Tuesday 24th March – New Moon in Aries 02°12 at 9:28 GMT

Wednesday 25th March – Sun conjunct Chiron 13:27 GMT

Friday 28th March – Venus trine Jupiter 4:24 GMT

Monday 30th March – Mars enters Aquarius 13:37 GMT

Friday 3rd April – Venus enters Gemini 17:10 GMT

Saturday 4th April – Mercury conjunct Neptune 1:14 GMT, Venus trine Saturn 17:09 GMT

Sunday 5th April – Jupiter conjunct Pluto 2:45 GMT

Tuesday 7th April – Mars square Uranus 18:50 GMT, Mercury sextile Pluto 21:28 GMT

Wednesday 8th April – Full Moon in Libra 2:35 GMT


We have a New Moon in Aries at 9:28 am GMT on 24th March at 02° Aries, conjunct Chiron – the wounded healer, a HUGE process of consciousness shifts.

There is so much going on now the dots can be connected, that I think I could write many blog posts on this, and I probably will start doing that more if I find the time.

Lets begin with some super big picture stuff. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January with the planetary nodes is what’s happening now – the ripples with go on for years, deconstructing reality, timelines, as we know it. This is the life changing event we were all expecting. It is here. And yet it’s more the ramifications after which that we need to look toward.

What follows is some information on Chiron and it’s positioning and transit between Saturn and Uranus (elliptical orbit) – understanding this is a perfect precursor to the sign of Aquarius, its gifts and challenges. After all we are now well and truly in the Age of Aquarius, so you could say this is a signature for the entire next human cycle…

So considering Chiron, fundamental at this New Moon. Chiron has an elliptical orbit which essentially means it is sometimes further away or closer to the Sun, and moves in between Uranus and Saturn.

When Chiron is in the realm of Saturn – the process on Earth is about being anchored in the body, to the exclusion of spirit. The crisis of separation from Source is the space of Saturn. Without spirit, life is a challenge (the realm of Saturn).

Then Chiron is in the orbit of Uranus – an outer planet, whose energies cannot be integrated without a mediator – Chiron. Chiron therefore supports us to integrate Uranus. Uranus is the dissociation from the body, but also the awakener.

For a third of it’s Chiron’s orbit, he’s inside Saturn’s orbit, and the rest in either free space or inside Uranus’ influence.

The current themes. Chiron (at personal ego level) is a strong fear reaction and desperation at the felt disconnection and isolation from the All That Is (a Saturn process). Chiron (on the journey of awakening to our true individuality) teaches us about how we are one part and yet belong to the whole (Uranus).

Essentially, Chiron’s process brings on existential crisis.

So with Chiron accentuated, we have a potential bridge between the different levels of personal (Saturn) and transpersonal (Uranus) consciousness. This is about working through the suffering and challenges which arise as we face our separation pain from the whole, The All That Is. There’s also an honouring of the healing potential and awakening (Uranus).

We are essentially learning to make ‘personal’ the transpersonal realms and also seeing the ‘impersonality’ of our life process. A big, big process. You don’t get much bigger really. And learning about our capacity to ‘hold’ these potentially conflictual opposites in a ‘both/and’ inclusion rather than an ‘either/or’ splitting.

Where we stand individually depends on our horoscope – there’s no right, better, wrong way. It’s all part of the whole – whether we hold a more Saturn or Uranus position. But simplistically put, if Saturnian energies are dominant, Uranus (freedom for the individual) is the enemy. So we try to stay mainstream, to avoid Uranus’ disruption, or anything too weird or outside the box.

Conversely, in a more Uranian horoscope Saturn is the enemy and so here we might not like discipline or restriction of freedom, but would rather identify with being a rebel or innovator, feeling that we don’t have to deal with the limitations of the Saturnian world.

Of course, neither is really the enemy, but when we are caught in the polarity preferred by the ego’s agenda, it seems that way. And so the other may be demonised, projected on to other people, or groups, or nations, or political parties. And we will judge or fear them accordingly. This is how we polarise and through polarisation, we move away from oneness.

