We have a New Moon in Gemini on 3rd June 2019 at 10.02 GMT at 12 degrees, in the sign of the twins. In this air and mutable sign, we have lighthearted, intellectual, fun, relating energy. Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury, the hermaphrodite where we are neither male, or female, both have aspects of both.

We are learning to be a bit of everything with Gemini, to be fluid, versatile, non-polarised. Gemini accepts its inner diversity – that there is far more to us than we tend to allow.

In a way, June is preparation for July’s astrological activity – two eclipses (2nd and 16th) and Mercury retrograde. This New Moon in Gemini is quite special since it’s really setting up the story for unfolding and compelling Saturn-Pluto dynamic in January 2020.

The questions this planetary connection is forcing us to consider or face is ultimately who are we? We are asking ourselves are what do we really want in life? Who are we really, deep down? What values are we reflecting in the world? Who do we want to be with? What larger purpose do we want for our lives? These big questions are throughout 2020 also, and while they never really go away, are now in need for deeper and more direct enquiry.

The other big questions that we are asking ourselves in terms of how we process ourselves, life is how do we work with our perceptions of reality. This month there is a Jupiter-Neptune square, triggered by the Sun’s square and opposition to Jupiter and Neptune respectively.

With all this current Gemini energy, our logical, rational mind is energised and the linear reality of life is more accessible. We can be more on the surface and perhaps less in touch with the deeper waters and currents. Yet we are all getting ready or already journeying into more right brained ways, less linear ways, of processing life.

This is more about sensing our truth, what feels right, what rings bells for us, as opposed to taking in all that is communicated to us. We can feel our way through, rather than analyse, rationalise and think through everything. We just need to know it’s possible and then retrain ourselves through awareness to do it.

It’s very normal for us to feel like we should listen to every word a person says, especially in work scenarios, or any other when we feel we should be listening. It’s very oppressive. This has never worked for me, I’ve been lucky enough to not have access to a linear or logical way of thinking. I say I’m in a fortunate position as now I can look back and see the beauty of my journey, but it’s not been easy growing up a right brained type in a predominantly left brained culture.

We are encouraged to listen with our full attention and to make listening an active process. It perhaps works for those who can comfortably conform and fit in with our contemporary learning styles, but not for those with more creative, open mind centres. I’d even go so far to say while some can conform with more ease, I doubt whether it’s health inducing to do so.

But listening is not just with our full attention. It’s also with something called our second attention. The attention through our senses, and entire being. Then we are more ‘awake’.

All ways of listening and learning need support, especially for our children, who are born into a right brained world of imaginative play. We are all created in a yin form, after all, before we become ‘assigned’ either a male or female gender.

So meeting ourselves more where we are at rather than forcing ourselves into boxes, labels, systems that don’t support who we are or becoming is fundamental on the path of awakening. In fact if you can’t align with your deepest nature, or your deepest calling, then you are working against yourself and will slow down your path is awakening.

Yet ironically, the quickest way to speed up is to slow down, so when we slow down, we need to slow down more, and realign with who we truly are, rather than what society, others, schools, systems, organisations expect of us. This is what it means to come back to our centre.

In practise, this means following and trusting our reactions, rather than being taken by them. Letting ourselves be guided by our senses, of which intuition is a part of, rather than just conform to the linear way of processing our reality. If we react to our reactions, we are not following ourselves, we are polarising within and not flowing with our experience.

The awakening process takes us from a predominantly left focus to right brained way of processing reality. What does this actually mean? That we get to know, embrace and nurture our developing learning and processing style rather than be against it by thinking there is something wrong with us.

I take a long time to process things, I’m very slow to process, perhaps because I am often expected to process in a left brained way. I have to actively engage my right brain and trust what I notice, what the flirting world brings to my attention, what I sense, feel and see. I am less active in the process, more passive, relaxed and curious.

I find it’s far more inclusive of all of reality, and diversity in that I perceive it all without judgment. It doesn’t pull things a part, judge, analyse, try and find the ‘right’ answer. It’s more interested in the evolution of the whole, rather than just my little separate experience. I experience a more majestic, magical world, where everything is connected as a whole. Where synchronicities occur moment to moment.

Here I’m not interested in getting it right, I’m interested in awareness and a larger reality and perception. This approach demands a lot of trust in my own channel of experience and gut, sense, intuitive knowing. It expects of me that I don’t just fall into an automatic dynamic where I’m just satisfying my own version of reality, or someone else’s. Yet if I did, I would be interested in that as part of the process.

Being in touch with our own more right brained way of learning and processing is like following our own inner Tao. You watch where your awareness goes, you stalk, hunt, and track it, like a hunter-gatherer finds it’s food. You follow your senses. You follow nature. You follow your inner rhythm. You do not doubt yourself. You do not think that you are wrong. There is no ultimate wrong, or right, in this world.

Once you have followed yourself, you bring yourself in, quick, like going for the kill. You take aim and shoot. You do not delay. Your sense of timing must not be off. You cannot be a second late, otherwise the moment is lost in the infinite many moments that exist. It’s like being a martial artist.

So while you might be slow to process, taking your time to access your environment, feelings and senses, when you perceive your inner truth, you are quick to respond and meet reality. This is what it means to work with the right and left brain. This is what it means to bridge realities. Since you are sensing deeply with your inner right hemisphere and then sharply calling and entering into consensus reality.

