Sun trine Moon

With the Sun & Moon in harmonious aspect, the balance, flow & fluidity between the identity & emotional nature is at ease. With the two big lights of the chart being in harmony, this is a very supportive position overall, & can work to relieve stress or stabilise the entire chart. The best thing about this aspect is that you keep your energy for yourself & it allows your rational & emotional sides to be in balance. You are rarely triggered emotionally, & respond to situations in a balanced way, exuding a sense of internal substance. People naturally gravitate towards you as you hold your power with stability.

The conscious solar energy illuminates the lunar nature within, bringing a balanced sensitivity to situations. You are fundamentally in tune with yourself & others, & this generates a lot of innate self-awareness. Your feelings are yours & not everyone else’s; you know how you feel most of the time & do not get overwhelmed by your feelings. This makes you a pleasure to be around at a core level.

Your greatest problem, if it can be called that, is your tendency to be passive, too trusting of life & in the flow that you enjoy living too much & don’t push yourself to create life. With less emotional conflict than most others, it’s the aspect of an old soul that has lived many lifetimes to be ready to incarnate with such a harmonious aspect. You have unified your being & indicate a reality of harmony. Your reality is somewhat different from others. But avoid complacency & maintaining a passive life, you still need to drive yourself. Sometimes relationships can be given too much weight especially when you enjoy receiving attention and good things from others.

You are at one with your past & on the whole it supported your early development. It’s likely that your parents were in tune with one another at some level which worked & while it doesn’t suggest they had a perfect relationship, it was a relationship that was processed & worked on. This is perhaps your greatest gift, that you understand the nature of relationships & that you are prepared to stay present in them to work through issues. You have learnt from your mistakes & experiences & chosen to define who you want to be. You are the master of your destiny. Your parents probably supported you on both an identity, & an emotional level understanding the importance of both letting you explore & learn from mistakes, & protecting you when you were taking things too far. They instilled in you a trust & strong sense of balance & understanding. While no family is perfect, you have a supportive relationship with your family of origin.

A Sun trine the Moon is generally less on the defensive even if other difficult aspects permeate the chart. Your nature is warm, genuine, sincere, protective & open.  Also you tend to have harmonious relationships with the opposite gender, since the masculine & feminine is in balance within you. You are also in tune with the rhythms of life, with your Sun & Moon in balance, you are connected to the earth’s cycles & your own internal cycles.

With the trine’s inherent balance, you are well received by others & are generally fortunate, comfortable with positions of leadership & responsibility. You are measured in how you drive forward your needs & wants since you have an inherent understanding of how others will receive you. You can be influential but do not dominate others, preferring the quieter approach to getting what you want. You can bide your time & play the game expertly. Working with others in business is great for you since others like you & you make an impression. You are very creative, particularly in relationships. People like to please you, and you get the best from people. Be mindful of creating an egotistical attitude to life, continue to cultivate your humility & compassion for others as these, along with your balanced ability to be vulnerable, are your most attractive qualities.

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