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Which Session For You?

For all issues and most people, a spiritual counselling session is the place to start, with an initial one-off fee of £100 for 1.5 hours. I am able to keep this first session cheap and long by not offering prior phone calls. My schedule is such that I cannot offer these now. The quickest way to get an initial session with me is to pay below (paypal, bank account) and then I will find you a time asap, usually within the week.

Ongoing, longer term therapy is discounted at £80 or £90 depending on which bundle you purchase. Please note, I discuss your charts in sessions if helpful or you require, so there is no need to buy an individual reading session unless you specifically want to explore your charts in a lot of depth and with my prior preparation.

To accelerate your awakening – this is the lightbody work, please enquire via email or purchase sessions here.

For readings or transmissions – this is specifically for life purpose, understanding of issues or information, but not to process issues with healing. See more below.

In person, over zoom or phone – all sessions take place either in person, over zoom (or skype/phone). Please note that online sessions are just as effective as in person sessions and some clients even prefer it.

Men, women and trans and other identifications – I work with both men, women and non-binary.

Location – I am based in South London, Wandsworth, near Balham and Wandsworth Common station, one stop from Clapham Junction, this is where I see most of my clients. 

My availability is weekday mornings and afternoons, the very occasional later or evening time, most weekends (I work usually either a Saturday or Sunday).


Spiritual Counselling Sessions

For healing and exploration of an issue, pattern, dynamic or situation.

An initial spiritual counselling session is £100 lasting 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions are £100 if you buy individually. If you buy 5 sessions as a bundle for £450, there’s a discount to £90 per session. You can also buy 8 sessions for £640, at £80 per session. Bundle sessions are 1 hr 15 mins. When 5 or 8 sessions are purchased, you also receive the Abundant Goddess Online Programme for free (please request this). 

Couple spiritual counselling session is £160 for 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions are also £160. If you buy a bundle of 5 sessions, you receive a discount to £625, at £125 per session. Currently I am not running couple retreats, but can provide longer sessions for couples who would prefer to condense the work into a few hours.

Ongoing sessions & frequency of sessions comes down to your intentions and goals, your time and finances. For most people, one session a week or every two weeks based on 3-8 sessions is sufficient. More severe issues such as eating disorders, severe depression, physical illness or trauma, OCD, other extreme states or issues that have been patterning for many years will require ongoing therapy as these are complex issues with many layers to heal and process. Please be assured that I am supervised and trained to work with all issues, and nothing is outside of my remit. Most clients do choose to stay in a long-term relationship returning as and when required.

Get in touch if you need to know more about how these options would work for you, please drop me an email – no voicemails. Or the quickest way is to go ahead and book using the online payment system below.  I accept cash payments also.

For more information on my approach please see my website and these two links: spiritual counselling and issues and tools 

Transmissions – Astrological, Soul Plan, Human Design Combined Readings

These sessions are transmissions or readings, which do not involve direct healing or processing as you would with a counsellor or healer, instead they bring a deep, fresh understanding to your soul’s path, working to reconcile, integrate and align you with your soul’s evolutionary journey and higher purpose. I have found that clients receive these transmissions deeply into their cells and enter into a deep inner knowing. They bring peace and clarity. I channel – I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognisant and of course incorporate Astrology, the soul plan system and Human Design to bring through a customised reading for you. You are welcome to bring your own questions and curiosity to the session, these are not strictly sessions where you just receive, you are also an active participant if you so wish.

Feel free to get in contact if you want to discuss what you would like the transmission to focus on, and note all transmissions are paid for in advance at the time of booking. Payment link here and get in touch for availability. I offer a transmission within 1.5 weeks of payment.

A Customised Transmission is £150 for 1.5 hours.

A Customised Relationship Transmission is £220 for 2 hours.

Further readings for relationships can be viewed here.

Get in touch if you want to know more about how these options would work for you or want more information on whether a reading is best for you, or if you want to discuss a particular approach to your reading.


Lightbody Activation & Integration Sessions

This is advanced work for those either already working with me, who have done therapy and other healing work, or feel a definite call. These sessions provide you with a profoundly accelerated path that bypasses or transcends karma. These sessions provide a push if you have gone as far you can go and feel now like you are recycling or reprocessing. Some symptoms, experiences are not to be processed, they are simply to be removed and released, and so this work is when the quick fix is relevant and the processing redundant. It will provide you with more positive ways to grow and you will feel like a corner has been turned. The true impact and effect of this work is over time, as it basically takes away all the structures, residues of separation consciousness and so the light can begin to now flood in, as opposed to a trickle.

These sessions vary in length and fee so please get in touch or visit this link to learn more: Lightbody Activation & Integration

Get in touch if you want to learn more about how lightbody work can work for you. For longer sessions payment is required in advance but shorter sessions I accept cash payments.


Cancellations & Rearranging Sessions

I have a late cancellation policy so before rearranging or cancelling sessions, please do note these charges – within 72 hours notice £45  (half fee) and within 48 hours £90 (full fee).  If you have a series of sessions, then it is applied to the rate you purchased.  I do not waver these charges for illness since I work with illness.  I ask all my clients to honour and respect this policy and to rearrange sessions only when really required. Please bear in mind regular lateness, cancelling or rearranging of sessions will be addressed in therapy. I do not offer any refunds or exchanges should you change your mind part way through a bundle of sessions which includes selling on sessions to others. Thank you in advance for honouring this policy.