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Which Session Do I Need?

Sessions are a form of counselling and healing that brings together a spiritual perspective on life integrating innovative and holistic therapeutic approaches, and combining different tools. 

For most, it is best to begin with a spiritual counselling session which works with whatever you bring in a psychotherapy and healing capacity, and if required, some work with charts.

Maia’s form of therapy combines many approaches and tools, knowing that different people need different approaches, since no one tool can solve all problems. Sometimes I will work with you sitting up and sometimes laying down. As I am also trained as a healer, I also work with healing tools such as tuning forks, crystals and shamanic rattles. Other times it’s about working through problems and going deeper to core issues and releasing with the Divine.

If you are unsure drop Maia an email and she will support you to work out what you need.


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Individual Therapy

Whether you are new to spirituality or therapy or not, life brings times when we are feeling stuck, lost or in need of a different approach.

Wherever you are at in your life’s journey, you probably understand already that life brings us challenges to increasingly wake us up. 

All challenges deepen awareness and expand consciousness, taking us on a journey to release that which has outlived its purpose, if we learn how to work with them. Challenges also take us into deep dark nights of the soul, to meet the underbelly of our existence, our shadow. While equally can reconnect us with powerful, sensitive or undervalued aspects of our wholeness, which when encountered, have the capacity to change our entire experience of reality.

Unbeknown to many though, much can be divinely transmuted and brought back into balance and graceful expression, either accelerating or lightening challenges, while simultaneously unlocking the power contained within them.

While most of us are accustomed to learning through a process of suffering, at some point in our evolution, we become ready for the next level – growth through access to Divine love, power, will, compassion and creativity.

Individual sessions catalyse your awareness and capacity to process your issues and give you exactly what you need for this stage of your journey. Get in touch to find out more!

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Couple Therapy

It goes without saying that every couple has work to do. When we find some support to do that work, it can make all the difference.

Relationships are the meeting point of souls so we are always working on our relationships. Engaging in relationships stimulates and accelerates our spiritual growth, yet at the same time, we can experience wounding in our relationships, which inhibit our growth when left to fester. Yet it remains for many that creating a healthy, fulfilling, functioning relationship is a huge challenge.

When working with relationship issues, we need to take into consideration both the individuals and the relationship as a whole which has a force and life of its own. This ‘relationship’ has its own myth, charts and potential, which can be very helpful in determining where a relationship needs to go for both people to be happy.

As relationships force our healing, and us humans tend reject or resist our own potential, since it’s an easier solution, then it’s important to look at the individual patterns of both people and how they contribute to the relationship issues. It might come as a surprise to hear that often both individuals share the same patterns but from opposite ends of the spectrum or different levels, which mean they can often see it in the other, before they see it in themselves. This is called polarisation or projection of our parts, aspects and issues, putting it on the other, as their work not your own responsibility. Working on these polarisations and projections as little known, wounded or unlived aspects of ourselves enables the calling back of more of ourselves, so we become more whole. The more complete we are within ourselves, the less we need to project out onto the other, and usually the fewer relationship issues we face.

All relationships have a deeper dreaming or myth behind them and it is often these spiritual, soul bonds and contracts which bring and keep people bound together, for better or worse. Looking at the relationship themes from all levels and spectrums, the very real practical challenges to the spiritual contracts supports more awareness of relationship’s purpose, nature and ultimate direction.

A ‘role’ within a relationship is the shared dynamics that largely go unnoticed and unnamed. For example, in the simplest form, one partner might feel a victim, and projects the oppressor or aggressor onto the other. There is usually truth to this, but when these roles are more deeply understood and ufolded within the relationship, this supports both individuals to see where they deny their own power or inner victim. There are many role options!

Talking about what is difficult to say in relationships is also fundamental to a healthy dynamic. Expression of what’s not easily said encourages honesty and a deeper intimacy in our relationships, which can help rebuild the torn up roots. Often people are too good at falling into old patterns of communication that need to be outgrown. This work also examines how we communicate with one another, what works and what needs to change.

All relationships go through difficult phases, bringing conflict, uncomfortable feelings and doubt. Facilitating these hotter spots of exchange, or exploring the elephant in the room, staying with what’s uncomfortable, supports deeper meaning to emerge and opens the relationship to new life and growth.

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Karmic relationships

Karmic Monads

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Relationship themes and patterns – relationship myth

Breaking relationship contracts and vows

Relationship, men and women judgments


Readings are designed to catalytically propel you forward on your spiritual path. These transmissions or readings will bring a deep and fresh understanding to your soul’s path, working to reconcile, integrate and align you with your soul’s evolutionary journey and higher purpose. They often confirm truth or connect you to your deep inner knowing, supporting the illumination of your path and embodiment of your deeper nature.

Maia is a channel (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognisant) that combines Astrology, the Soul Plan system aka Earth Path system and Human Design. Maia is a master of systems, with deep knowledge of Astrology, Human Design, Earth Path (aka Soul Plan), incorporating also the Genius Report, the Venus sequence, the Mayan calendar where necessary to bring understanding to all the obstacles and lessons, patterns and themes, contracts, goals, gifts and potential, soul purpose, other incarnations and ancestors if relevant. 

As she synthesises various systems – different systems work for different situations – she pulls out the information that will give you the answers to your questions within the scope of relationships, career, health, home, spirituality and family, as well as other areas. 