The feedback you receive at this point, when bringing your internal reality into the world of others, is a good indicator as to whether you are on the mark, whether you have followed yourself accurately.

The inner critic, judge, analyser, needs to be honed in many people, it needs to be given a task. It needs application. If we just disappear into the right brain processes with no metacommunicator or ability to discern our reality, track our experience, unfold our perceptions and senses, then we get altered, go into dreamland and get lost.

We have an anti-style too, and this is just as important. Say I like to be sit, listen and absorb what others say, that might be our familiar, natural style. But if we do that for 6 hours solid, as a therapist, I know I will be exhausted by the end of the day.

The anti-style might be to give back to the client, through perhaps sharp awareness, what I perceive, so they have the opportunity to pick up their own process and answer their questions themselves. I become more a Mercurial messenger of shifting realities and internal perspectives than a Sagittarius teacher of truth outside of personal experience.

Without my anti-style I would be a useless therapist. The sharpness of the discerning inner critic, which most people are debilitated by since it self-harms, needs to be turned outwards, given a useful job. It won’t stop getting on your back until it is put to use – no matter how much role-play, purification work, inner child, polarisation work or anything else you do.

Jupiter-Neptune in square aspect at this New Moon amplifies this entire process. And while many of those awakening have no idea that they are in the middle of bridging their internal realities and ways of connecting their inner and worlds, the awkwardness of these planetary energies highlight this path of growth.

We need to be in spaces where we are free to grow in this way, that’s not always easy. Yet sometimes the most challenging of environments is where we will learn the quickest also.

Mars is ahead of the Sun and leading the pack of personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in Cancer. Yet although Mars is the most aggressive and forthright of all the planets, in Cancer it brings in an often uncomfortable passive, protective quality. It’s a more cautious sign and it’s not easy to express outwards into the world and our relationships.

Mars in Cancer struggles to express anger directly. Instead it brings a tendency to be passive aggressive and of course this builds up tension and prevents direct expression in our relationships. Yet Mars forms some significant aspects this month, and this build up of non-direct expression, of how we bring out our own reality and truth in environments that might be conducive to receiving it, will be strong on the agenda.

There is a propensity for the explosion of all the tension this creates around the 13th-14th. So be aware of what or who you are trying to become, what you need to be seen, recognised, acknowledged by others. Perhaps avoid attaching too much to it. Everyone is our teacher at the moment.

Yet when we have beliefs systems or self-judgements energising our particular styles like “I can’t bring my truth out, I am always misunderstood, I can’t express myself, I will be rejected”, etc convincing us of who we are, we need to look at those and do the relevant work around them. Lest we will project all our problems onto the system or individual, seeing as them holding us back. This month can be a big month for some power struggles – with all this non-direct Cancer Mars expression, or build up of tension.

It’s worth knowing that we can change our reality, very easily, with the Divine doing the work. Releasing the belief systems, fears, healing our history through our inner Divine connection, supports us to come more into our truer, deeper and higher style and nature.

On 4th June, Mercury enters Cancer, shifting our mental focus from Gemini’s restless and scattered approach to more awareness of feelings. We shift from an interactive focus into something more interested in a quiet, internal space.

With both Mars and Mercury, and soon other planets journeying through Cancer, they will be making trines to Neptune, bringing in imaginative, creative, the bigger picture and faith with our capacity to feel and sense.

On 8th June, Venus enters it’s last stretch of its sojourn through Taurus, and moves into Gemini. This brings us back into a more Gemini interaction, especially in respect to our social gatherings.

Around the same time, the Sun makes an exact annual opposition to Jupiter, bringing into focus the relationship of reality, truth and illusion. We might feel very open to possibilities on one hand, and yet with Neptune’s influence, it brings in another layer of potential nebulousness. How we navigate our way through the dimensions of our experience will not be easy now.

This is all about our inner and outer world, the interaction and layering between the two. We might need to be careful in what we take for reality and illusion. We are being given the signs we can trust, but the question is can we trust ourselves.

Our own participation in our unfolding reality, whether we are bystanders to the reality we see around us, or prefer to play more central roles, is fundamental for the next two years. We are learning to renegotiate our internal and external worlds. Bringing out our internal experience into the world so it is heard and received.

All of this intricately and interdependently involves everyone else. How we experience our own internal reality is dependent on our ability to process and stay fluid with ourselves. What we experience is not just us, it never is, it’s the all moving through us. It can be a joyous experience to be interested in how reality filters it’s way through us.

If we confine ourselves to a box, or allow ourselves to be confined, then our experiences will become more intense since a bigger, since more hard-hitting experiences are required to show us what we believe ourselves to be not. It’s important, over the next two years, to begin to learn more about how you want and can bring yourself out into the world. Learn more about who you are, what’s trying to emerge more in you.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 08° Gemini 20' 40"
Moon 18° Aquarius 54' 07"
Mercury 20° Taurus 28' 08"
Venus 06° Gemini 36' 26"
Mars 21° Aries 47' 51"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 45' 58"
Saturn 18° Pisces 36' 44"
Uranus 24° Taurus 01' 01"
Neptune 29° Pisces 37' 04"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 41" R
Chiron 22° Aries 08' 27"
TrueNode 14° Aries 03' 36" R
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