Sun conjunct Moon

This is a New Moon chart, representing either finality preparing for new beginnings, or a creative impulse that is very driven & motivated outwards. The Moon’s instinctive energy is blended with the Sun’s conscious energy bringing an initiating force to the identity.

Were you born just after a New Moon or just before? The nature of the Sun-Moon conjunction will make all the difference. With the Moon’s influence, the personality can get identified with the past, particularly if it is a waning conjunction, when you were born just before the New Moon. Perhaps just after, with a waxing conjunction, which means you are aligned with new beginnings. Either way, the self-identity is identified with feelings & emotions. While somewhat dependent on whether the conjunction is in or out of sign, there’s a fundamental wholeness or potential integration of the Sun & Moon, signifying the inner masculine & feminine aspects. While the contact between these planets inevitably suggests some unfinished business around this integration, working on this amalgamation of the masculine & feminine within can lead to a well developed psyche that can hold its own, & feel very secure in difficult situations.

Part of that unfinished business might be integrating the dark & light features. What is hidden within & what is illuminated. What is identified with & what is seen as other. How willing are you to journey into the shadow & view it as a positive challenge that can cultivate awareness?

There’s a deep sensitivity here; with the emotions and the past & unconscious realms possibly taking over the identity. This might need to be worked through. It’s easy for you to evaporate into the unconscious realms, while you become more unified, or become more vulnerable to powerful, archetypal roles, gender conditioning & free-floating forces.

This situation can permit a powerful, compelling character with a tendency towards isolation. Essentially, there exists a barrier & armour between you & others. These can create issues in relationship & fortify the sense of endings & finality. If not worked on they might also over time inhibit intimacy with others . This sense of being alone & working alone can be quite painful at times, but essentially it’s a means to strengthening & consolidating the sense of self. The alone time, if developed, allows spiritual reflection & internal contemplation, particularly in a waning Moon conjunction. There is a strong pull towards internal work, meditation & generating peace in life.

Sometimes there is a self-indulgent & an overly focused nature on personal goals which might impact relationships. Often the learning is to be in relationship, as well honour the needs for alone time. People don’t always know how to respond to you. The powerful, combined energy that these two illuminations generate can be an impediment to working with others, since there can be a strong self-centredness & self-serving nature. However, at the same time, there’s a lot of motivation & the conjunction lends a lot of will, energy & drive, with a strong insight at the centre.

It’s a powerful combination but that precisely belies the challenge. The strong ego identity can demand preservation. It can give a distorted false sense of security that can hold you back. It is good to get in touch with your natural vulnerability.

If the Moon appears prior to the Sun in the chart, a waning Moon, then you will tend to be identified with a sense of finality, completion, endings. This is a slowing down & internalising energy. There might be a need to release past patterns & conditioning since the Moon is in a process of letting go. For a waxing phase conjunction, where the Moon appears after the Sun, there’s a tendency to feel like a new dawn, a degree of vulnerability can exist as there’s a sense of being fresh to the world.

As the Moon is hidden in a New Moon chart, the emotions, needs and past can be obscured & out of contact. While they can deeply impact, they are not consciously understood. Sometimes they can even be quite unnerving, dependent on other astrological factors.

For the waning Moon, past conditioning, family, gender & cultural roles or parental influence need lots of awareness. There can be a tendency to get mired in these roles unless processed. For the waxing Moon, the inclination is towards more self-sufficiency & self-assurance but in an immature sense that needs to be cultivated beyond the self.

To what extent are you bound or controlled by emotions, the past or roles?  The potential for integration of the yin & yang forces of life depends on the balance attained.  Ultimately, moving into unity consciousness is the goal for this life. A blend of the nurturing, intuitive, passive energies with the active, objective oriented energies.

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