She looks at the shadow lessons you are moving through, transforming and embodying into gifts and higher consciousness. She will unlock many of the doors to self-understanding and illuminate directions of expansion in your life. Also the diverse parts of your personality and how they work and conflict with one another. She will also look at what’s coming up in the near future, and distant, the cycles of your charts. Specific questions and situations also welcomed.

You are welcome to bring your own questions and curiosity to the session, these are not strictly sessions where you just receive, you are also an active participant and can bring in your feedback and questions as we go along.

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Lightbody Integration

If you hadn’t noticed… we are in a time of great change, acceleration and awakening. Lightbody work supports our integration our lightbody – our multidimensionality – deeper into all the other dimensional realities that we exist in. Through a series of powerful clearings, activations and installations, we prepare the third dimensional physical being and body for integrating higher dimensional frequencies and consciousness. These higher frequencies can then anchor instantaneously and often permanently, transforming our life through, bringing through empowerment and self-love.

As we make room, we begin to access and express more from within; we flow with humility, grace and greater ease, experience states of joy, laughter and even bliss. Lightbody processes release density, heaviness, rigidity and residual anxiety, which contain and trap the soul in the consensus reality of separation, duality and limitation. 

Embodying and resonating at a higher level of self-love, means our relationships and everyday life have more alignment and perfection. No matter what life throws at us, we integrate the experiences with confidence and trust in reality giving us what we need. We also feel more rooted, grounded, embodied and like we belong here. With access to more discernment, you can begin to make better decisions and experience less emotional turbulence and drama. Best of all, your body will feel light and states of hopelessness, dullness and depression lessen or are enriched.

These sessions provide a push if you have gone as far you can go in your healing work and feel now like you are now recycling or reprocessing. It is true that some experiences are not to be processed anymore, they are simply to be released, and so this work is when the quick fix is appropriate and the processing redundant.

It will provide you with more positive ways to grow and you will feel like a corner has been turned. The true impact and effect of this work is over time, as with the removal of obsolete structures and residues of separation consciousness, the light can begin to now flood into the system, as opposed to a trickle. Simply book a session and I will work with you to access the best session for us to begin with.

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Online Courses

Modular Online Interactive Courses and Programmes

Courses offer a structured, supported approach to transformation and self-knowledge consisting of many online transformational tools, learning resources from videos, audios, PDFs for teachings, practises, meditations, rituals, breath work and exercises to heal, align, clear and raise your consciousness and deepen your awareness. Some of these are free to give you a taste of who I am and the work.

You go at your own pace so it fits in with your schedule. While you are a member you have lifetime access to the course content so you can return at any point to modules and reintegrate deeper.

You do not need any prior training to get started, they are designed for many levels and will deepen your knowledge and practise whatever level you are coming in at. Read the success stories to hear more from other participant experiences.

Included is the Sovereign Being online community access where you can share your experiences and ask your questions.

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Divine Feminine video series

Manifestation and Abundance video series

In Person & Online Workshops

Imagine a nourishing space where you can explore your whatever is fully present with you, whatever needs your attention right now.

Whatever you are at and whatever your starting place, Maia’s weekend in person and online 3 hour workshops are sacredly held spaces for you to devote to your own self-discovery. Their goal is to bring you a deeper sense of yourself, subtle refining skills, understanding and healing for you and your life.

The goal is for you to understand and discern sovereignty from other paths, with a focus on the Sovereign Being – our ultimate Divine wholeness – which we are here to fully embody as individual men and women. It negotiates, integrates, stands firm, bears witness, embraces and loves us into being, authenticity and action.

When we align with this authenticity, we deepen our journey into truth, compassion, humility and then our ultimate freedom. This is not always easy and we need support to negotiate the rocks and mountains on our path. These online and in person spaces are here for you to explore this richness with support and guidance.

These workshops will ask the deeper questions, meet you where you are at and then (with your permission) take you to your next level in your connection to your Sovereign Being.

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Maia runs larger events or one off events.  Please see calendar for up to date information or events below.

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Online Community

The Sovereign Being private online community accompanies both free and paid memberships through Sovereign Being. Treat it as a space and container to connect with like-minded and hearted people, ask us questions, get support and learn more about the journey of sovereignty for you personally.

The free space is for all free members and the paid memberships support our dynamic meditations, online and in person workshops, events and classes, online courses and active circle.

The community can be accessed directly from our Sovereign Being website or via Sovereign Being community.

Bring your questions to the ‘free space’ Sovereign Being – Being Sovereign.

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Maia provides mentorship for those seriously on their therapeutic journey who work or want to work with others. There is no requirement for this, please enquire for details and we can work out a plan for you.

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Encrypted in our birth names and moment of birth is our evolutionary soul’s journey. Uncovering these encoded meanings unlocks and opens us up to our potential and fulfilment, revealing our often half realised or dormant gifts.

When we know our blueprint, the energetic dynamics we are here to explore and balance, and our evolutionary path, we can begin to take steps to integrate and embody these dynamics and gifts.

Self-knowledge is a source of power, and knowledge with deep understanding helps explain why we magnetise certain experiences and shows us how to resolve blocks. Often the blocks manifest due to our limited understanding of our soul’s path.

Using Astrology techniques including natal astrology, transits, harmonics, solar arcs, solar returns, secondary progressions, horary astrology and new planets, asteroids, and centaurs we can provide very precise information as to cycles and phases of expansion and contraction.

Astrological discussion can be complex if you do not understand the meaning and terms so  Mais always speaks in plain language and until there’s a need to bring in the astrology, or until you have a question about how I got to a certain observation or evaluation, she keeps it simple.