Anything that takes us away from oneness right now, which means all types of polarisation, are not necessarily going to be useful processes. We might say that the global response to the virus is a oneness inspiring event – if indeed it was. Unfortunately it’s a poor man’s version of oneness, in my book. It’s another repeat of the ww2, but this time we are fighting a different enemy. We have to learn to move away from this fighting process.

The entry of Saturn into Aquarius happening as I write is followed by Jupiter in December, by Chariklo in 2021, and eventually Pluto in 2022. So we are exploring all this Saturn-Uranus, and Chiron’s role in mediating between these polarised viewpoints and approaches. And, as we are now moving into strong Aquarian energies, and the Aquarian New Age we can expect this to dominate for many years to come, we can expect more questioning and interest in these questions around individuality, freedom, humanity and community. Credit to Melanie Reinhart’s work on Chiron.

Rather than polarise, find these polarities within ourselves and our own mind.

Here, it’s good to recall that in the Esoteric Astrology of Alice Bailey, Jupiter is considered the ruler of Aquarius. Closer towards the Sun, Chiron is between Jupiter and Saturn, and further from the Sun, it is between Saturn and Uranus. So, even if we suffer in the process (Chiron), we can personalise the vision (Jupiter) of things new and unknown (Uranus) and be granted the discipline to actually do something with this gift (Saturn).

So in a nutshell this is the BIGGER astrology, will be talking more about this over the forthcoming months as this process now clearly is only just beginning to unfold.

But lets now shift into some 3rd dimensional reality stuff… So anyway, Monday 23rd is the last day of this current lunar cycle and so we are sensing the new just around the corner. Given the meeting of Mars with Jupiter and Pluto, and this dead Moon – we can expect some clandestine meetings in our government to be taking place. No surprises there.

Saturn just in Aquarius, Mars conjoining it 31st, and today 23rd, Mars is with Pluto (expect difficult news). Strong Saturn, Aquarius. Then we have a Sun, Chiron, Moon conjunction. This is as intense as it gets on a global level. Although there are periods later in the year of intensity. But lets stay with this next two weeks.

In the US, the Department of Justice has quietly asked Congress to suspend certain Constitutional rights during the coronavirus emergency. In the UK, a Coronavirus Bill 2019-21, that’s for two years. It is a very stringent bill, interesting considering the astrology for the next two years. Austria also. And other countries. We need to be very mindful of our civil liberties at this time.

However, over the forthcoming years, many secrets, and much corruption will be exposed, the light pouring in will open and lay bear the dark, manipulative tactics and hopefully, while we may have a clearer divide in the world, we will at least finally have some truth we can perhaps trust. Or perhaps we will move way beyond this idea of needing to know what is true altogether… more on that next week.

One of the main issues is that the mainstream media doesn’t let us see what’s truly happening in the world. This current catastrophe is feeding into something else. What we are seeing is actually just the smoke, behind it are much bigger things, much more insidious stuff – ‘abject evil’ I quote from somewhere, that we have no clue about. All these planets will bring this stuff up. The roots are going to be coming up and out. And it’s going to throw everyone off balance.

Structure, foundations, reality as we know it is COMING DOWN. For me, this is the most relieving time of all. I’ve been secretly longing for this moment, for years, since I generally just see through things and it’s so frustrating sitting, watching from the outside, everyone thinking you are crazy, yet knowing you are the only sane one around. Perhaps some others out there can feel this relief.

I see the events happening now are like a snowball effect, grabbing more momentum and snow until it explodes everywhere. It’s going to be a difficult few years, and we do not know where we will be after this pandemic recedes – especially on an economic level. What is left behind is where we will begin. And begin again we will, perhaps in a very simple yet still modern way.

