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The Sovereign Being is the embodied, aware, lived spirit of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Divine Child, all woven together within you, which when led through sovereign principles, goes forth creating meaningful, powerful change.

What You Give

Your engagement and sharing yourself in whatever way feels right for you. We want to get to know you!

What You Receive

This is a free facilitated online community to receive connection, tools, alternative news on the sovereign being movement.

Where You Begin

The first step is to join the free membership here at Sovereign Being my sister site to get free sovereignty courses on sign up!

As I stand with my Sovereign Being. I look into her eyes and hold her hands,

I receive her love and take it deep within my heart; I know that love within me, as that love is me, always was and always is.

I stand as my Sovereign Being, I feel her pulsating life within. Radiating forth the expression of her love to all beings, through all life, of which I am one.

As I know myself as all life and all other beings, I know their Sovereign Beings within them.

As I commit to the journey of Sovereignty; the journey of knowledge of self as one with all creation. 

The journey of expression of self with all creation and the embodiment of all creation. I am the sacred trinity Source, the Sovereign Being that I am.

My Sovereign Being births forth all life and takes my love out into the world so others know themselves as free, loved and powerful.

I am free. I am free. I am free. It is my nature. It is my source. It is my life. It is my expression to be free.

Maia Mires

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