Etheric Crystals & Divinity Threshold Removal

Brings a permanent expansion of consciousness through an extraction and release of all etheric crystals and Divine thresholds held in the Lightbody
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In the process of incarnating on this planet, we choose to have our consciousness limited, so we could play the game of separation from the Divine. With the harmonic convergence of 1987, this has all changed and now we can reclaim our right to experience oneness with the Divine.

Etheric Crystals

In the etheric body, we have twelve-sided etheric crystals that act as circuit breakers in our energetic system. We call these regulator crystals. You placed these structures in the your etheric body before incarnating to support you to experience feel human limitation. Ninety percent of people have what we call a “standard issue” of nineteen crystals.

The etheric crystals placed in our energetic fields, with our prior agreement, limit many aspects of our Divinity and eventually, if we are meditating and working on expanding our consciousness, bringing in light, cause awakening symptoms sometimes referred to as ascension symptoms or mutational symptoms. Crystals often cause migraines later down the line.

As the light begins to pour into our being from all the meditation and other spiritual practises, it overloads the disconnected circuits. This can result in energetic pressure and manifest as headaches, chest pains, neck, shoulder and back pain or spasms, and unexpected deterioration of hearing, vision and thinking. Additionally, if you have had a serious fall, accident where your head in particular has been received a strong impact, these crystals can break and fracture, causing severe pain not easily diagnosable.

Their role is to prevent connections from being made at the etheric level and so limiting awareness, multidimensional perceptions and abilities. They limit higher expressions of ourselves, close down spiritual abilities, such as clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinesis, light language, seeing higher dimensional geometries, clairaudience and whole brain thinking limiting the unification of the left-right/female-male polarities. Essentially they inhibit our life flow energy flow and our full embodiment of our physical being. They also hold many programmes of fear – sometimes creating confusion and even seizures. These crystals are now redundant and for us to full embody our Lightbody, it’s imperative to get them removed.

Divinity Thresholds

Likewise, the Divinity thresholds place a ceiling or limit on how much of the higher frequencies can be embodied, below the ribcage. They are located in the pelvic area and are connected to the lower control panel regulating the 6th dimensional blueprint. These are now overloading and creating symptoms such as pain, digestive issues, low life force, sexual blocks, menstrual changes, and sometimes a difficulty unifying lower and upper chakras.


Signs That This Right For You 

Scattered and out of balance

An amplification of physical symptoms – inflammation rooted issues

Feel like your body is working against you

Separate from your body and like it has a will on its own

Incoherent – like your mind and body are working against your intention

There are no prerequisites with this removal, it is a stand alone session

This Removal Process Involves

Breaking the original vows taken – we break these vows from a very high level of consciousness and work with specific beings

Removal of up to 19 crystals from head and body, including any broken (through injuries) or shattered

Removal of Divinity Thresholds in the lower body

You Can Expect

More grounded, embodied and relaxed feelings

Opening of the heart chakra

Feeling like the lid or ceiling of your consciousness has been lifted off

An opening in the body, more fluidity, graceful moves – especially in the limbs, ankles

Balancing of the masculine and feminine

Lifts you out of depressive states through an strong expansion of consciousness

Dissolves background level fear

Feeling more focussed and still

Free movement of energy in the spine

Brings a sense of coherence, clarity, focus and clear thinking

Gentle or sudden openings in multidimensional perception – clairvoyant, telepathic

Opening of psychokinetic centres which controls visualisation of upper dimensional geometries and motions

Reception and decoding of light languages

Sudden infusions of light causing vibrating, shaking, rushes of energy 

5th dimensional functioning of the heart chakra and third eye

A sense that something is different – in a good, permanent way

What It Can Bring

There are no guarantees, but I have witnessed spontaneous healings from this process – both in terms of the body and the mind


£140 for 1 hr 30 mins

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