Venus Alchemy

3 hr Online Workshop

23rd October - 4 pm - 7 pm

For men and women

The Sun-Venus conjunction on 22nd October is an opportunity to bring the light into all that is dark. 

We are all in our own personal initiation chamber; being stretched, squeezed and emptied. Masked by our delusion, distractions and denial, and hidden deep within, are our shadows and pain. It’s not easy at ground level; it’s often scary, uncertain and uncomfortable territory, and yet in our hesitation to escape we sense we need to stay. If we can trust in this space with both soft patience and diving deep, its liminal nature opens up taking us into powerful states of consciousness.

Read more about the Sun-Venus conjunction 

An online workshop teaching:

  • Where we are at on a planetary and cosmic level and how we can best support ourselves right now
  • Why we all now need to access our hidden, rejected unconscious aspects more so now than ever
  • How your darkness and all your creations are portals and pathways into your authentic power
  • How owning all your creations and the power within them, especially your power to destroy, gives you back your authentic self
  • How living life in liminal space quickly propels you on your path to higher consciousness
  • How to embrace life at many different levels – becoming a conduit for spirit
  • Learn about the process of going within and journeying through the layers to bring you into higher states
  • And much more…

Sign up before 18th October to receive a gift of planetary infused incense to support the online workshop:

  • A sachet of planetary infused incense – blended under the influence of Venus-Jupiter – limited availability
  • Burning charcoal
  • A candle made with love
  • Learn more about the golden thread of incense

So whether it’s a clarion call or soft murmur, it’s time to strengthen your resolve to enter into these spaces; it is always available, you are only a dimensional shift away from contact with your true nature. So even as our consciousness is turned inside out and back to front, there is always a reservoir of miracles, mystery and power accessible within, when we fully own all our creations. This is your potential and I am here to help you access it.

Replay available to all who book on. Book early to avoid disappointment as there is a capacity limit

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