I'm Maia Mires

Maia Annabal Mires is an international Spiritual Counsellor, Healer and Teacher with 15 years experience psychotherapeutically facilitating the awakening process. Maia’s passion is for guiding people to discover the well of love within themselves and discern what’s best for their lives.

In A Nutshell…

I bring lives into balance and heal soul wounds,

I support people to resolve emotional and mental barriers,

I guide people during important transitions and at thresholds,

I midwife people to birth more of their Divine nature and wholeness,

I help people empty themselves to make space for the embodiment of the Divine within,

I help people expand their consciousness and deeper their awareness,

I inaugurate new phases and growth.


I am as psychological & Scientific as I am Spiritual.

I value an intuitive & guided approach grounded in professionalism & ethics.

How Maia works

I creatively integrate and combine the essence and mysticism of many ancient spiritual traditions and esoteric systems together with cutting-edge spiritual interventions and practical, more conventional, psychotherapy approaches.

This work explores the multidimensional vastness of who we are in that I support clients to move between different levels of reality; from low, shadow and everyday consciousness to the higher dimensional, siddhic consciousness, otherwise known as the Unconditional Love or sentient realm.

Working with higher states of consciousness, alongside the Higher Self within and other beings of light, creates instant healing states where old layers, patterns and programmes can be compassionately and permanently released.

I place heart at the centre of my life and work, and have a boundless faith in people, potential and spirit. 

What to expect

People come out of a session with me feeling at peace, rejuvenated and transformed, with a new awareness of who they are and what’s possible in their lives.

Here are some of the facts about me: I am dedicated to my own inner work, I am an empath, shaman, healer and lightbody surgeon, an Astrologer and Earth Path (aka Soul Plan) teacher. I am a lifelong student of the Goddess traditions and I adore my tai chi, qi gong and a little martial arts. I am working towards the full integration of my lightbody and on my ascension path, to fully awaken in this lifetime.

I am also a trained, experienced, intuitive counsellor with ten years training in Process-Oriented Psychotherapy – a challenging, deep and complex awareness training which is UKCP recognised. Here’s a comprehensive list of tools and approaches. I also have 10 years of personal weekly psychotherapy, so I understand deeply what therapy and healing means and the way to make it work.

In addition to being a spiritual counsellor, I have also founded the Sovereign Being online community where women can come together. Through my workshops and courses, I support individuals and groups of women to embody and embrace their authentic truth, power, sisterhood love, and lunar consciousness wisdom.

My service is to expand my heart and let it be a bridge between heaven and earth, unifying the split and separation within, and between our parts, through the power of unconditional love from the Divine Source within.

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Maia's Story

 From a very young age, I knew I was a little different and that I was here to do something a little different.  I occupied an undefined space somewhere between an Atheist father and a Protestant mother; I could both empathise with but not find myself in either of their value or belief systems. Early on, I identified as the black sheep of the family.

I was born knowing something, but much of my early experience taught me to disavow my intuition, feelings and body. As a result I was profoundly cut off from my spiritual gifts and Divine Purpose, and I didn’t know what my truth was, let alone how to access or articulate it.

It wasn’t until my early twenties when travelling in Australia in 2003 that my path was revealed to me through a life altering experience that left me with no choice but to call for help from whatever it was that existed. Within moments I fell asleep for twelve long, deep hours. I awoke feeling so still and calm, something was profoundly different, somehow the suffering had been lifted out of me and all I felt was peace, it lasted many weeks. I knew nothing of the Divine other than a biblical God, but a week after that experience, I experienced profound synchronicities through books and people who entered my life to teach me about the path of spirit. I was very quickly catapulted onto my spiritual path and I immediately knew that my path was to be in service to Divine.

From that moment on all my struggles, and there had been many, began to make sense as the lenses through which I saw my experiences was transformed.  But my real unfolding, or unravelling hadn’t even begun, and for many years, what followed was many lows followed by a solitary, occasional high.

In the meantime, I devoured every spiritual and psychotherapeutic book and went on every spiritual course. My training is diverse and deep. I’ve worked with some brilliant mentors and teachers, but I still continued to experience a very tough version of reality.

It was not until 2011 when I had a very direct encounter with the Goddess through a series of powerful initiations, that I experienced what I call instant ‘real’ and ‘permanent’ transformation. The grace of the Goddess purified me so deeply that my massive lack of self-love and self-worth dissolved in what I can only describe as a miracle, revealing the infinite all-abiding love that had always been within me. Of course there is always many more layers to lift to stabilise the feeling of that infinite love within, but I got my first taste of a miracle, as a gift of grace.

From that point on, I placed my inner connection with the Goddess, the Sovereign Being within, at the cornerstone of my life. Through a gradual surrendering of my ego desires over to Her desires, which continues to this day, I am learning to give ownership and trust over to my heart, my body wisdom and with time, over to my Sovereign Being within.

Now years on and having ridden many a wave, I navigate my own tides well enough to be a spiritual guide for others, receiving soul’s calls for help in the process of awakening, transforming, deepening and refining. I see my role as a vehicle for the flow of Unconditional Divine Love, the healing power of our earth Gaia and the Divine Mother’s presence. Giving birth to my son, Isadore, has been a huge part of this heart opening journey.

