Sun sextile Moon

Blending the solar Sun & the lunar Moon comes with a little effort. The rational solar Sun energies of the conscious ego & the Moon’s emotional, subconscious energies can flow well together with conscious work. 

The active force of the masculine yang & the creative force of the feminine yin are at your disposal, but you must not take for granted these gifts & work to harness the inner harmony they bestow when effort is applied.

Your parents on the whole supported your early development & the messages they gave you were not contradictory. They supported your forming identity & took care of your emotional needs to a large degree. While this aspect doesn’t take away any challenges you might experience in your early life, it does generally mean the impact was overall positive.

This aspect gives you opportunities to benefit from familial relationships. You are likely to cultivate a strong inner strength that supports you in difficult times & at other times, your family might offer their support. Allow the support to flow when you need it.

You generally have balanced, fair and equal relationships with the partners you choose since your parental relationship laid the foundations for a wholeness interactions that support your growth.

Depending on other aspects, you might try & avoid conflict, preferring to keep things safe & not step on other people’s toes. Although generally you are willing to adapt & compromise, give & take, sometimes you yield too often & need to learn to have clear boundaries. Nevertheless because you learn from your experiences, you quickly develop healthy boundaries of self, & this supports the health of your relationships.

The self-confidence is based on the sense of self being worthy, & so you usually have clear boundaries with others & are learning to let others know when you feel uncomfortable. You project a open, warm & relaxed attitude, making it easy for others to warm to you, & you equally are prepared to adapt & compromise where needed.

Your feeling nature & will are in harmony & depending on other factors, your self-worth is stable deep down & you have a well-rounded personality. You are at home with your feeling nature & can be intuitive, creative and nurturing of yourself & others. 

Your consitutution is strong, as is your sense of purpose. Your needs & aspirations work together, fulfilling the other. You can achieve a lot if you put your mind to it, perhaps even more than the trine, since there is a degree of push behind the sextile & effort is required to make it work. You are not ego driven, but you can be ambitious. Your aspirations are generally supportive at a soul level, & you understand the need to work for your goals.

Depending on other factors, communication is generally flowing for you. You endeavour to create relationships with mutual understanding at the centre. In fact you are very accepting of others, which makes others come to you with their problems. While you are learning to balance your ego & emotions still somewhat, you might at times arrogant & at other times very humble. This makes you a people person, & people can relate to your two sides. You need to learn to extend the same compassion & acceptance towards yourself that you extend to others.

The sextile alleviates the stress of other challenging aspects, as the two lights are in harmony. The sextile also supports awareness, perhaps more so than the trine since a little effort is required to get the energies working together. Your intuitive faculties might need to be developed, however to take full advantage of this aspect.

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