But what is clear from Chiron’s input, is that there’s so much suffering everywhere and it has a purpose, and this is going to open us up. I’m sure after this we will be able to feel the suffering of others in a far more embodied way (Saturn). There will be a clearer divide between those that feed the suffering and fear and those that do not. Our individual lives and certainly our world will be in a hugely different place.

Just note that 8,000 children die each DAY due to hunger. Where is this in the news?

While uncomfortable this is all not to be feared for this has been on the horizon for many years – authoritarian powers attempting to take away our freedom and power and truth exposing.

But perhaps less broached is how we are giving our power away, especially right now, as we feel we have no choice. I mean, fear comes along, and we just hand over our rights and freedom. Really? Is it that easy? Our ancestors are turning in their graves. Yet I know in reality we do not have much of choice and I do not care that we are being isolated, this is the least of our problems. And might even be a beautiful process for us – a stopping, a reconnection to ourselves and what really matters.

But is no one is considering what’s actually happening while we are all stuck in isolation unable to oppose, gather or challenge?

It also needs to be said that we don’t truly know how viruses are spread, there’s a lot of hypothetical opinion, but few known facts.  Also the virus is no longer classed as a highly infectious disease, a HCID – as of 19th March – funny that. With viruses, there are too many instances that go against the mainstream ideas of contagion (if you do just a little bit of good research). But understood, we can take no risks. And yet we must develop a mind that questions, questions, questions and questions again EVERYTHING in the media and institutions are feeding us.

Note also that with this article in the guardian speaks of how the governments knew we were sleepwalking towards a global economic crash… so perhaps they just needed something to hang this all on – a virus – perfect – lets make it much bigger than it actually is… then the people in power do not get the blame. Food for thought. This is what I mean, there are so many potential reasons why this happened, and perhaps that’s the point, we humans need to stop searching for the answers on everything. We could be there forever with this one. And that’s a lot of wasted time in disconnection from our Source energy.

Note also, that conspiratory theories generally polarise us more, rather than expose the truth!

Despite what we are being fed about truth and facts; truth is a much more subjective experience, and one with many layers. On the whole, this means what we call rational or factual is what can be proved, and the irrational is seen as untrue, holding no value. Yet quantum physics teaches us that truth is multilayered – with it’s endless dive into the atom – as soon as we think we have the answer or truth, another layer opens up. This is the distinction between 3D and 5D. The 5D is an endless exploration.

But what happens when new valuable information out there gets suppressed? And we need to wake up to the fact that people in power suppress anything that takes away power and money from them, regularly.

So we get pulled into programmes of mind control – brainwashing. We are in this consensus reality programming all the time and we don’t know it (like the matrix), we need to be able to extricate ourselves from the box around our heads (literal – I’m clairvoyant) so we can experience axiom level truth instead of facts that everyone reiterate but hasn’t actually been verified.

I’m on dicey ground when I speak about actual truth… I know. Truth is a subjective thing in many ways. The truth in you gets mirrored out into the world and then that becomes a collective hologram. Perhaps this is the secret that is hidden from us – how powerful we are at changing this world reality….

Yes most of the time, we just accept other people’s minds to be imprinted upon us. Those in power, their agendas can become imprinted upon us, we can become slaves and accept that polarised position of being a victim, having no power. It’s all complex stuff. In fact we became enslaved a long time ago; now we are being set free.

Now, my suggestion is this, whatever the truth is out there, it’s good to be open right to all possibilities and hone in on nothing too strongly right now, since if there’s any doubt, shouldn’t we just be open so we can discover deeper layers of truth, to move beyond that rational truth of our mainstream scientific community.

Now, it’s time to start unlearning a lot of what we have been taught. As our awareness of body, consciousness, energy and fields shift, we need to open our minds to receive information that awakens us to the next level of what we need to integrate. This is about understanding what consciousness and body really is and how we can’t isolate the body or humans as separate entities – which is what is currently happening.