Although this sovereign journey will never end, I consider myself a highly seasoned, capable spiritual guide and therapist. I deeply understand feelings, blocks, body, relationships, hurdles, people and life. I experience my multidimensionality in an everyday, moment to moment sense now and I learnt the long and hard way what actually works for our healing and emergence. To get me to where I am now took many years but under my guidance and in these accelerated times, you can make quick progress.

I would see it as an honour to initiate and journey with you as you grow and expand, whether it’s for a reason, a season or lifetime. 

For more on how this profound work could transform your life beyond recognition, read the success stories.



P.S. If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. Now, I’d love to learn more about you, please drop me an email to see how we might work together.

Maia's Training

B.A. honours degree in English Literature 2.1 from Sheffield University

Psychotherapy Training in Process-oriented Psychology 2009- 2020 (ongoing training 11 years – advanced student in this UKCP recognised psychotherapeutic awareness training) – a deep and profound awareness training whose roots is Taoism, dream work, body work, quantum physics, system and communication theory, shamanism and Jungian Psychology

Psychosynthesis (2 years) with The Psychosynthesis Trust – Diana Whitmore, with Teens & Toddlers

Spiritual Counsellor & Life Coach with Holistic Healing College 2006-8

Priestess & Ascension Initiator Training through Sage Emery & White Eagle – White Fire, Gate of Grace Initiation & the Isis Initiation through the Native American Grandmothers channels and the Ascended Masters wisdom 

Worldwork & Facilitating Leadership in Others with CFOR (1 year) 2009 – group dynamics and leadership

Worldwork 2014 – “Politics & Consciousness in the Changing World – New Solutions: from History to the Future 2014” (1 week)

Astrology Training with Dawn Bodrogi (1 year), Melanie Reinhart, Liz Greene, Ana Isabel, Chris Brennan and other teachers and studies in Esoteric Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology (online)

Earth Path Practitioner & Teacher (otherwise known as the Soul Plan system and the Soul’s Contract) since 2006

Hypnotherapy & Regression with Holistic Healing College 2007, including EFT, NLP, TAPAS, Matrix reprinting 

Qualified Spiritual Healer with The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain  2005 – 2009

Karmic Release & Spirit Release training with the Spirit Release Foundation 2009

Ancestral, Past Life & DNA Journeying with Sage Emery – Channelled DNA Wormhole Technique 2010

Qi gong, Tai chi & Martial Arts training – with Teacher Matt Ackroyd and the Mei Quan Academy since 2010, Dragon & Tiger Qi Gong with Bruce Frantzis 2009

HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method training with the Hypnobirthing Institute 2014 (5 days)

Shamanic Pregnancy Training with Moonsong Jane Hardwicke Collings 2015

Eyebody – Brain, Eye, Body Coordination & Connection to Presence with Peter Grunwald 2015 (1 week)

Michelle Manders work – Ascension work 2016

10 Eyes of the Soul & Journeying Down The Soul Vine – Sage Emery & White Eagle – Whirling Rainbow Foundation 2017

The Body in Trauma Seminar with Miriam Taylor 2018

Ahlmeriah Ariel Hallaire – Divine Healing 1, 2, 3, 4 – March and September 2018, and February, August 2019 (14 days)

Iona Fredenburgh and Emily Hodgkinson Gender, Sexuality & Relationship seminar September 2018 (3 days)

Gary Reiss Healing History and Trauma Intensive and Community Forum October 2018 (3 days)

Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon “Spirit and Practise: Worldwork facilitation and leadership for our times” – 8 day intensive October 2018

White Eagle, Hawaii, CRM – 32 Points of the Skull – Awakening & Healing Modality February 2019 – 14 days

Arnold and Amy Mindell – Your Dreams, Body & Dark Energy: the Dreambody’s Message For Our World – April 2019

Lightbody Training – Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Training – with Ahlmeirah Hallaire September 2019 – 6 days

Constellations Training with Janet Love October 2019 – 1 day

Mantak Chia – Inner Alchemy October 2019 – 5 days

Experienced in somatic experiencing, breath & body work, inner child work, trauma from prenatal, birth & childhood, rebirth

Experienced in shamanic journeying – power animals, soul retrieval, soul fragments, vow & contract breaking, theta healing, ritual & ceremony work, quantum touch, quantum entrainment, matrix energetics, sacred fire – the seven flames (violet flame, rose pink flame, blue flame, white fire), working with the threefold flame of the heart, the Goddess self

Experienced in gender dynamics, sexuality (sacred and diversity), relationship – gay, lesbian, bisexual, kink, monogamy, polyamory, asexual plus sexual identity, orientation and behaviour

Trained and experienced in rank, power dynamics and privilege, including the impact of internalised oppression

Trained through Process Work’s diversity approach and experienced in working with race, class, diff-abilities in both therapy and group settings. For the record, I do not align with all of Process Work’s approach to diversity in particular their stance on white privilege.

Experienced in role play, conflict resolution and facilitation, and parts therapy (specifically IFS)

Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizance

Experienced working with movement in a therapy and group settings

Experienced children & adolescents mentor & facilitator

Support worker of teenagers in secure units and YOTs.

Committed Qi gong, Tai chi, Martial Arts, Pilates, Yoga practitioner & Five Rhythms enthusiast


I am in supervision and abide by the ethics and codes of the UKCP



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