The Sovereign Being™ Workshop

I welcome you here with all my heart. It is my deepest passion to share this mystical & magical work with you, & it is my highest intention that through our Goddess immersion your life becomes full of truth and freedom.

Love Maia

There are many things in this world to distract us from our truth.

The world tugs at our awareness. We make gurus out of our friends, teachers, partners, lovers, the internet, spiritual teachers, doctors, bosses, co-workers, children, mothers and fathers… there’s a lot of wisdom out there, but the simple truth is that until you can discern and follow what your truth is, you will feel lost.

Quite literally, from the moment of birth, your wondrous, infinite potential stretched out before you becomes slowly inundated with the needs, views and values of everyone else.  And women are even more expertly trained in serving and satisfying others’ desires before our own.

And, in living out other peoples’ lives and their expectations of us, the reality is that we stay living amidst many, very real fears – of letting down people, of being rejected, of being alone.

So, I am not interested in you following my truth.

As that wouldn’t be my truth, and besides, I’m not here to recreate the wheel. I want to teach you how to create your own wheel, to learn to find your own truth and then follow it, brazenly.

Once you find the HOME of this inner guidance that is just waiting so patiently for you to discover, you will never again fall into caring about what everyone else in the world thinks about you.

This path is the sovereign path, of inner, not outer truth, of understanding your own meaningful reality. And even if your own truth does not always make sense to others in your life, or even to yourself, you will feel happy following it. Once you connect to this core within you and shine a light on it, you will listen and know what is being asked of you in every moment.

You will move beyond your fears and you will awaken your soul’s desires, your spirit’s presence and you will feel your heart sing.

Others will begin to notice your self-love, your peace and joy. They will want to know what your secret is. And you will say, “I have found my centre, my inner guidance, and I follow it”.

My intention is that this workshop births that desire and longing in you to find this inner guidance.

This workshop is for every woman who yearns to connect with the freedom of their spirit and to expand Divine presence into their lives. Whether you have been stuck with the same old issues, feel like it’s time to finally make an exciting leap forward, or are just curious about how the Goddess consciousness feels, these transformational tools will work for you.  As many other previous participants have experienced, this work opens doors for your majestic awakening.

The Sovereign Being Immersion is a powerful 2 day workshop of transformation for women yearning for something deeper; bringing ‘consciousness shifts’, letting go of old habits and pain, and embodying the soul’s natural and abundant joy. 

Through consciousness changing tools we empty ourselves making space for the embodiment of our Sovereign Being. While we all know that truly transforming our lives takes commitment, readiness and a willingness to dive into all corners of your being, many are taking the long, slow route, recycling patterns that we can now shift.

There will be teachings, consciousness shifting tools and a powerful Goddess initiation. You will feel what it’s like to be so full of peace and love within yourself. I have been initiating women in the Goddess mysteries for over 16 years. I have led large workshops and helped many clients discover and harness the force of the Goddess. I’d be honoured to guide you into this powerful reconnection.

You ARE a Goddess, like no other, The Goddess Within You is special and unique to you, seated within your heart and She is calling you towards an unimaginably blissful new life chapter full of flow and ease. 

What To Expect

2 Days of Transformation: designed to gently initiate you into the process of your own powerful transformation through the Goddess

1 Powerful Life-changing Goddess Initiations:  Life-changing initiations to clear your aura and chakras at a deep, consciousness changing level, flooding your etheric field with unconditional love. Learn more about the Goddess Initiations

High Frequencies of Unconditional Love: which you then learn to cultivate moment to moment

Powerful Tools, Rituals & Ceremony: to transform your inner consciousness which changes what you manifest

Meditations, Breathwork, Toning & Teaching: deeply feminine tools for remembering the hidden knowledge and power of the Divine Feminine


Be empowered to take ownership of your healing and spiritual transformation through an entirely new understanding of what ‘transformation’ and ‘healing’ really entails.


Learn how to receive and trust your own internal guidance. Learn how to heal from within through calling upon your own Divinity and working with the Goddesses and many other Beings of Light.


Through ceremony, ritual and intention we call forth miracles and magic to engender shifts in consciousness. Gain crucial knowledge and new perspectives on the Divine Feminine.


Receive 1 powerful initiations that will purify your energy field at a deep level and download the codes of Isis to catapult you forward  connecting with your Soul’s joy and your Divine purpose.

What You Will Receive

TRANSFORM the past story you have held about yourself with core, consciousness-changing tools

DEEPEN your knowledge, awareness and understanding of yourself

ILLUMINATE & ACTIVATE  your Soul’s Divine Purpose through powerful Goddess initiations

PROPEL you forward in realising your potential, embracing your challenges, and sharing your gifts with the world

INSPIRE you with confidence, self-belief and take you into action to birth a new version of yourself, open to new possibilities for your life, and manifest your dreams

AWAKEN, REALISE & EMBODY your Abundant Goddess Within – the most powerful tool you have on this planet

RECONNECT with other like-minded and hearted women and reawaken your soul’s rememberance of powerful, sacred sisterhood

The Sacred Pledges

Freedom of spirit, permeating your entire life, bringing expansion, inspiration and vision