Isolate yourselves we are told, and then you will be safe. This is a strong message and it is a divisive message. And quite simply, it is inaccurate. What gets you by and large safe is being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy.

I don’t want to feed this entire perspective and reality too much right here lest we start going down paranoia routes, although I feel I need to state that it’s happening currently and humans are very willing for it to happen – this believing the mainstream reality, without question. We have to wake up. And it worrying especially when it’s dear friends, teachers and colleagues, who do not question.

So let’s look at the signature and consciousness of this virus. Have you noticed that everything about it is often contradictory, confusing or fear promoting? It’s been nCOV, then SARS-CoV-2 and now COVID-19. This is a perfect reflection of Chiron which is conjunct this New Moon, who when discovered no one knew what he was and so was recategorised several times.

These Chirotic hoof prints are also seen in the mysterious unfolding of our own process of awakening and healing through this process, which is often precipitated by wounds, illness or suffering. I have spent the last two weeks moving through various levels and layers of fears, emotions and thinking – I am constantly shifting within this space, this is the nature of Chiron. It is also about the different levels that you can look at it from – the different dimensions of reality – depending on your dimension, will output your reality/our reality – as we are One.

From my sense, this virus is like a silent trigger. What happens is that as it takes hold within the cells it ignites other things, making things explode. If there’s nothing to ignite, it just fizzles out, no problem and it passes through easily. Otherwise the virus keeps triggering things until it gets sorted or it’s too much. In this sense, this mutation is necessary, and there’s no need to cure the virus, and it’s needed for evolution.

But it’s the trigger that’s making it so deadly, the virus isn’t deadly alone but when it’s mixed with other things in the body, it gets swamped by the intensification of everything else. Its just igniting it all. That’s what the heat and burning feels about, because the body is on fire from the inside.

So in a nutshell this is the New Moon signature. We can expect this process to continue to unfold, until it fizzles out. Perhaps we can help to fizzle it out ourselves by doing global, restorative meditations. So, while there’s a lot of difficult things ahead, it will be the awakening of us, the ignition of us perhaps and the resolution of many other issues, eventually.

Like all viruses, it is also a form of energy, and it is a multilayered technology and so we either feed it and support the fear, through our naming, speaking, thinking, sharing, getting swept up, and actions, or we don’t. They stoke up the fear and this itself as we know through epigenetics and hormonal changes alters DNA, catalysing auto immune conditions and disrupting our ability to remain conscious and see the truth.

When we begin to pull our energy away from all this, it will be done. The media, and us, as the media is just a reflection of us, are perpetuating and giving it a platform. So, get out of FB and the media, and begin asking why would they want to do that? They tell me every other hour how many people have died. What the hell is that about? 

So we need to avoid giving it energy, do not feed it, give your power away to it. Just use the term virus – that’s my advice for now.

I have no theories on the origin of the virus, I began there, but now it doesn’t seem so relevant, and it’s a way of avoiding the important things. The idea that something needed to be unleashed is becoming enough for me. This helps us accept the reality as it is and can learn to alter it from that place.

But we do need to quickly wake up to some things. For example the roll out of 5g under our noses. There’s stories of kids schools getting 5g installed across the US during lockdown and workers being made to sign confidentially agreements to not speak of it. 5g is no conspiratory theory. We are subtle energy, and 5g is anything BUT a subtle energy. My sense is having 5g on this planet is like standing next to an ex-ray machine all day – you just don’t want to do that!

So 5g a coincidence? Absolutely not, positioning the virus as a problem acts as a perfect precursor to roll out the rest of the 5g technology – and then allows the implementation of a mass vaccine programme – which alters DNA and perhaps has some kind of synergistic effect with 5g. I would prefer jail to having my kid vaccinated with this vaccine they will bring out. The 5g roll out has also meant more masts and more satellites out into our planet’s Van Allen Belt see here

Satellites are interference – dark forces can feed from them, as it’s of their vibration, there’s nothing 5th dimensional about satellites – they are doorways, slides for dark interference to get in. And trust me, ETs do exist and they can create interference, the stuff of star trek is not that far off reality, in my experience.

