To be really happy we need to focus on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  That means doing, thinking, feeling and being what supports our soul’s wellbeing.

Making a relationship with a higher source, our higher selves, we are tapping into a higher intelligence, our all knowing part connected to the Source of all that is.

Most spiritually orientated people in reality only ever develop a theoretical connection with their higher selves, through books and courses.  They don’t practise connecting with their higher self daily, although in reality some people can have a wonderful connection with their higher self and not even know it.  While some of us need to work at it.  The reality is that we are co-creators with the Divine Source of Energy.  Experiencing this, in a very real sense, is one of the keys to creating the life you want for yourself which is your key to being happy.

Our thoughts are real and directly affect our biology.  Neuroemology studies have shown that every thought starts a chemical reaction in the body.  The glands send out endorphins, stimulating different responses, both positive and negative in the body.  Nerve cells in the brain start firing off neuro networks creating our experience.  Law of attraction says that like attracts like, whatever vibrational frequency you are vibrating at you will attract.

Its a looping process.  If you start feeling depressed then these feelings create thoughts, and if you think negative thoughts these will create negative feelings.  Bringing you more of what you don’t want.  The secret is to change your thought processes.  Be vigilant about what you are thinking.  Most people have no idea about their own internal critics and habitually speak what what they think which further manifests your reality.  A critical mind will create relationship issues.  So getting all this under control is a must to being happy.

We can reinvent ourselves, and I mean completely reinvent ourselves.  If we are willing to examine ourselves, spend the time and energy to perceive ourselves and life then we can transform our lives.  We need to make a decision to want to be a different person.  Once a decision is made things statr changing, the right people, situations and books get brought to you.

Its important to know that you are completely responsible for everything you think and feel.  The brain doesn’t understand the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.  If we drop into our imaginations with all our senses and channels of experience, we can begin to activate a different reality for ourselves.

The understanding that the power to imagine is more powerful than the doing is practised by many people at the top of their profession, from musicians to sports people.  The key to turning imagination into reality is in acting like it’s already in your reality and being grateful for it being there.  Imagine it is with you now, real and that you are truly experiencing it.  What you believe you become – it must come into reality.

Of course the ego doesn’t recognise the realm of the unknown – it generally fights it – so it will tell your imagination that its not real and you will most likely spend a lot of time not knowing if it is real.  The reality is though that you did make it up.  You can bring in new experiences this way, through making them up and letting then that become your reality – you are then creating new neural pathways for your brain.  You might need to so some belief work first, release some old patterning to allow more space for this new way of thinking to become a practise.

Being able to move out of consensus reality into deep altered states is our brains’ frontal lobe activity – which is the residence of the higher self.  Our frontal lobes need activation.  This is where the brain handles cognitive functions like long-term decision making and the right social action. The frontal lobe therefore plays a  major role in determining our level of happiness.  Whenever you are engaging in creative action you are activating these frontal lobes.

Likewise the back of the brain, the reptilian part of our brain, holds all our trauma, survival and poverty stories.  In childhood this part of the brain is very active.  It’s important that we forgive our parents completely for any trauma they have caused us.  Our brain fires up when we forgive and this activity releases negative trigger responses in our brains and body.  In turn it increases frontal lobe activity allowing for new creative thought and new concepts, taking you out of survival mode.

On another level, babies brain development follows the same neural pathways as their mothers.  Babies whose mothers experience stress during pregnancy are born with the same tendencies towards stress – its part of their genetic make-up (remembering that genes can be changed – it contains placidity like our brains).  Babies brains start thinking and feeling like their parents.  Usually these are deeply unconscious patterns and are the shadow energies within us that we are unlikely to recognise immediately.

All cells carry consciousness.  So things wired into us on a deep cellular level become genetic.  Finding the traumas of our ancestors within our DNA takes on a whole new meaning.  Our DNA carries the consciousness of our ancestors.  Neural pathways in the brain create looping thoughts and feelings which quite quickly can create beliefs.  Beliefs all result in a state of being.  State of being becomes part of our DNA genetic make-up.  This is how thought becomes matter in our body.  When these thoughts are not supporting our wholeness, our wellbeing, they become dis-ease within the body.  So the ancestoral form of these patterns are called genetic imprints and they are handed down through generations.

Research conducted recently suggests that you can change your genetic make-up.  My experience reflects this.  Some of the most powerful work is DNA work.  Deep emotional releases actually work to change our DNA and cell activity.  The work of biologist Bruce Lipton in his book called Biology of Belief.  Nothing is fixed in your physiology – everything has the power to be transformed. Knowing this is the ultimate key to your happiness.

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