Alignment that brings you into connection with your soul’s joy and purpose

Surrendering to what life brings while understanding that you can change your own reality

Transformation that saves you years of therapy

Taste peace and joy and establish these qualities of love, deeply in your life

Manifestation of your soul’s purpose and creating a life of abundance

Rememberance of your sacred feminine nature

Authentic personal power, empowerment, and its viseral feeling in your body and expression in your relationships

Connection with the Divine within you, that feels at the core, unshakeable

Kindred spirit relationships with other women that feel solid, deep and loving


“A very inspiring and powerful weekend it was the first time I have experienced anything like that and I feel so blessed that I was a part of your first workshop. It was a wonderful experience and you have started me on a journey that I intend to make a lifelong (and beyond!) practise.”


“A truly uplifting, high vibrational and powerful weekend” Laura Marsland


“You have an incredible ability to make me believe that you invite the Divine Mother & her entourage around for tea every couple of days… simple, safe & REALLY fun!”

Don't Just Take My Word For It

I’m amazed and moved by countless people who tell me that this work (sessions, workshops, online training programmes, community, articles) has sparked and sustained a profound and meaningful change in their life.

This work opens a path a living out our Divine Soul Purpose. People who come to this work often say this prayed to find something to help them, then they found me. This work enables women to make bold and courageous moves, take action on long-held dreams and live lives they once only imagined.

If this has made you curious what might be in store for you if you immerse yourself? See the testimonials below, or read over 40 powerful stories from our sisterhood right here.

Much love,

Maia x

3 of 40 Amazing Testimonials

“Beyond any expectations I had created have done a large number of workshops, both spiritual and mainstream and this entered the level of profound on both accounts. I could feel the vibrational effects on me days before the workshop began and as the weekend continued I was constantly amazed by the deeply felt experiences I received through the channel of Maia, of the Divine Feminine. I’m writing this 3 weeks later and can say in absolute honesty that I am witnessing daily shifts.”

Olivia Flaxman – Psychotherapist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

“Your workshop was a profound opening and new beginning for me that I did not expect. It was a brilliant two days, and you were amazing at keeping the momentum and responding to everyone’s varying emotions and personalities!”

Renu Parmer – Healer & Intuitive

“A very inspiring and powerful weekend it was the first time I have experienced anything like that and I feel so blessed that I was a part of your first workshop. It was a wonderful experience and you have started me on a journey that I intend to make a lifelong (and beyond!) practise.”

Nicole McMahon – Yoga for Schools

Spaces Available

On completing deposit or payment, you will receive a welcome email from Maia with all the details about two weeks before the weekend. Do you have any specific questions that you need answering before you can join? Just drop Maia an email at and she will endeavour to get back to you asap. The venue is in sw128sa, London, the timing is 10-5.30 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Once you are committed to the workshop through your payment, there are no refunds. This is to support the deepest part of you that felt that initial strong desire to join, and to support myself with wasted time and funds.

If you have paid your deposit and it is within a week of the workshop, you are liable to fulfil the rest of the fee. I ask you honour this agreement.

q & a s

Where and when is Sovereign Being workshop?

The Abundant Goddess™ 2.5 Day Immersion runs from 22-24 April 2022, 5 pm – 7.30 pm on Friday and 10 am – 5.30 pm both Saturday and Sunday. It is near Wandsworth Common in London sw128sa. There are easy connections through Clapham Junction station and we are 12 minutes from Balham underground and rail.

What are the 3 Goddess initiations and can I get them anywhere else?

The Initiations are only available on the retreat. Over this immersion you will be receiving 1 powerful initiation that exponentially clears your aura. Sacred initiations require preparation, ceremony and ritual. Many people get scared when they hear the word initiation. These initiations are anything but scary. Often gentle, sometimes strong but always beautiful, powerful and amazing experiences of unconditional love and bliss that reconnects you with the Goddess, you as a Goddess – on a tangible feeling and body level. They are not available anywhere else in the UK.

What will the immersion consist of? What can I expect?

Powerful transformational teachings, tools and exercises and 2 initiations, lots of sister love. Everyone is asked to bring some vegetarian food to share.

What payment options are there?
Payment is a desposit or the full amount which is non-refundable and non-transferable and the rest is payable 1 week before the immersion.
What is the refund policy?

No refunds are available once you have secured your place.

I don't know anything about the Goddess or Sovereign Being - does this matter?

Many women don’t!  That’s why we are doing this work! This retreat is suitable for those familiar and not familiar with this work. We will LOVE whatever you bring with you, and you are more than welcome to just come with curiosity. As long as you come with an open mind, and a willingness to look at yourself.

Are there any age restrictions?

As long as you’re a woman 18 years or older, or accompanied by an adult if under 18.

Will there be resources to take away from the immersion?

The retreat will provide around tools and resources to take away, but in the main it is the Abundant Goddess Programme that provides the resources. This workshop provides you with a very direct experience of the Goddess. So if you are looking for mainly resources, sign up for the Abundant Goddess Online Programme also – there is a combined payment option so you can do both the immersion and programme together.

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