Earth Path Online Training




Master Your Challenges,

Harness Your Talents,

Realise Your Goals,

Discover Your Purpose,

Fulfill Your Highest Potential

Many years ago this simple yet comprehensive system that transformed my life.  This ancient divination system revealed to me my own soul destiny and much more besides.  Since then, I have been consciously aligning with my own unique life blueprint and bestowing this to others.

What Is The Earth Path System

The Earth Path System is a simple yet compelling, ancient esoteric system of original birth name analysis that gives direct access to your true soul calling. Imagine all your reoccurring life themes and challenges given meaning and value, your talents unpacked and decoded, and your mission in this lifetime revealed.

Encrypted within our full original birth name is our raison d’etre.  Accessing these encoded meanings reveals and awakens this purpose, making it easy for you to consciously align with your soul’s Divine plan.

The Earth Path system gives us a more complex and complete way of viewing the human soul’s journey.  It teaches that to blend with our reality, rather than fight it – an approach that changes everything.

If you are a therapist, this is an essential tool for client work, giving you access to your client’s core life challenges and themes in minutes. If you are a spiritual explorer on your path of awakening it shows you what beliefs, traumas, fears, past life residues, attitudes, emotional patterns are impeding your healing and expansion.

What You Receive:

Easy To Follow Instruction Videos & PDFs – clear step by step approach to working with the system

Earth Path System Handbook a comprehensive PDF handbook to support your learning (emailed)

Certificate In The Earth Path System

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The background of the Earth Path system – its geometry and Kabbalah roots
  • How to calculate an Earth Path system chart
  • How to integrate, navigate and read an Earth Path chart
  • How to work with a client reading – what you can expect
  • How to bring all the dynamics and interplay of energies together to give one mind blowing, fantastic life-changing reading
  • How to determine with accuracy the key gifts, experiences and hurdles that challenges, talents and goals bring
  • How to find chart themes and patterns
  • Discover the relevant potential tools and techniques for challenge management
  • A very comprehensive explanation and experience of all the 22 energies, including the connections to the Tarot’s major arcana, the 22 chakras and 22 Hebrew letters
  • A Taoist approach to flowing with chart lessons rather than resisting or going against it
  • How to take the system further with further research and study

You’ll Be Able To:

  • Read your own chart – its challenges, talents, goals and soul purpose
  • Explore your relationship charts – your partners, bosses, friends & family
  • Connect and align you with your true soul calling, purpose and destiny
  • Feel inspired to move forward with your projects and dreams
  • Explain why you attract certain patterns in your life, and manifest certain relationships, experiences and karma
  • Prepare and read an Earth Path chart both professionally and for fun
  • Understand your entire life’s journey into context with your soul’s journey
  • Combine with other systems such as astrology, and take them further

Is This For Me?

For those who work with clients, want to work with clients or are spiritual explorers, curious and want to know more about their own spiritual path and the path of those you love.  For those needing direction and answers – this system mystically aligns you with your soul’s essence and, through the knowledge it imparts, allows you to make choices in alignment with your highest purpose. For those working with or considering working with astrology. For therapists who want to understand their clients from a soul perspective.

Changing platforms. Available end of July

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