Global Remote Healing

Free each New & Full Moon

Healing Begins on 29th August at 8.40 pm








Aura Cleanse

Aura Balance

Aura Recharge

What you can expect:

  • Improved sleep
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • More vitality, clarity and insight
  • Balancing and clearing over time
  • Lightness and spaciousness

Maia transmits 30 minutes of healing remotely to the group each New and Full Moon. She works with the planetary cycles – the Moon phases and signs, planetary days/hours –  to build, cleanse, heal and regenerate your body through their continuous ascending and descending flow of energy.

Maia trained as a Spiritual Healer with the SAGB for 4 years after which trained as a counsellor, astrologer and psychotherapist.

Maia focuses on specific meridians, organs, vertebrae and emotions to release and infuse in accordance with the cosmic symphony of creation, and with her guidance and intuition.

She checks using kinesiology, moving through a series of 125 + possible healing charts to transmit the most needed healing for the group. Her focus is elemental, blends western and eastern ancient and modern traditions, and she works with her own system called ‘The Reeds’ which works with realigning, reawakening, rerooting and reclaiming our body, being and life.

She is a master synthesiser, rebalancing aspects and releasing even belief systems, fears, stagnation, polarisations, wounded aspects and addictions.

Maia always sets up the space energetically, requesting everyone’s Divine aspect to work alongside for her the right balance of healing energy.

You receive an email every New and Full Moon to let you know when the healing is taking place, or come to this page anytime to check the next time. All you need to do it set your own intention to receive it, and preferably lie down to receive.

“I just wanted to let you know that I really value your free healing, it really soothes my tired soul and gives me the boost I need to keep going at these difficult times. Thank you for offering this, it’s so gratefully received and as someone who has so little money, I really appreciate this.”

- Julia

“Thank you Maia! I felt so alive this morning, quite different from normal. Whatever you do, keep doing it!”

- Mercedes

Please note: this signs you up to Sovereign Being, which is Maia’s sister website

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