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Your eyes are becoming Her Eyes,

Your heart is becoming Her Heart,

Your mind is becoming Her Mind,

Your voice is becoming Her Voice,

Your hands are becoming Her Hands

Do you accept this grace in your life?

Do you accept this love into the very of fabric of your being and into the cells of your body?

Who We Are

Beginning in July 2021, we are women and men from all over the world who are interested in learning more about this journey of sovereignty through community. We support one another from our hearts, and share daily wisdom, inspiration, supportive stories to inspire us on our path of awakening.

We  are not just any community. We are connected to one another through our spirits. Our auras are weaved together as one soul and interconnected through a powerful web of light. We support each other on our spiritual paths and many of us are working towards our full awakening of the Divine Feminine, Masculine and Divine Child, which make up our Sovereign Being. We are all working towards manifesting our own Divine Purpose and taking our own unique gifts out into the world in service to the new earth.

What You Give

Your engagement and sharing yourself in whatever way feels right for you.

We want to get to know you!

What You Receive

We want you to feel like you have returned home. This is an online community to share and receive wisdom, inspiration and creative ideas. There is also the option to get more involved should you feel the pull.

Where You Begin

Please join The Sovereign Being Facebook group. You will then receive invitations to the workshops which take place seasonally near London and many other ways of connecting and sharing. You will also then receive FREE remote healing at both New and Full Moon.

As I stand with my Sovereign Being, I look into her eyes and hold her hands.

I receive her love and take it deep within my heart; I know that love within me, as that love is me, always was and always is.

As I stand as my Sovereign Being, I feel her pulsating life within me. Radiating forth the expression of her love to all beings, through all life that I am one with also.

As I know myself as all life and all other beings, I know their Sovereign Beings within them.

As I commit to the journey of Sovereignty; the journey of knowledge of self as one with all creation.

The journey of expression of self with all creation and the embodiment of all creation. I am the sacred trinity Source and Oneness, the Sovereign Being that I am.
My Sovereign Being births forth all life and takes my love out into the world, so others know themselves as free, loved and powerful.

I am free. I am free. I am free. It is my nature. It is my source. It is my life. It is my expression to be free.