With our lives as overly complicated and crazy as they are, Astrology is an indispensable tool capable of embracing both the problems we face and solution we need. If life is chaotic, it is so we can bring some order in and diagnose a problem, locate the issue and reboot the entire system. These readings initiate that process, but they go beyond normal linear processing diagnosis.

Gaining knowledge of the life lessons, themes and dynamics we have agreed at a soul level for this life is a very liberating, catalytic experience. Yet Maia’s approach will also point you inward to your deepest nature, in a way that feels safe, reassuring, life confirming and loving.

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Human Design

The Human Design chart, called the Body Graph, is a visual representation of the sum total of human possibilities and energies. The entire archetype of humanity is contained within the structural framework of the chart. In other words, all of the possibilities for the expression of being human is in the chart.

The Body Graph shows us the different ways we love, hate, lead, follow, learn, know, grow and so much more. Not only that, the chart shows your best strategy for making money, having great relationships, being healthy and creatively fulfilled. Your unique chart helps you understand how you work and how to best make your life work for you.

Each individual chart, calculated using your birth date, time and place, is a map of how you process energy. The chart reveals your strengths, your potential weaknesses, you gifts and talents. Most importantly, the chart tells the story of who you are, why you are here and how you can live a life that is true to who you really are.

The story of each chart is based on the synthesis of everything in the chart. Each chart is different and unique. It’s in the sum total of all the parts of the chart that your personal energy map is revealed.

Human Design is rich and complex and involves a lot of data. The system is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and quantum physics.

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Earth Path System (Soul Plan)

The Earth Path System is an ancient system based on Hebrew numerology and early Kabbalah teachings and derived from the geometry of the ancient Flower of Life. This system reflects the building blocks behind the entire structure of our universe.

As a soul, prior to incarnation, you decided the highest growth you could possibly experience in this lifetime and used your full original birth name to manifest this.

Names hold an energy, a sound vibration – they act as an energetic configuration or blueprint which then gets projected into this reality, our consensus 3D reality – almost like programming a computer. Your original birth name is your ‘dominant’ vibration, it holds your blueprint for this lifetime. Other names, such as married names or nick names, are called overlay names. Overlay names are just that, an overlay energy which adds to and refines the energies already present. They are less relevant, but can catalyse your path, or conversely keep you stuck.

Your chart is specific to you, but anyone else with exactly the same birth name as you will have the same energies (including middle names). Based around the 6 pointed star and derived from the Flower of Life, the building block of sacred geometry and the foundation of all life. 

Your chart has two challenges, two talents, two goals. Most charts, but not all charts, have a destiny energy. The chart is split up into the first and the second half of your life – the physical (worldly) and the spiritual. In total, there are twenty-two different energies in 7 different positions, and you might share the same energy in different positions. These 22 energies also match the 22 pathways in the Kabbalah and the 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot amongst other systems.

Generally around the age of 36, most people have somewhat entered into the second half, the spiritual half of their chart, yet also working on the challenges from the physical – which are always somewhat present, even if we have transmuted a lot of the issues around them. The spiritual challenges move us towards accessing the spiritual talents and  working with our spiritual goals – albeit somewhat unconsciously.

Some people might even get a forerunner or introduction to their spiritual challenge in their late 20s at the time of their astrological Saturn return transit (28-30). Bringing into consideration our astrology allows us to get more precise on the timing around these lessons. For most people, our life experience, our lessons and learning acceleration peaks around the astrological North Node return at 36, the Uranus opposition transit around 42 (mid-life crisis) and the Chiron return around 50 are both completions in the physical half of our life and initiation into the spiritual focus.

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Taoism, Qi gong & Tai chi, I'Ching

Taoism and the I’Ching philosophy are threads running throughout Maia’s work. Maia has worked extensively with the I’Ching as a divination tool; Process Work (process orientated psychology) of which a core foundation is Taoism; Tai chi, Qi gong and martial arts; Human Design and Gene Keys, both of which have the I’Ching as a central element to these systems.

Tai chi

Many people across the world practice Tai chi and Qi gong everyday because of its proven health and fitness benefits. It works at a cellular level, unlocking deep trauma in your body slowly.  Realigning your spine and balancing out your left and right side, the yin and yang are fundamental to our healing and awakening.

Perhaps you’ve tried to learn yourself or you want to but know there are so many ways in you haven’t been sure which direction to take, especially since it can look quite traditional , complex and a long long journey before you can call yourself a Tai chi practitioner.  If you’ve tried Tai chi before you will remember how at first it can feel so overwhelming remembering all the various moves, their names and the transitions between them.

Tai chi and Qi gong are similar but different systems.  Tai chi is more complex and intricate, like a dance – it takes time to learn the sequence of movements.  Qi gong is a simpler set of movements, usually practised in tai chi stance (although there is walking qi gong also) which clears your energy system and meridian lines.  It is also the foundation of Tai chi. There are thousands of different forms of Qi gong and varying version of the Tai chi forms. Maia practises both the short and long form Tai chi forms.

With both Tai chi and Qi gong, we are working to bring in awareness of subtly, flow, stillness, balance and centring to our physical body, movement and energetic connection.  We are encouraging a grace within the body, a grounding of our energy into our lower dantien and an opening of the middle tantien, so it can support the bridging between the upper and lower chakras. As the saying goes “your legs become like mountains and your arms like clouds”. Essentially, we are learning to unite heaven and earth within, the masculine and feminine aspects.