So we have thousands of satellites in this atmospheric blanket of the earth. Remember dark forces are only playing their role as they are meant to in this game of separation – we must not project hate towards them. However we are all waking up from that game! We are saying thank you dark forces but we don’t need you anymore. Lets have a game of connection and oneness (as opposed to isolation).

These are the realities that I do not want the spiritual community to avoid, and neither do I want them to focus their energy on them, as that radiates fear. The fear pandemic in our collective atmosphere is an attempt to slow down our awakening. So lets not give it anymore energy.

If we can do this, we will start waking up faster, and others will awake faster too. This is the momentum we need to create, as this gives no space for fear to influence our individual and collective awakening. These are the choices we are now being asked to make.

I think it’s important to talk about one aspect of our planet’s health, that rarely gets taken seriously, because of our total incapacity to seemingly face our greatest modern fear – that electricity and increased electromagnetic fields have an impact on life and the biological system. Of course none of us want to ask this question – we all like our phones in our pockets, and being constantly entertained. We like these energy sledgehammers, in the west.

In the east, they have a little more appreciation of electricity, with acupuncture etc. But here in the west, these forces are no longer seen as subtle forces inextricably connected to living things, but a force that drives technology and machines. And it is now driving us, and in some timelines, now that certainly will not occur, but we can still easily tune into these timelines – down a dark road of planetary death. This is not going to happen.

But know, an average hour phone call deposits about 360 joules of electricity in your head. These are huge amounts compared to what the electrotherapists were working with in the 18th century. Consider also that a static charge of 1000 volts accumulates on your laptop whenever in use. This is deposited on your body – like, 40 hours a week, if you work in a 9-5. Stop and consider.

Yet we have created this pulsating electromagnetic force and it’s shooting around our earth. Now think about what it’s doing to Her, our mother Gaia, it’s suppressing, she can’t release all her pain, it’s locked it in, this is what this field of satellites in the Van Allen Belt does. It’s stopping her breathing, releasing, funny that, this virus is a mirror for us.

I believe these ripples of dark energy pervading our planet, and lets just forget the actual physical earth for now, think about the air and ether, that’s Saturn in Aquarius, which has just begun. But it’s like it ripples through the ocean that keep travelling all the time and hitting all the land and icebergs and these currents are of a different frequency, they have heat signatures, textures to them. It’s not good.

The planet can’t continue with that type of energy field. There will end up being an explosion and it will just all shut down. Like a cracking around the planetary energy field and so then, we will go back to simpler ways with hopefully friendlier technology.

But the biggest barrier are the people in power, as there’s many layers to that.

But remember in the higher dimensions, 5D and beyond, this virus doesn’t exist, 5g doesn’t even exist, there there is no time and no victim consciousness. So lets take this time of inwardness to shift out of the lower expressions and stop calling it into reality. Consider now the ways that you are calling it into your reality. This is how we can save lives.

But this virus’ primary intent is to prevent our mass awakening, as is 5g and many other technologies, yet the effect will create awakening, that’s the truly ironic, beautiful thing. So from a 5D perspective, we just need to sit in that place and magic happens. That’s where we need to hold intent. We have to orientate between lets wake people up out of the brainwashing so we can get them embracing newer, higher realities AND embracing how this is going to serve us all deeply. Preferably simultaneously.

It’s like we are in the middle of a two worlds and we need to find the equilibrium. And we are swinging between them, often widely, being pulled between them, by forces outside and inside – which are one and the same, which is why it’s just fundamental for us to keep embodying more and more of Source so we have the core solid dependable centre.

And of course, the big question is also, how bad is it going to get and how long is this going to go on for? Lets see if we can draw some answers. But in short, the long-term repercussions could be as much as 7-8 years. Be prepared for that – perhaps not for you if you are firmly in your process of awakening, but for those that are not…

Uranus through Taurus is bringing huge shifts to how comfortable we are with our material reality. It won’t be until Chiron moves into Taurus in 8 years that the healing can finally feel complete.

