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Working with me

I am always excited when I take on a new client as I know I will be learning from them as much as I hope they will be learning from me.

Who I am

I started getting involved in the world of personal growth, therapy, facilitation, teaching and training in my twenties. While in over 13 years of training, I had quite a rich journey, attracting a kaleidoscope of experience and working environments – prisons, youth offending teams, schools in uk and abroad including special needs, charity sector including the UN, business sector, and health and fitness sector.

What I do

I am interested in real conversations and real feeling, growth through grace and challenge, and embodying what it means to be totally sovereign. I support my clients to know themselves better, (increased self awareness and understanding of purpose), to love deeper (inner/outer connection and self-care), and ultimately fully be themselves (true power), showing up and living (inspired leadership and real service). I heal, counsel, facilitate and guide. I work shamanically, astrologically, through my Divine channel. For more information see healing modalities

Who I work with

Over the years I have worked with a plefora of clients; from famous footballers, musicians and actors to those on the breadline, from young offenders to the elderly, trans, different orientations and identifications, professionals, therapists, leaders, students, start-ups, women’s groups, trustees and CEOs. I work with all identifications, men and women.

How I work

My style and way of working is always informed by my client’s needs and the situation as it presents itself. I am not someone who believes in not telling people what to do, as my experience has taught me that asking the right questions, listening to the feedback and collaboratively working with others to meet or support needs is the most powerful thing; it also leads to real transformation, relationships and lasting change. See here for more on how I work.

How to get started

To get started with therapy, healing, mentoring, readings or facilitation services, book an initial individual session. And if you are not sure, drop me an email

Initial individual session – this is the best way to start. I work with men and women and all presenting issues. I will mostly also take a look at your natal charts etc so do not book a separate ‘reading’ session, unless you want to just focus on your charts. Fee is £125 for 1.5 hours. Online and in person at Wandsworth Common, south London and Forest Row, East Sussex. The process: please pay for a session through paypal, I receive a notification from paypal and will then email you within the day to organise a session time for within the week providing you have a degree of flexibility, or weekends. Please send £125 to via paypal.

Chat before booking – if you would like a brief chat prior to booking drop me an email to organise a time.

Longer-term therapy – for those that need more than one session, purchase a bundle discounted at £80 or £90 depending on which bundle you purchase. Feel free to purchase a bundle before the initial session, email me for bank details if preferred to paypal. 

5 sessions at £450     8 sessions at £640.

Couple therapy – £160 for 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions are also £160. If you buy a bundle of 5 sessions, you receive a discount to £625, at £125 per session. Currently I am not running couple retreats, but can provide longer sessions for couples who would prefer to condense the work into a few hours. On zoom, phone, in person. Book here

Location – I am based online and in both south London, Wandsworth, near Balham and Wandsworth Common station, one stop from Clapham Junction and Forest Row, East Sussex.

My availability – weekday 8.30 am – 3 pm with the exception of Friday where I finish at 12.20 pm. Some weekend mornings (I work usually either a Saturday or Sunday), no evenings currently but feel free to ask just in case something is available. Please note in school holidays my availability is more limited. I can accommodate timing for those in other countries.

For more information scroll to healing modalities

For more information on how a session works


Book a 1.5 hours individual reading if you want to explore your soul blueprint and receive guidance in more depth and with my prior in-depth preparation. Your reading will be devoted to understanding your current situation, the interplay of energies, and the emotional/psychological/soul/spiritual issues and patterns at hand. We will discuss key astrological and numerological energies impacting your life now and how you can best use these aspects to create a more supportive personal and professional environment for progress and fulfilment.

These readings give deeper understanding of life and soul purpose, your life themes, issues experienced and how to address them. We dive into future timelines through transits, progressions, solar arcs and zodiacal releasing, addressing in-depth what you can expect over the next 1-5 years, and drilling deeper into specific months where required.

These readings can also include card pulling, channelling, and pendulum work to clarify on that which charts cannot address, making them very precise and trustworthy.

If unsure, email me with any questions and I will work out what is best.

Customised Individual Reading 1.5 hrs – this is right for most people, an in-depth customised approach for all issues, relationships, life direction and soul purpose, tailored to what you need. We also project your planetary cycles and horoscope activity forward for the next 1-3 years. An easy-to-understand and uplifting reading, as well as a look ahead to the major events, changes and opportunities. This can include all or just one of the following; Astrology, Earth Path (name analysis), Human Design, Cards – £150. Book here

Customised Relationship Compatibility Reading 2 hrs – if you want to more deeply understand a relationship and it’s evolutionary path, the core challenges and areas of growth, then this transmission works with Astrology, the Earth Path system, Cards and the first meeting chart if necessary (and if you have the time of that first meeting) – £220. Book here

1-5 Year Forecast 1 hr – with a focus on future forecast, working with Astrology, Human Design and Cards but also can also act as a reminder to other issues working within your Earth Path chart. You can choose how many years you want to focus on – £100. Book here

Specific Question 30 mins – if you have a specific question, then sometimes this is answerable with an astrological horary chart – which is a chart for the moment I receive your question. I give an analysis of this chart which gives you a strong, clear sense of the answer to your question. The fee for this is £50. Book here

First Moment Chart 45 mins – if you want to understand the specific lessons from either a first meeting with someone, or the moment you started a job, a project or something else, I give an analysis of this chart from an Astrology perspective, which gives you a strong, clear sense of the evolutionary path for this decision. This works to accelerate your evolutionary path with that person, job etc. The fee for this is £90. Book here

All readings can be recorded and at your request I will send you your charts.