Tai chi helps us gain a true appreciation of yin and yang, and the Taoist philosophy, that life is a process, ever flowing between these two moving states.  As we dance gracefully and over time perfect the moves, we are bringing into the body the universal principle of life always in a process of transition, even if it doesn’t always appear that way. Life is always a series of many moments, even when we feel stuck and stagnant in one state of consciousness.

Tai chi and Qi gong will teach you how to deeply relax your body, invaluable when there is a lot of stress in your life, and with the lifestyles many of us have, stress is unavoidable. The much forgotten and misunderstood yin energy, so invaluable, but all so missing in our western lives needs a lot of space to find its feet and place.  It does this through teaching us how to unwind all the tendons and muscles, freeing up vital energy so it can flow to the organs, and away from the cluttered mind. As you learn and move through the Tai chi form (and there are various different forms) you’re internally massaging the five vital organs which between them control all the functions of your body and mind. This means your joints become more supple and your muscles more resilient.

Tai Chi improves your cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic functions. The soft flowing movements gently benefit all your internal systems. With time, your balance and coordination improve and as you slowly detoxify and cleanse your body, you get less ill and stop getting the colds that everyone else around you pick up.  You become more immune and able to shake off illness and you’re better able to alleviate pain and illness quickly. Most importantly, you start to ground deeper into your body, and so can fulfil more of your purpose.

The outcome is rejuvenation of the mind and body, letting the spirit feel liberated and feeling more impervious to the stress and pressure of everyday life. You might have seen how Tai chi is popular with the older generation – perhaps this is because as we age a certain openness can enter into our lives. Tai chi is great for keeping us feeling and looking young.


Nature is our guru. The east developed the I’Ching book of changes and it exists as one of the oldest texts. The Chinese had developed their languages 3000 years ago on oracle bones or tortoise shells. The I’Ching is more than a divination book, it is a philosophical text, celebrated by Confucians, Buddhists and Taoists alike. The meaning of the I’Ching become clear when you consider how nature is at the root of Chinese philosophy. Ancient Taoists observed nature to understand the human condition.

There are 8 basic trigrams formed by 3 lines of yin or yang and each of the 8 captures the principle of change as observed in nature, but when these 8 are combined into 64 possible groupings, the 64 hexagrams emerge. Each of the 64 portrays the various states of challenges and changes we may come to face.

The book of changes talks of how the tao is forever changing, alteration movement without rest. This describes how the Tao embodies change as it manifests into states of yin and yang, in the same way as forces and fields interact through electromagnetism or high and low pressure systems attract to become wind, yin and yang attract to influence each other. One transforms into its opposite. As they transform, we see how life is a constant state of change.

Read more about Qi gong and Tai Chi or join my Embodying the Tao class


Divine Connection

Aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions – essentially our three haras – our belly, heart and third eye – and journeying up and down the chakra system is what brings our Life and Soul Purpose into real manifestation.

When we have alignment, our minds are still and focused, we are in touch with the more subtle feelings in our body (they don’t need to shout), and our will and power take us into action without too much hestitation. We function more as a unity, rather than in parts, and we are centred in our hearts, the bridge of our chakras.

Our perceptions, values and beliefs create our reality, so knowing what’s serving you and what’s not and recreating new ways of thinking, feeling and believing moves us more into alignment with our Divinity. This in turn takes us towards making choices that support growth and flow in our lives.

Consciousness can function both within the body in a localised state or outside the body in non-localised states; when we access it, trust it and follow it, we come into alignment.  Our consciousness is what creates our reality.  We change our reality by working within our consciousness.

The Sovereign Being within, otherwise known as the Higher Self, naturally initiates and sustains this process. When we surrender to Her within, we are immediately on the path to reconnect with our essential Divine Nature.

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Process Oriented Psychology

The deepest transformations begins with an alignment with what’s arising in the moment. Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work) combines Taoism, Shamanism, Alchemy, Family Therapy, Mythology, Quantum Physics, Communication Theory and Jungian Psychotherapy.

The Taoist element supports embodied, awareness and understanding of natural rhythms of change, as opposed to forced ones. (internally and externally). This encourages alignment with what is trying to emerge in the present.

Process Work tracks and unfolds internal and external feedback giving us our direction. We are spiralling forward, following and unfolding the process awareness of Divine communication in the moment. The secret is to listen and know what to follow. Often this means picking up subtle awareness and signals, that which is implicit, and making it more conscious.

Through noticing body signals, postures, subtle feedback, language, your tone, the unexpressed feelings. We are looking out for double signals and incongruence.

This is a learning a new way of being, growing and ultimately living, one imbued with trust, and this alone brings us a lot of freedom and space. This allows a witnessing and spaciousness for our fears and emotions, experiences or patterns.

With Process Work, we are connecting through multiple dimensions – from the consensus reality level to higher dimensions of consciousness. The goal is not to get to a higher dimension, but to bridge dimensions and develop fluidity between them as all are important and unavoidable, especially in terms of transitioning levels of consciousness.

When we have more fluidity between the dimensions, we become more whole and complete within ourselves. We also develop shapeshifting subtly between parts of ourselves and an awareness of where we are in the moment.

All of these aspects are important for individuation and healthy relationships, with ourselves, others and the world.

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Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy
Conflict Resolution

There are many situations that might require facilitation and awareness of conflict dynamics. Whether it’s a difficult relationship at home or work, or within a group or community.

