Clearing The Soul Vine - Our Ancestors

Did you know there is a form of accupunture that works only with the naval? The naval area holds so much of our past multidimensionality, we could just focus on this for years and complete a lot of the healing work we need to do.

Your Soul Vine is an energetic link that connects you to your 9 pointed Earth Star. The Soul Vine eye is in your naval. When your naval is full of wounding, then your connection to your Soul Purpose is muddy at best and reflecting a massive disconnection from your Divine Purpose at worst.

Your Earth Star connects you to your Soul Purpose, when the Soul Vine is healthy, the path to your soul’s mission feels clear and magnetic. Your Earth Star is your reconnection to your commitment to Mother Earth, your life purpose and your life contracts.

The Soul Vine journey consists of journeying into 32 Flowers of Life or holomatrixs which spans 16 of your ancestors, 8 of your past lives and 8 collective field energies (absorbed from the collective unconscious). These 32 holomatrixes are cleared of their trauma.

We then journey beyond the Halls of Amente, the Akashic records, passing through the Sphinx which guards the Soul Codes within your Earth Star.  We then release the codes within your Earth Star and next the Soul Star codes.

In one session, we clear the Soul Vine and an incredible amount of trauma is purified and transmuted leaving you liberated to get on with your path of awakening and life’s mission. This 3 hour work is to be repeated in your own time to further the clearing. It is recommended that you repeat this every month for one year. If you do this, you will expodentially clear your survival, poverty and victim consciousness to such a degree you will begin manifesting a very different reality. So much of our present issues are held in ancestral and past life wounds. You clear your mother and father line, and every time you repeat this, a different set of 8 past lives appear for clearing. It’s a focused and inexpensive way of clearing your consciousness in your own time.

We are on this planet to focus and receive Light. Clearing out the soul vine initiates a very powerful reconnection with your lightbody – your Higher Self. It is like a passport, connecting us to our Luminous Egg, also known as the Great Light Assemblage Point. The Soul Vine is feminine and it is magnetic, it will take you. It holds the soup of collective memory – the memory of our past lives and ancestral karma, our contracts, lessons, and that which we have picked up collectively – like collective grief and sorrow.

This is an incredibly powerful clearing that lasts 3 hours in total, and as it is recorded and repeated in your own time, you are encouraged to repeat until you feel all the trauma held within consciousness and soul vine permanently release.

What You Can Expect

To feel clear and light in your mind and emotions – centred in your heart

To feel more connected to people and able to relate from a place of open hearted love

To make a huge leap in your consciousness and feel like you have turned in a corner in your healing

Gives you the hope and belief that you can heal big issues quickly through the love of the Divine

How It Works

Either in person or over Skype/Facetime/Zoom

Fee is for 3 hours £250

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