves as we haven’t before: with a little more lightness, grace and fluidity. Keep in mind the you that stands within the river is the real you – full of deep emotion and potential, nothing to hide, nothing to judge. May you drink in the sight of your true self. When light, acceptance, grace, reflection and forgiveness. When dark, torment of emotions, flooding and overwhelm. You can only resist the river for so long. Eventually it will pull you towards change, so you may as well get in with style and grace. The river is emotion. When you are in it’s current you will know it by the bursting forth of tears, laughter, song despair. All emotions flow in it’s current.

Isis Cards – The Queen Of Heaven

The Queen Of Heaven, the Divine Empress of the Skies, acknowledges your feminine authority now, as a man or a woman. You have a life path of spiritual leadership to bring qualities of mercy, compassion and wisdom into the world.

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