This work is very different to other types of relationship and group work in that rather than emphasising decisions that need to be made such as separating or staying together, the focus is on what’s really there in the moment, in the relationship.

Working with roles, feelings, hearing all parties and sides, gentle negiotiation of the dynamics can aid all types of relationship issues.

This work is for couples, groups and communities.


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Shamanic Tools

Shamanic journeying is a tool that allows us to journey into other levels and dimensions of our soul’s existence to heal, release and locate aspects of our soul. The journeying happens through semi-trance or altered states of consciousness where we can access a different type of awareness. We let go of our everyday, normalised reality of existence, where we see things through often quite mundane eyes, and step into a world where we understand our infinite existence through time and space. Everyone can journey in this way, we do it in our dreaming time afterall. Some find it easier and naturally access themselves in this way, others struggle to let go of the conscious thinking, cognitive mind that inhibits the awareness of ourselves as more than someone who can think.

Journeying doesn’t require drums or rattles, although it can certainly be very deep and effective with these extra tools. Since we journey all the time, we are just not aware of it, when we daydream we are in a semi-altered state. Invoking Divine consciousness creates the best conditions for journeying, allowing us to let go of our everyday self and slip into our multidimensional, vast existence across all lifetimes and timeframes.

Maia combined shamanism with more multdimensional work to provide deeply transformative sessions.

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Releasing & Purifying Patterns & Programmes

Recognition, in other words becoming conscious of something, initiates the
deprogramming process. But knowing something in our head, with our thinking process, is not enough; we must recognise it, from different angles, in order to deprogram it.

There is an intrinsic beauty and symmetry in the universe.  Our problems and fears, which make up our programmes, should not be viewed as something to eradicate. Much of what holds us back is also the key to our transformation, something we can usually only acknowledge in hindsight. As Taoism teaches, what disturbs us can be innately creative. 

Within our consciousness, in the realm of the subconscious and unconscious, are our old programmes of fear. Fear is what separates and polarises us – from each other, from ourselves and the trust in the Divine. Yet fear itself is not to be feared as it has an important role. It’s a teacher showing us when we are out of alignment, balance or on the wrong path. Fear teaches us that there is a better way. Knowing when we are off course is crucial.

Programmes of fear are contained in our DNA, our, genetics, our energy field, felt in the physical body and lived by our ancestors. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many other ways we acculmulate programmes of fear and separation, some we are all automatically born with as part of the collective programming. Clearing, releasing and healing the causes, origins and subsequent patterns and beliefs that arise is a very simple, easy, and painless process. But if we cannot fully recognise and take in how the programme has been working in our lives and where it is in our body, then this might be the first step.

There’s many different types of purification work and it comes in many forms. Different approaches work for different people. With all releasing and giving space to that which no longer serves, we bring conscious light and witness, healing and acknowledgment of these programmes, and in the process take off the layers of the onion which cover up our Divine essence. This is essentially the process of remembering and restoring our deepest Divine nature, which is our Divine Birthright, before all the eons of separation programming.

We can release many aspects from belief systems, agendas, coping mechanisms, emotions, tension to more complex programmes, energetic structures and armouring.

We work witht he Divine Source of the white light, the sacred fires, healing teams and other light beings as well as our own Sovereign Being to release energetic stagnacy and tension.

Purification work is a part of sessions, courses, workshops and classes, as well individual sessions.

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Deep Sacred Wound Work

Often there’s a lynchpin experience or event that needs deeper work. This is often in the case of deep soul trauma. For example perhaps there’s a trauma from this lifetime, such as abuse or a difficult birth, that energetically, emotionally or spiritually imprinted upon you so strongly, that it still impacts today.

While sometimes these experiences might not directly pose a challenges to your everyday life, they can still hold a charge or trigger for emotions, patterns or beliefs. Painful experiences freeze aspects of our consciousness which then get recycled and re-triggered until integrated. Old shame, fear, guilt or betrayal can run quite deep and bleed through into our present reality and relationships. Sometimes emotional issues become physical issues.

Working with the trauma, especially witnessing from the Divine compassionate level the very human level impact, feeling and complexity is very important for the healing process. This can bring huge release and a major life shift, yet this work cannot be forced, it is often in the hands of the soul as to the timing of the deeper work. Transits also can be observed as to the right timing.

This can also be seen as the Sacred Wound, which radiates out in a logarithmic pattern through the cycles of our childhood. The sacred wound is our part of the collective wounding in the separation from the Divine unity.

Often in our Chiron, Saturn or outer planet placements and aspects, we can see how and where we hold this sacred wound. Just as at the point of our conception, the egg divides into two, then four, this is reflected in the sacred separation pattern, reflecting the macrocosmic scale division of unity on the cosmic axis, at the time of the big bang.

This also manifests in layer upon layer of our developmental cycles, from conception through to death. This is why when we clear and purify working with the Divine, we are clearing in layers and cycles of our being.

Our fundamental developmental cycles occur every 7 years, astrologically at each Saturn square. This is because it takes 7 years for the majority of the body’s cells to be replaced. Our first 7 year cycle the Sacred Wound manifests as a contractive physical reflex. From 7-14 it manifests as a specific emotional defence strategy, in other words, we start developing our coping mechanisms and armour to protect us against our feeling the suffering of our deep wound. From 14-21, the wound manifests as a particular belief pattern in our own unworthiness. Where Saturn is in your chart and it’s condition will mirror a large aspect of where this deep insecurity is held in your chart. Working with the Saturn cycles and other major transits can support the deeper healing of this wound.