Lightbody Integration

To strongly accelerate your path of awakening up the spiral stuper of growth, bringing you inner and outer freedom, and movement forward on long held issues. Lightbody integration works to allow light in by removing structures in the etheric body. As the light enters often for the first time into the the lower chakras, it pushes up and out very deep old programmes.

Realignment of the Keepers of Body Consciousness – 1 session (1.5 hours) £140. Book here

Removal of Nephillim Soul – 1 session (1.5 hours)  £140. Book here

Etheric Crystals & Divinity Threshold Removal – 1 session (1.5 hours) £140. Book here

Devices Removal  1 session (1.5 hours) £140. Book here

The Merkava – Merkiva – Merkana Installation – 3 sessions (3 hours over 3 sessions) in total £250 paid as one or individually £140. Book here

The Three Goddess Initiations – The White Fire Initiation, The Nine Stargate Initiation, The Isis Initiation – 1 session £190. 

Deep Ancestral Clearing – The Soul Vine Clearing – 3 hour session – £250. Book here

CSM – Crystal Skull Method – 3 sessions minimum – £250. Book here

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of session do I need?

Please watch the short video at the start of this page. I have this question a lot. For all issues, please buy an initial session for £125 lasting 1.5 hrs or the bundle for 5 or 8 sessions at a cheaper rate. Please note, I work with all issues and rest assured you do not need to ask whether I will work with an issue. The one exception is if you are asking for therapy for another person – I will only do sessions for the person themselves, not a partner asking on his or her partner’s behalf. If you are asking for a teenager, please drop me an email first.

If you are looking for a session to help with guidance on an issue or situation, please also buy the initial session as above and we can also look at charts in the session for no additional fee (as in readings).

If you are looking at life purpose, or specifically want to know more about your chart, then please book a reading. Usually the customised reading will suit almost all questions.

For lightbody work, there are different options and you are welcome to go with your intuition. Please email me for clarity on these if you need it.

I will not book in persistent time wasters or work with those who persist in back and forth emails. Please go ahead and book if you feel the inner yes! It’s rare we are 100% sure of anything in life! 

What issues do you work with?

Over the years and due to working on a spiritual level, I have come across many wild and interesting issues that trouble people. So I am a well rounded therapist, with a vast array of therapeutic experience including more unusual issues, particularly around energetic interference and spiritual phenomena. But the main body of my work is around relationships – as this is what most people struggle with. I do work with physical issues extensively also – and have helped many people make headway with symptoms that neither alternative or allopathic means have helped. A lot of people email me to enquire if I work with their issue, and almost all the time, I have seen it before, so feel free to email and be reassured or dive right in and book.

Do I need ongoing sessions and what is the frequency of sessions needed?

Most issues will need your investment. If you have a pattern or issue that has been outstanding for many years or impacting you emotionally or even physically, then it’s best to assume you will need a few sessions to make some headway. For minor issues, guidance or to get some resolution on a relationship for example, a one-off session is appropriate. If though you are working on relationship patterns, then this is ongoing therapy. More severe issues such as eating disorders, severe depression, physical illness or trauma, OCD, other extreme states or issues that have been patterning for many years or lifetimes will require ongoing therapy for at least 6 months on a bi-monthly basis as these are complex issues with many layers to heal and process. But as always, you commit to what you can afford time and finance wise. Most clients do choose to stay in a long-term relationship returning as and when required, or continue to see me once a month.

The frequency of sessions comes down to your intentions and goals, time and finances. For most people, every week or every two weeks based on 3-8 sessions is sufficient to begin. With non urgent issues once a month is great so you keep working on different aspects that hold you back as they arise and stay in touch with your healing process. You can also use the bundles or 5 or 8 sessions for monthly sessions which make it substantially cheaper.

How can I have a session and explore more of your work?

If you join the Sovereign Being diamond membership for £44 per season, paid upfront for a year at £176, you receive a reading for that year, and every further year that you stay a member, as well as all the below:

  • Unlimited access to all courses
  • Unlimited access to all all classes
  • Unlimited access to all online workshops
  •  Access to private ‘Class & Course Circle’ &  ‘Active Circle’ online community spaces
  • Plus all previous memberships
Can I pay in cash?

Yes if you are coming in person. This is fine also for the initial session, please email that you would prefer this.

Do you work with men and other identifications?

Yes I certainly work with men and I have also had a lot of training and experience in working with other identifications.

Is it better to come in person or does it work the same on zoom?

This form of therapy works just as well online, and for some they prefer it. When the relationship sphere (ie the trusting relationship with the therapist) is important for a client, then in person can be useful. I work equally well via both means, so I do not hold a preference.

Cancellations and rearranging sessions

I have a late cancellation policy so before rearranging or cancelling sessions, please do note these charges – within 48 hours notice £45  (half fee) and within 24 hours £90 (full fee).  If you have a series of sessions, then it is applied to the rate you purchased.  I do not waver these charges for mild illness since I work with illness in online sessions.  I ask all my clients to honour and respect this policy and to rearrange sessions only when really required. Please bear in mind regular lateness, cancelling or rearranging of sessions will be addressed in therapy. I do not offer any refunds or exchanges should you change your mind part way through a bundle of sessions which includes selling on sessions to others. Thank you in advance for honouring this policy.

Are you supervised?

I am supervised and trained to work with all issues, and nothing is outside of my remit. I trained for 10 years plus in psychotherapy, more than psychiatrists, Cognitive Behavioral Therapists or psychologists. 

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