Sacred Fire Classes

Welcome into our sacred fire classes. It is my deepest passion to share this sacred fire & sovereign being, & it is my highest intention that through our immersion into the sacred fire your life becomes a reflection of true joy, abundance & peace.


Join us for ongoing morning weekly classes to connect with your sovereign being and the purifying sacred fire, through dance, movement and breath work, with inspiring music.

Every Tuesday morning 7.15 am – 8 am

‘The sacred fires – of which there are thousands – are what you could call a dispensation for our planet. They are a key awakening gift, as they offer us grace, dissolving karma, emotions, fear, interference and all else that we do not need to ‘process’. In these classes you will learn to work creatively and intuitively with the sacred fires, moving them through your body and energetic field. You will also connect to and build up a relationship with your own inner Sovereign Being. This is a powerful way of cleansing and connecting with your body every week.

This is a dynamic and devotional class, where we use our bodies and work with movement to music with breath work, in the privacy of your own home, (without your video on if you choose).

To join the next class:

Purchase a membership – bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond – then book the class here under ‘members’ get a weekly class for £21/month


Pay individually as a non member – £15 per class (much more expensive – we want members!)

To receive more support with the sacred fire classes outside of the class itself in our online class community, purchase membership – gold

Here’s a free audio of a class below!

Is This For me?

There are many things in this world to distract us from our truth.

The world tugs at our awareness. We make gurus out of our friends, teachers, partners, lovers, the internet, spiritual teachers, doctors, bosses, co-workers, children, mothers and fathers… there’s a lot of wisdom out there, but the simple truth is that until you can feel, unfold, know and follow what your truth is, you will feel lost.

Quite literally, from the moment of birth, your wondrous, infinite potential stretched out before you becomes slowly inundated with the needs, views and values of everyone else.  And women are even more expertly trained in serving and satisfying others’ desires before our own.

And, in living out other peoples’ lives and their expectations of us, the reality is that we stay living amidst many, very real fears – of letting down people, of being rejected, of being alone.

So, I am not interested in you following my truth.

As that wouldn’t be my truth, and besides, I’m not here to recreate the wheel. I want to teach you how to create your own wheel, to learn to find your own truth and then follow it, brazenly.

Once you find the HOME of this inner guidance that is just waiting so patiently for you to discover, you will never again fall into caring about what everyone else in the world thinks about you.

This path is a path of self discovery, of inner, not outer truth, of understanding your own meaningful reality. And even if your own truth does not always make sense to others in your life, or even to yourself, you will feel happy following it. Once you connect to this core within you and shine a light on it, you will listen and know what is being asked of you for your Higher Calling.

You will move beyond your fears and you will awaken your soul’s desires and you will hear your heart and soul sing.

Others will begin to notice your self-love, your abundant energy and happiness. They will want to know what your secret is. And you will say, “I have found my centre, my inner guidance, and I follow it”.

These classes will help you:

TRANSFORM the past story you have held about yourself with core, consciousness-changing tools

DEEPEN your knowledge, connection and understanding of yourself

ILLUMINATE & ACTIVATE  your Soul’s Divine Purpose through powerful Goddess initiations

PROPEL you forward in realising your potential, embracing your challenges, and sharing your gifts with the world

INSPIRE you with confidence, self-belief and take you into action to birth a new version of yourself, open to new possibilities for your life, and manifest your dreams

AWAKEN, REALISE & EMBODY your Sovereign Being Within – the most powerful tool you have on this planet

RECONNECT with other like-minded and hearted women and reawaken your soul’s rememberance of powerful, sacred sisterhood