Each of these 3 stages of Saturn are also imprinted in the 3 trimesters of pregnancy. Patterns picked up during these cycles then become lodged and buried within our nature, until we are ready to exhume and confront them.

Trauma Work, EMDR & Memory Reframing

With abuse or trauma, it is often the case that part of the soul gets trapped in the past, experienced as timeless space. These parts can have a strong impact on our lives in the present.

Soul retrieval work is best understood as a shamanic tool, but often blends with parts therapy and trauma work.  

When we experience adverse situations, such as a traumatic event involving actual or threatened danger, we face incredible challenges. The initial stage following a traumatic event is often a time of silence. It’s common for recently victimised people to not talk about what happened – this can be down to shame, guilt, isolation, denial, confusion, social stigma or simply wanting to forget the experience. The effects of trauma from the physical to subtle bodies, can create retriggering experiences and patterns which reinforce a sense of worthlessness. Physiologically, we can feel overwhelming emotions, dissociation and disconnection from ourselves, others and our environment.

We then create coping mechanisms, addictions and habits that keep us from processing what’s deeper within. All these can stop us from dealing with the real issue of the trauma itself and keep us recycling and sabotaging our lives.

When we begin to emerge from the stronghold of trauma, which can take many years if we do not the right support around us, it often comes as a yearning for lightness, release and / or a letting go.  We can simply feel like we have travelled as far down as we posibly can go and the denisity, weighted and heaviness of the past memories just needs to be properly processed.

At the stage, we are beginning to look for ways to move forward in our lives, although there is often still a tug-of-war taking place within the individual between a need to be safe, staying with familiar patterns and habits, protective but unsupportive approaches and attitudes to life, and a need to get beyond traumatic experiences.

Often for some people there is a process of working through victimisation, for others it’s self-blame or responsibility to the point of guilt and shame. Either way, working through these stages and getting very specific on the details, fully understanding the tendencies, especially the urge to fall back into old ways is important for healing.

Identifying the ways in which the experience has helped garner strengths supports a movement forward. This allows for a greater understanding and integration of the experience and its impact on life. Forgiveness can also be an important part of this step, although this should never be rushed and is about timing. There are many feelings and emotions left behind during trauma, as well as intense emotional triggers and body symptoms. Often a major issue is the disconnection of the spirit or soul from the body, which leaves the body a shell, not fully incarnated. This has countless other issues and so a journey to reclaim the body and it’s source as a resource and gift is also a part of the healing journey.

For many, this entire process can take many years. For those with the readiness, there are quicker solutions. Each individual and each indiviudal trauma is different and must be approached as different and unique. The process of healing is not always linear. We can take one step forward and two steps back sometimes as we grapple to work with all the different elements. EMDR is a quick solution to holding traumatic memories that suffocatingly prevent the person moving on in their lives. This can be effective with any level of tramautic memory.


Divine Healing can release the tramatic memory through the limbic system, vagus nerve, subtle bodies, as many other areas of the body and energy system, including supporting a rejuvenation process.

Reframing memories in those timelines also provides an alternative narrative to the traumatic one.

There are many other approaches to trauma which can be useful. These are a few of the main ones in Maia’s work.

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Parts Therapy & IFS

Soul fragmentation can occur in usual ways, for example a little child mistaking someone else for their mother – this quite a shock for a small sensitive child. So you can imagine what a bigger trauma might effect.

Parts therapy working with the Divine aspect as witness and guide, can support the reconcillation and release of trauma from parts – such as the inner child or baby self.

Inner Child Healing

The inner child holds a lot of ancestral, DNA patterns and our parents unresolved trauma.

At a higher level, we set our purpose, alongside the Divine. But at another level, our parents, perhaps on our behalf, set our early life purpose by creating our programmes or life patterns before we are even born. In the ambiance before conception and surrounding conception and pregnancy, at birth and during its first year, all of this in combination serves to give the child it’s foundational blueprint for those first few years.

Parents are not even aware of it, and if they were, perhaps we would have more conscious birthing processes all round, but this lack of awareness works to bind the newborn to this purpose as long as it remains unconscious.

This is like a biological law or programmed purpose and in many ways the psychological conflicts of the parents and between the parents become the biological conflicts of the baby.

Individuals have multifaceted purposes and so this can all predestine us for specific illnesses, life patterns, our parenting and social relationships. The psychological conflicts of the parents become the biological conflicts of the child. 


Maia is a trained hypnotherapist. She incorporates her training from 2010 into her sessions and the training she offers.

Most of us are aware of how hypnosis can support changing addictive or unhelpful behaviours through making suggestions to the mind in altered states of consciousness, where the mind is more open to repatterning.

This is the main type of hypnosis that most hypnotherapists work with – one which is known as suggestive hypnosis to induce a trance and implanting thoughts into the subconscious mind that are triggered under certain conditions. In suggestive hypnosis, a clear goal is required as the suggestion is designed to support the goal.

The second kind of hypnosis is called process-oriented hypnosis.  This is where the conscious and subconscious mind join forces to work together as a unified whole.  The therapist and client also form a functional unity that encourages the healing process. In process-oriented hypnosis, there is an underlying faith in what Carl Jung called the ‘urge toward wholeness’.

Our entire approach is founded upon a belief in this collective urge towards unity or wholeness within ourselves. What this essentially means is that energy within the subconscious mind, even destructive energies, are always urging us, even in their challenging ways, towards our ultimate healing or reunification with our wholeness.