Feels a necessary process though hey. How many of us feel like we need to get back to what truly matters, what’s of real substance in our lives. It takes time to extricate yourself from that previous reality of cars, houses, jobs, all attachments.

So at heart this is a death and surrender and rebirth process. In the lower dimensions where fear and separation consciousness is so illusionary real, our limiting perception is of death. And beyond that, the higher dimensions of rebirth, of life after death, or meaning to our existence and our ultimate infinite nature. Yet I do not like the demarcation – we need to move away from that – to move into Source is to hold it all under the same umbrella.

So lets hold back on the polarisation. Just notice where you stand, which side you are on, and observe.  Work on your fear – it points to all your deeper patterns. Many are experiencing fears around being trapped, death, authority.

While there is so much fear, based on our survival, there are so many positive shifts also that need to be acknowledged and shared. We are slowing down and reflecting more. We are talking with and taking care of our neighbours. While many schools have temporarily closed, it gives families opportunities to come together. We are supporting each other, as we are all in this together. This is a new reality that we find ourselves in and we are all trying to make sense of it bit by bit together.
 But more than anything people have the time to slow down and think and reassess their lives, this is an awakening in and of itself. As many have already been interested in spiritual matters, just not been actively pursuing due to so much busyness.

We are discovering how powerful we are and yet how little control we have also. We are discovering what truly matters to us. While this is a physical disease we can choose to look into our souls, both individually and collectively, and see what what is trying to happen. And we can choose to see all of us as connected and in the same boat, or we can separate ourselves also. There is no right way for this time, each soul needs to follow their path and learn to discern what is best for their growth.

And yet when we face death in such a way and on such a grand scale, we are given a massive opportunity. It doesn’t feel like it right now. But the world is currently stopping for business. The earth is sleeping, the lights are going out, just not permanently. For She has suffered for such a long time, and while we might choose to see this through many lenses, she is urging us to slow down also. By slowing down consciously, not through fear, we speed up our consciousness.

Using this notion of time distortion, the unconscious patterning of fear stays in power when the fabric of time slows. As the fabric of time slows, progress halts. The only way the fabric of time slows is when the evolution of consciousness is paused in some way. And, of course, the only means through which this occurs is when human beings align with fear.

This process is bringing us more awareness of death and with it the finality of matter – at some level. We need to face that we all physically depart form our bodies, we are not extending physically forever, we need to take care of the body, and the earth as our extension. Yet the body doesn’t just take care of itself, and neither can the earth – we are it’s guardians.

We need to listen and give it what it needs to keep housing our soul – the body and the earth. This physical awareness, on a physical level, in the body, is very important.

And then there is also rebirth, for life again, to breathe, to grow through the challenges and deepen. This is a time when we have many choices ahead of us, right in this moment, and many more are to come. In this way we have control in the small ways, at this time. These small ways are often marginalised when we focus on the big ways. But it is through a more refined awareness that deeper change comes.

We are learning about choice, surrender and control.

Sure this has been heightened into a battle, on rich economic turf, but if we slow down, we might notice so much suffering and death happening in our world – suffering that we are completely unaware of in our small minded consciousness. That we bypass and disconnect from. Lets quit just looking in one place for our fodder.

All the corruption, leaks, abuse towards women, children, animals is going to be seen and people, through this painful experience, will start seeing their personal responsibility. This leads to awakening.

So this process is urgently waking up dormant souls. A lot of transition is happening around the planet. It is an alarm bell, an awakening trigger for those souls. Many of whom were waiting for this particular time. The timelines have been going in this direction for many years now, taking us towards this inevitable forced awakening.

