Welcome into our courses. It is my deepest passion to share this work. It is my highest intention that through our immersion into these courses brings joy, connection, healing, abundance & peace.


In the comfort of your own home, join us for inspiring weekly classes. Connect with your Sovereign Being and the purifying sacred fire, express through dance, soften your body with movement and breath, with uplifting music.

Embodying the Tao, Connecting to your Inner Fire, Knowing Yourself, Moving into Action

Through combining different approaches to bring a unique online experience; working with the body, the Divine, through movement, sacred fire, breath work, inner connection, and meditation. Connecting with the Sovereign Being within, we aim to bring our spirit fully into our body, and as we encounter difficult emotions, we purify. These are dynamic and devotional courses, where we use our bodies and work with movement to music with breath work, in the privacy of your own home, (without your video on if you choose).

The sacred fire – of which there are thousands – are what you could call a dispensation for our planet. They are a key awakening gift, as they offer us instant grace, dissolving karma, emotions, fear, interference and all else that we do not need to ‘process’. In these classes you will learn to work creatively and intuitively with the sacred fires, moving them through your body and energetic field. You will also connect to and build up a relationship with your own inner Sovereign Being. This is a powerful purification tool.

Qi movement – you will start reconnecting with your body, and learn how to bring your spirit more fully in. We work with grounding, subtle sensation, flow and fluidity.

Breath work – we use breath to support the transmutation and purification of our bodies and etheric fields, you will learn powerful breath work that cleanses the body very deeply.

Dance and movement – understanding how movement supports your Divine connection.

Tools – please check out the resources section to get a sense of all the array, diversity and vastness.

To get access to our courses:

Free sign up here at my other site Sovereign Being

These Courses Will Help You…

TRANSFORM your past stories with core, consciousness-changing tools

DEEPEN your knowledge, connection and understanding of yourself

ILLUMINATE & ACTIVATE  your Soul’s Divine Purpose

PROPEL you into your potential, to share your gifts & bring grace to your challenges

INSPIRE you with self-belief & into action, birthing new possibilities for your life

EMBODY your Sovereign Being within

RECONNECT with other like-minded & hearted souls

REAWAKEN your soul’s remembrance of powerful, sacred sisterhood

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