What Is Wholeness?
Wholeness or unification is the idea that we have a fundamental nature that is pure unconditional love at it’s centre, that embraces all polarities and all diversity as part of ourselves, rather than separate, disconnected or ‘other’ to us.

The Difference Between Suggestive Hypnosis & Process-Oriented Hypnosis is for instance, with suggested hypnosis and permission of the client, the therapist will implant a suggestion to not smoke, for example that cigarettes taste bitter. Or there may be a substitute suggestion where the impulse to smoke is replaced by the impulse to take some deep breaths.

Sometimes these suggestions can stick. Sometimes, these suggestions hold for a few months after which the root cause of the addiction in the first place reemerges, sometimes stronger. The outcome varies and depends upon the readiness of the client to change. Often though if the deeper issues are not dealt with then the addiction returns.

What suggestive hypnosis fails to respect or reverence is that even addictions that can be self-sabotaging and destructive are, at some level, there to serve us and take us towards our wholeness and healing. Often an addiction can hold an important new pattern that needs more support. For example, a very simple example is that a person with an addiction to alcohol might need to learn to bring the confident, ‘free’ state experienced under the influence of alcohol into everyday life (without the substance).

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Polarity Work - Masculine & Feminine

Working with polarities is a massive topic and central to all levels of the healing process. 

We come into contact with many polarities in life, in fact we are constantly intergating and projecting out polarities. Life is about spectrums, but too often we create duality from polarity which is a naturual occurrence.

When we have experienced trauma of some kind, we tend to polarise quicker than most other people. The abuser or power is ‘out there’ and we can see them everywhere, especially in anything that somehow makes us a victim. Pulling back our power, and often releasing the abuser is core work to clearing energetic boundaries and supporting the individual to feel empowered again and not at the mercy of a changeable reality.

While this is work on a psychotherapeutic level, this work can also be done energetically with various different techniques using sacred fire and geometry.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing ® is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders, combining physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics. The SE approach releases traumatic shock, which is key to transforming PTSD and the wounds of emotional and early developmental attachment trauma.

The SE approach offers a framework to uncover whether and where someone is ‘stuck’ in the fight, flight or freeze responses and provides clinical tools to resolve these fixated physiological states. It facilitates the completion of self-protective motor responses and the release of thwarted survival energy bound up in the body, addressing the root cause of trauma symptoms. This is approached by gently guiding clients to develop increasing tolerance for difficult bodily sensations and suppressed emotions.

Past Incarnations & Ancestral Work

It’s often assumed that our experiences of other lifetimes are our past lives. This can make us further identified with aspects of our personality, seeing them as being carried through eons of time in each incarnation. It perhaps makes more sense to entertain the possibility that our experiences of past lives are collective incarnations that we have chosen to clear on behalf of the collective. We certainly cannot blindly assume that they are ‘ours’, even if they feel real for us.

Our ancestors, which often we can trace back generations, made choices and decisions that ultimately impact us and the generations that comes after us. Their decisions and choices send our lives into a direction, for better or worse. It is often said, and it is represented in the astrology chart with the centaurs, that you need to heal the 7 generations.

Our ancestors play out through our DNA. While our grandmother was carrying our mothers in her womb, we were being formed in our mothers ovaries. Isn’t that a strange thought. So whatever our grandmother was experiencing, we somehow have also inherited, either chemically or as I would also say, energetically.

Our bodies are one dynamic and unfolding resonant system of vibrations, an orchestrated symphony, where every cell dances with a specific frequency. And that frequency is passed on, and on, and on. It is called the red thread. Energy in the form of unhealed wounds passes from our ancestors to us. The stories of our ancestors maybe all but forgotten but the energy lives on until someone pursues the healing.It may seem like we have led very different lives from our ancestors, but if you look a little closer, you will see yourself, your beliefs, your values, for better or worse, in yourself.

The concept of linear time, all time exisitng at once – means we can work in the spirit realm, on an energetic level to heal the original wounds of our ancestors. The question is, are we going to carry on our mother line, or are we going to reset it to the essence of the Divine Mother – which is whom every woman is here to embody? If we do not heal our ancestors, if we do not heal our DNA, then we are quite simple programmed to become our mothers or fathers. As we transform the patterns and suffering of the generations that went before you, you are changing your own reality. On behalf of our ancestors, we are being asked to forgive, and call back our power, release what needs to be released and make peace with our past. We are all being called at different points to do this work, and it is a joy to have your ancestors on your side, working alongside you.

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Channels, Subtle Body, Chakras, Meridians
Bioresonance & Biofield
Lightbody Work
Vaccine Detoxification

There are many different toxins that we absorb that can interfere with our path of awakening. We can absorb these physically and they can affect us both physically and energetically.

Many toxins are energetic, such as electromagnetic effects from both inside our home and in our environment. Toxins can also come from food, allergy sensitivities, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and heavy metals in teeth fillings.

A major type of toxin comes through vaccines. In particular, the covid vaccine, in Maia’s client experience has created many issues. Previously healthy clients have had vaccine adverse reactions ranging from mild to severe, even including death.

This must then be questioned as a acceptable form of treatment and further investigated. Maia’s experience with clients have shown that the covid vaccine has in short blown the entire chakra system in some and 1-5 chakras in others. This can be repaired permanently. But a further physical detox will be required.