Many will awake through the pain, and many will not move beyond that. Some will want to learn more about spirituality, and deepen it more and grow through a more positive evolutionary path. And there will be those that do not as these people will not be able to hear the messages, they will be shouting too loudly. But the door is always open for them.

For some people, these events will affect them for the rest of their lives, and they won’t be able to move beyond them. It’s like they will then exist in a suspended animation. For others, it will be a period of time that we existed in.

In many ways this is where the divide occurs. Those that can move forward through this, and those that can’t and get locked into the matrix. These little partings and divisions of people and their evolutionary paths has been going on for a long while but this is on a much grander scale. And it is going to feel sad, we will not lose people physically as much as relationships will move in two different directions. Some of us will need, by the end of this year, to start thinking about forming communities in the flesh.

Those on their evolutionary path will move onwards, and the others will not and be a continuous loop of a cycle for them. We will be shifting individually by moving through this difficult time swiftly. This time is a bit like a quick sharp knife. It is making it’s incisive cut. So we can breathe clearer. So She can breathe clearer.

Small conscious choices is where are heading. You can’t avoid yourself when you are cooped up indoors for potentially months. Most of those choices will be about choosing to reconnect, with ourselves and each other, in ways that stand in the moment, rather than the future. For the future is now uncertain. We can’t rely on it. Every time you try and work out where we will to be, we are thrown out of that thought as the uncertainty is so great.

I suspect the uncertainty is going to get more intense, in all honesty. I imagine Her fighting back more, or rather expelling what she has been forced to suppress and hold inside. As for Her, this has been going on too long and it is getting close to the time of her saying no more now. The Divine Father is asking her to be patient and that it’s not for too much longer.

The uncertainties, mirrored by Uranus now comfortably in earth Taurus, will come through the natural world. We have already seen some of this and so we can expect more. Freaky weather patterns will keep on occurring, it’s a way that these little events keep planting fear and some will evolve beyond the fear and some will not. Those feeding from fear will congregate and isolate within themselves.

This is to throw us completely out of getting comfortable and falling back asleep again – among many other levels and layers of meaning and reasons of course. If we do not voluntarily change and address this disconnection from Source issue, it will be forced upon us, unfortunately.

So uncertainty brings up much primal fear, it arises from deep in the instinctive control centre, within us. Fears like do I have enough to eat, money, toilet roll (?) basic necessities to stay alive. Also, am I safe on this planet? Where I can get away from all this? The primal fear is there for many reasons. There are many Divine thresholds around those chakras blocking Source energy entering into our feet – so we cannot be a conduit. We once needed these separation structures to prevent us being One with the Divine, learning in this game of life, through separation.

Now this separation game is complete, has been for a while, that’s why all these new tools for consciousness shifts are now arising. But many have not picked up their tools. Now, with Saturn-Pluto and all the other planetary, galactic and consciousness downloads and shifts, a lot of light is entering forcing the fears up so we can face our uncomfortableness. We have few other options. We have to trust where it will take us.

The higher dimensions are bringing through an incredible amount of light at this time and they push on these thresholds, our internal barriers, within our Lightbody (that’s in the 6th dimension). As our energy system increasingly wakes up, we sensitise to our environment, we become increasingly aware of these odd sensations and blocks in our bodies. They need removing, dissolving or transmuting so we embody the light wishing to pulse through.

All the curtains, cloaks, veils covering, secreting away or hiding the darkness and manipulation are being cast aside. The many layers of this will soon have many torches on it. It cannot hide anymore. This is within ourselves and in the outside world.

The light energies entering our planet now are activating, mutating and waking up our DNA. Some do not want to stay with this new mutation. Some do not want to ride out this challenging wave, understandably.

This is taking a whole bunch of people out of the evolutionary game. This genetic material is then lost in terms of the future. We need to see it for what it is doing, whether I agree with life’s approach or not. In terms of evolution, the impact on us individually will be either positive or negative.

If you see this from a longer-term perspective – the later effects of this virus are just unknown – neither in terms of health or economics. So again, there will be those who experience this as beneficial and others who will not.

