The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on 6th November 2014 at 10.23 pm on Thursday.  After such an unusual month, with two eclipses, Mercury retrograde and Mars in Sagittarius.  Now we have some easier, quieter aspects, November is more focused with a more serious tone.

It’s a pretty hardworking time.  As I know only too well with exams myself, just around the corner, so you will have to excuse me for a rather short post this full moon.  But these aspests, especially Mars conjunct Saturn, is particularly powerful if you want to achieve something immense. It’s good to know where you are aiming you arrow and not leave it down to fate to get you there.

So the tone is serious and not letting us get away with daydreaming and not really facing our Saturn responsibilities – no escape, you are likely to experience repercussions if you try that game.  There’s also a little collection of conjunctions to Saturn with first Venus, then the Sun, and Mercury – a few days a part from each other.

Taurus is the sign most concerned with the relationship between the earthly plane.  Ruling the second house of resources means it spans both our internal external resources, the gifts, talents and skills aquired over a lifetime.  For Taurus, it’s less about outwardly material wealth and more this internal sense of self-worth that comes from a deep inner connection and development.  Taurus full moons asks us to consider what really matters to us – what really is going to fulfill our longings and desires?  Are we striving for short or long term life satisfaction?

With Mars transiting Capricorn, the traditional ruler of Scorpio and Pluto, the modern ruler of Pluto, we have a potentially very powerful mix of alchemical forces, working to transform our souls from the prima materia to golden consciousness.  With these who masculine, passionate, will driven planets approaching their conjunction, we have an opportunity to propel our ambition, drive and accomplishment.  If we can also bring in Capricorn’s opposite, Cancer, then we have the balance just right.  Power, achievement with deep feeling.  Be mindful to not forget the feeling as you go towards your goals.

Our largely mechanistic, materialistic culture could also get in the way if we fall too much towards Taurus’ more superficial external fulfillments.  In other words, push yourself, not others.  Go with your drive but don’t forget your community, working together and cooperating.  When we have Pluto and Mars working away, and Saturn also later in the month, then we must recognise that there’s a potential for our inner critics to rise up and have a field day of us, if we have certain edges or belief systems around work or our own self-worth.

But find out the quality of your critics, the way they speak to you, is there to show you what you need to pick up yourself.  I know myself that my critics tend to have more of a field day when I am not doing what I need to be doing, when I’m daydreaming or wasting time.  So sometimes it’s useful to take your critics advice, other times, fight it.  Above all else, listen to it with awareness.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 11° Sagittarius 16' 44"
Moon 24° Leo 54' 10"
Mercury 02° Capricorn 24' 32"
Venus 28° Libra 45' 43"
Mars 06° Sagittarius 39' 19"
Jupiter 06° Taurus 51' 01" R
Saturn 01° Pisces 15' 32"
Uranus 20° Taurus 15' 19" R
Neptune 24° Pisces 53' 26" R
Pluto 28° Capricorn 34' 06"
Chiron 15° Aries 42' 07" R
TrueNode 23° Aries 39' 58" R
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