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The chakras are often associated with organs and glands, spinning clockwise but chakras are not fixed in time or space. They act as energetic portals beyond time and space and so are not limited by time and space. We heal and repair the chakras through working with other dimensional other.

This is like lightbody integration, but at a more foundational level. It’s very important that the chakra system is moving energy in and out, otherwise stagnancy builds up and eventually illness and disease set in.


Learning to use the breath as a tool for centring and checking in with our heart and gut is not only helpful in therapy, but when practiced in daily life, enables us to contact our own inner truth and set boundaries rooted in what feels right for us.

Shifting our attention from the contents of what we say to breath and body awareness enables individuals and couples to make the switch from cognitive exploration to one based on present-centred processing and phenomenological observation. The consistent use of breath awareness methods is especially useful in drawing the connections between inner dialogues, attitudes, emotions, sensations, and holding patterns in the body.

The breath acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, between the mind and the body. You can control your breathing consciously by, for example, pranayama breathing exercises, but if you don’t think about your breathing for a whole day, you still are breathing.

Conscious breathing is usually done lying down but can happen anytime in any position. You learn to consciously connect your breath so that there are no pauses between the inhale and the exhale. The breathing is full and also as relaxed as possible, finding your own rhythm, probably slightly faster and fuller than you are used to.

Rebirthing is a simple, gentle yet powerful conscious breathing technique. It brings into awareness not only our unconsciously held beliefs and emotions but also the relationships we have with our bodies, ourselves, our intimates and our world. When we consciously breathe with this awareness, we make it possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved issues within ourselves. This frees up energy, resolves trauma, bringing greater aliveness and joy and allowing us to move towards fulfillment of our potential as human beings.

Rebirthing works on the principle that there is a direct connection between mental and physical well being and the openness of the breathing. Relaxing and releasing the breath dissolves tension in both the body and the mind. Through intentional breathwork, breathing continuously without break, your body takes in more oxygen than usual, which changes the CO2 level in your brain.

Qi, prana and ki the chinese word for life force, is also regulated through breath. There’s a tremendous relationship between breathwork, the lungs, and grief. If we don’t allow ourselves to grieve, or keep suppressing grief, it comes out in other ways such as anxiety or panic attacks. Breathing exercises can help with panic attacks caused by suppressed grief.

You enter a self-induced trance state (a non-ordinary state of consciousness) where memories, pictures, emotions or body sensations can surface to be reviewed, released and integrated.

The power of rebirthing is that in this state you are the experiencer as well as the observer of past incidents that may emerge, enabling you to let go and reinterpret what happened in the past from a newly conscious and fresh perspective – this is why it is called rebirthing. Through conscious connected breathing you accumulate life force (prana, qi, ki) which starts to move freely through you body (experienced as tingling, energy rushes or waves).

This loosens up stored blockages held in your four-body energy system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), thus working on all four levels at the same time. Experiences may vary and the spectrum of experiences range from physical sensations of pain or pleasure, release of body blockages through heat or energy movement to release of emotions (sadness, anger, etc.) There may be realisations of dysfunctional thought patterns or new thought connections and insights, and deeply spiritual or energetic experiences.

Some doors only open from the inside and breath is a way of accessing that door. Breathwork also should come before meditation. Meditation is more advanced than breathwork. It’s always best to start with a simple breathwork.


Self-esteem, Worth, Confidence Issues
Trauma & PTSD

Through trauma, big life changing traumas result to large parts of the soul splitting off.

Dating & Love
Relationship Issues
Expression & Voice Issues
Seperation & Divorce
Social Issues
Life Transitions

which is personal to each individual.

Grief & Loss

For healing grief at any level, it is crucial to complete the grieving for the ‘loss’ by bringing awareness to how and what you feel, then verbalising, expressing, talking about it. It is important that these feelings are fully expressed and released.

This means expressing the grief in the mind (the story, the emotions of that story), through the heart (the feelings, story they create) and through the womb/body (somatic, sensory, no story). We are learning to move between and weaving the connection between felt experience, through the body and the story we hold.

Incomplete grief contributes to the tone of the present and future grief conflicts. Even our diseases are precise reflections of what is held in the memory for the things we have not grieved to completion. It’s important to ask, what is the loss that I have not fully grieved? We need to accept that we need to grieve, and even grieve the absence of grieving itself.

It is important to find those things not fully grieved in order to complete the grieving and to release the past. Radiant health and vitality are among the fruits of these efforts.

Grief acts a primal feeling and deep experience, a mystical state of being and dimension, and as a feminine spiritual tradition and lineage.

Grief comes from the word root ‘gwere’ which means heavy and so we feel this pulling down, with grief, back to earth. It also has connections with gratitude and so there’s often a process around reverring, making sacred.

Alongside this, grief and loss and change often makes us feel powerless. Often also these experiences challenge our relationship with the Divine, with the sense of unity, through thrusting us into a sense of isolation, not belonging and being misunderstood. 

But we have the power to grieve and alongside this, we can work with grief as a way of moving through dimensions through feeling and ritual, harnessing the potent power in the waves of emotion. In this way, we slowly reclaim our sense of wanting to be and stay in the world.

It might be useful to also note that grief as many emotions and states of being, is connected to the four elements of earth – being on your knees, fire – wrath and rage, air – acceptance and peace, and water – surrender, opening and dissolving.

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Boundary Issues
Inner Critic - Self-judgement
Womens Issues
Mens Issues
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD
Performances Issues
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