And then there is epigenetics. Our offspring and their children will have epigenetic markers because of what’s happening right now. We don’t know what these markers will look like, and how they will manifest. But our generation has genetic markers (from our grandparents) related to World War I and II. So our grandchildren will have markers from us that will relate to these times. These markers either switch on or turn off genes. So yes, it mutates us, whether we like it or not. Not necessarily on an individual, immediate level, but in terms of society and the world.

Now to be clear. When we embody our Divinity, and that means, bringing the Source all way down to the feet, not through meditation, this is not enough, the fear, negative mutations, all else that we don’t want, simply cannot happen. We become immune to it. So start fast tracking and support the timelines that lead us to this amazing planetary ascension. One idea – clear all planetary (this and others) lifetimes of dying from disease/viruses triggered by all this. This will help you raise your frequency out of this game. I’m sure you can think of many other ideas…

I will post a follow up to this in a week… Can you believe the cards below. I pulled these two months ago… 

Cards For This New Moon

The Tarot – The Tower

The roaring of a mighty storm, Thunder and lightening, the raging of the elements, deep chasms opening up – no way to escape. Icy cold hailstorms and flaming rocks of lava, horrible screams of bodiless beings – nothing to hold on to, nothing stays the way it was. Fiery breath, the psychic stage is being emptied. Separation from constricting patterns. A jump into the flaring red sky.

I’Ching – Following 17

This is about adapting and following. Flexibility. It’s also the ability bring logic, formulas, from our understanding and seeing clearly in the Now, and then perceiving the future. Our perception of the future is then turned into a concept. We need a logical basis to withstand scrutiny and criticism. This isn’t about facts being fact, or truth, rather about theoretical opinions used for the formation of concepts. From this place, we organise concepts, rules, systems and structures. But while we have our own rules in the house, outside, we might need to adapt. Through this, we find peace, and it’s a way to protect life as in this space it rests and restores. Knowing when to speak, when to remain silent, this is how logic works. Not a time to push forward an agenda that is entirely opposite the mainstream. We need to sit more closely to where people are at. Listening, watching even observing before speaking – understanding. We are learning the ancient law that those who wish to lead must first know how to serve and follow deeply, then creating a future from that space.  It can be a time when we feel like we need to take the initiative, inspire, rebel and show the way. But we must adapt, draw logic to ignite passion in others. Don’t burst onto the scene with an agenda that may be threatening. Patience and care, even remaining low.

Archetypes – The Flame

In sanskrit, the word for fire is Agni. The ancient yogis saw this flame at the centre of the abdomen and believed it to be responsible for our vitality. When it is lit, we are connected to our purpose and sense that life is a sacred gift. It is said that those who cannot see the sacred around them have let their inner flame go out. Think of this card as a call to reignite that fire, to cup your hands gently around those things your’ve forgotten and protect the flame, no matter how harshly the winds around you blow. It could be an inner archetype that begs you to light its wick. It is likely that The Poet, The Mystic or The Shaman would call you with the language of the Flame. The archetypal fire is at the beginning of all transformation, purification and manifestation.

Isis Cards – Initiation

When you are being initiated into the Divine mysteries of light, love and power, there are moments of profound challenge. The key is to find the light within the challenge – the opportunity for growth that can transform any challenge into an experience of healing. With compassion and cleverness, you will not burn during your challenges – you shall thrive.

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Tarot Margaret Petersen

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 08° Gemini 21' 45"
Moon 19° Aquarius 09' 47"
Mercury 20° Taurus 30' 08"
Venus 06° Gemini 37' 49"
Mars 21° Aries 48' 42"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 46' 13"
Saturn 18° Pisces 36' 48"
Uranus 24° Taurus 01' 04"
Neptune 29° Pisces 37' 05"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 40" R
Chiron 22° Aries 08' 30"
TrueNode 14° Aries 03' 33" R
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