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My spiritual-psychotherapeutic work offers Spiritual Counselling sessions which integrate psychotherapy and spiritual approaches. In sessions, I synthesise different models of psychotherapy working with the Goddess/God Self, Divine consciousness changing tools, systems, shamanism and the Goddess tradition to bring healing to our wounds and shadow, bring light to our challenges, expand awareness and birth new beginnings in your life. We purify the energy body, work with expand and seal in the light. What is spiritual counselling? Learn more.

I work with advanced lightbody techniques to integrate higher levels of consciousness. This removes etheric crystals, devices, Divine thresholds and many other things besides allowing you to embody more of your Divinity (6th dimension Lightbody) in a significant and quick way. This is quick becoming a standard aspect of my work with clients – a reconnection with Source, which works to resolve deeper issues quickly. Learn more

I work with systems – Astrology, Earth Path (aka Soul Plan) and Human Design to give comprehensive, intuitive customised transmissions, as well share my bi-monthly  New and Full Moon energy insight and guidance.

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If you are interested in enriching your spiritual path, or you are a holistic practitioner who wants to immerse themselves in this powerful work, check out my work at sovereign being, our live group healing tools calls, online courses, events, and powerful ‘in person’ community

Our sovereign being resources offer free and memberships to support you to self connect and transform your life. Choice a membership to get free healing, meditations, group calls, ritual kits, a Earth Path Reading Summary and the new and full Moon Astrological bi-monthly emails, a perfect way to start getting in tune with your own rhythmical cycle and the natural changes that we can align with.

Free Energy Healing & Cleansing

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Chakra and Meridian rebalances

DNA activations, energy protection

Clearing inferences

Youth Invigoration

Balancing Qi, and much, much more

Virgo New Moon 2021

Virgo New Moon 2021

Tuesday 7 September - New Moon in Virgo 1:52 GMT Tuesday 7 September - Sun trine Uranus 2:29 GMT Wednesday 8 September  - Mercury opposite Chiron 5:30 GMT Friday 10 September - Venus into Scorpio 21:39 GMT Tuesday 14 September - Sun opposite Neptune 10:21 GMT...

Aquarius Full Moon 2021

Aquarius Full Moon 2021

Sunday 22 August - Full Moon in Aquarius 13:02 GMT Sunday 22 August - Sun into Virgo 22:35 GMT Monday 23 August - Venus trine Saturn 13:48 GMT Wednesday 25 August - Mercury opposite Neptune 2:14 GMT Thursday 16 August - Venus opposite Chiron 14:24 GMT Thursday 16...

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