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Initial Individual One-off Session – for me and women. I work with all presenting issues. Fee is £125 for 1.5 hours. On zoom, phone, in person at Wandsworth Common, south London. Book here

Longer-term Therapy – purchase a bundle discounted at £80 or £90 depending on which bundle you purchase. You are free to purchase a bundle before the initial session. For 5 sessions at £450. For 8 sessions at £640

Couple Therapy – £160 for 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions are also £160. If you buy a bundle of 5 sessions, you receive a discount to £625, at £125 per session. Currently I am not running couple retreats, but can provide longer sessions for couples who would prefer to condense the work into a few hours. On zoom, phone, in person at Wandsworth Common, south London. Book here

Working with – men, women, trans and other identifications

Location – I am based in South London, Wandsworth, near Balham and Wandsworth Common station, one stop from Clapham Junction.

My availability – weekday mornings and afternoons, most weekends (I work usually either a Saturday or Sunday), no evenings.

I also, if appropriate, discuss charts in these sessions. My schedule is such that I do not offer prior calls to initial sessions. I will find you a session time usually within the week if you have flexibility.

For more information see approaches


Book an individual reading if you want to explore your charts in more depth and with my prior preparation. These are also for life purpose, deeper understanding of issues and timelines but not to process and heal issues.

Customised Individual Reading 1.5 hrs – for in depth questions about issues, life direction, purpose, and anything else, then a customised approach is best, tailored to where you are presently at and what you need. This includes Astrology, Earth Path (name analysis) and a little Human Design – £150. Book here

Customised Relationship Compatibility Reading 2 hrs – if you want to more deeply understand a relationship and it’s evolutionary path, the core challenges and areas of growth, then this transmission works with Astrology, the Human Design and the Earth Path system, and the first meeting chart (if you have the time of that first meeting) – £220. Book here

5 Year Forecast 1 hr – with a focus on future forecast, working with Astrology but also can also act as a reminder to other issues working within your Earth Path chart – £120. Book here

Specific Question 30 mins – if you have a specific question, then sometimes this is answerable with an astrological horary chart – which is a chart for the moment I receive your question. I give an analysis of this chart which gives you a strong, clear sense of the answer to your question. The fee for this is £50. Book here

First Moment Chart 45 mins – if you want to understand the specific lessons from either a first meeting with someone, or the moment you started a job, or something else, I give an analysis of this chart from an Astrology perspective, which gives you a strong, clear sense of the evolutionary path for this decision. This works to accelerate your evolutionary path with that person, job etc. The fee for this is £90. Book here

All readings can be recorded and at your request I will send you your charts.

Lightbody Integration

To strongly accelerate your path of awakening up the spiral stuper of growth, bringing you inner and outer freedom, and movement forward on long held issues. Lightbody integration works to allow light in by removing structures in the etheric body. As the light enters the lower chakras, it pushes up and out very deep old programmes.

Realignment of the Keepers of Body Consciousness – 1 session (1.5 hours) £140. Book here

Removal of Nephillim Soul – 1 session (1.5 hours)  £140. Book here

Etheric Crystals & Divinity Threshold Removal – 1 session (1.5 hours) £140. Book here

Devices Removal  1 session (1.5 hours) £140. Book here

The Merkava – Merkiva – Merkana Installation – 3 sessions (3 hours over 3 sessions) in total £250 paid as one or individually £140. Book here

The Three Goddess Initiations – The White Fire Initiation, The Nine Stargate Initiation, The Isis Initiation – 1 session £190. 

Deep Ancestral Clearing – The Soul Vine Clearing – 3 hour session – £250. Book here

CSM – Crystal Skull Method – 3 sessions minimum – £250. Book here

Cancellations & Rearranging Sessions

I have a late cancellation policy so before rearranging or cancelling sessions, please do note these charges – within 72 hours notice £45  (half fee) and within 48 hours £90 (full fee).  If you have a series of sessions, then it is applied to the rate you purchased.  I do not waver these charges for illness since I work with illness.  I ask all my clients to honour and respect this policy and to rearrange sessions only when really required. Please bear in mind regular lateness, cancelling or rearranging of sessions will be addressed in therapy. I do not offer any refunds or exchanges should you change your mind part way through a bundle of sessions which includes selling on sessions to others. Thank you in advance for honouring this policy.

Common Questions

Do I need ongoing sessions? Most issues will need your investment. If we have had a pattern or issue for many years and it is even impacting us emotionally and physically, then it’s best to assume you will need ongoing work to make headway. For minor issues, guidance or to get some resolution on a relationship for example, a one-off session is appropriate. If though you are working on relationship patterns, then this is ongoing therapy. More severe issues such as eating disorders, severe depression, physical illness or trauma, OCD, other extreme states or issues that have been patterning for many years will require ongoing therapy for at least 6 months on a weekly basis as these are complex issues with many layers to heal and process.

Is it better to come in person or does it work the same on zoom? Therapy works just as well online, and for some they prefer it. When the relationship sphere (ie the trusting relationship with the therapist) is important for a client, then in person can be useful.

What is the frequency of sessions? This comes down to your intentions and goals, your time and finances. For most people, every week or every two weeks based on 3-8 sessions is sufficient to begin with.

Are you supervised? Please be assured that I am supervised and trained to work with all issues, and nothing is outside of my remit. Most clients do choose to stay in a long-term relationship returning as and when required.

Can I pay in cash? Yes if you are coming in person. This is fine also for the initial session, please email that you would prefer this.



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