Thursday 23 April – New Moon in Taurus 2:26 GMT 03°24 Taurus

Saturday 25 April – Pluto stations retrograde 8:54 GMT

Saturday 25 April – Mercury square Pluto 7:36 GMT 

Sunday 26 April – Mercury square Jupiter 4:31 GMT

Sunday 26 April – Sun conjunct Uranus 21:01 GMT

Monday 27 April – Mercury moves into Taurus 19:53 GMT

Tuesday 28 April – Mercury squares Saturn 17:28 GMT

Friday 1 May – Mercury conjunct Uranus 3:41 GMT

Monday 4 May – Venus square Neptune 3:52 GMT

Monday 4 May – Sun conjunct Mercury 10:50 GMT

Thursday 7 May – Mercury sextile Neptune 10:42 GMT

Thursday 7 May – Full Moon in Scorpio 10:45 GMT


 ofWe have a New Moon in Taurus on 23rd April 2020 at 2:26 GMT at 3°24 of Taurus. This is the discovery degree of Chiron, which focuses Chiron’s healing, bridging consciousness at this New Moon.

In Taurus, we would usually expect this New Moon to be quite a stable and anchoring time of the year, but with this Sun-Moon also forming a conjunction to Uranus at 6°25 and square Saturn, a volatility and heaviness cascades through.

Firstly, Uranus is the awakener, he brings us fully into the moment by taking us away from our familiar identity, out into the higher mind, beyond the personality. He catapults us into parts of ourselves that are more unknown, and he doesn’t provide any solid footing, that’s Saturn’s job, and he’s forming a square, which brings more weight. The most unknown aspect of us is the Divine aspect within. Collectively this is the most marginalised part of us, as few people have a conscious relationship with it.

This true nature within, which is our Divine wholeness and that we are Source (and everyone else is also Source), is by and large for most people, subtly, and not so subtly, repressed, denied, sidelined early in our conditioning (parents/education). Mainstream education should simply be termed ‘conditioning’. Waking up, being awake, is a process by which we see life for what it is, without the veils, conditioning, illusions, fears or comfort blankets.

As the veils are removed, we can see things as they truly are and this territory is very unknown and also very scary for some. We are moving beyond the known, into a very transparent reality, one that is beyond all our ideas of history, education, beyond what we have agreed to collectively and verified as real. The reality that you agree to be real is just a consolidation of thoughts and beliefs, passed down through time, this is what makes it so fragile.

And so the density of our 3D experience, while seemingly so real, is of course now not feeling real at all. Everything is in question – even down to what constitutes a virus and how it is spread. The fabric of reality is no longer what we think or believe it to be, and so what lies beyond, what exists beyond, what may be seen beyond the known, both of the very dark and the very light proportions (and how they are in fact One), is coming further into full exposure.

However, it’s going to take some time for the majority of humans to wake up to this one, many finer veils need to come down first. It’s a process of deconstruction of the illusionary 3D.

And so primarily, we are at the early stage of true awakening of a large wave of humanity, and for many it’s feeling like waking up from a deep sleep, into a nightmare, for a few others it’s like being set free from a prison they somehow perceived but couldn’t put into words. For many within this process, there is going to be a painful releasing of old attachments to our previous reality agreements — and of course with that comes an intense need to be in control or control the process.

Now Taurus locks into a pattern and repeats it, often till the cows come home – ‘making life a mundane act’. This is the best and worst of Taurus, it knows how to recycle things, but it’s a great filtering process also. Taurus is the spiritual blacksmith of the zodiac — Alice Bailey said Taurus is “the blacksmith shop of the soul.” It just loves the Divine essence of things, it loves the process of getting to the Divine essence itself.

So, for this process to be take shape, we need to be ready to release what’s not working in this new unfolding perception of reality.

Lots of time in nature allows us to move more gracefully into the now, and through feeling your breath. Nature grounds and brings you back to your senses, your aliveness, your embodied nature, away from screens that discongloberate and disembody.

So this is not a time of planning or strategy for the future, or damage mitigation. It’s a time of gentle seed planting time, for your consciousness. But not working out how you are going to get from A to B in your mind. I’m not going to reiterate what every other ‘spiritual’ person has said, that this is a time of inner reflection, that goes without saying, but it simplifies it somewhat. It is much, much more than this. In fact, what is coming up in our inner and outer world is not even processable through the mind. I mean, where would you begin?

Right now, due to the permeating fear, we need to get into a regular cohort with our inner core Source within our heart. This moves us into states of peace and stillness, compassion and forgiveness.

The uncertainty and fear is still there, in the collective, but if you are in the moment and connected to your Divinity, there’s no issue, it doesn’t reach into you and pull you into the density.

So this Moon is continuing this extended, year long and beyond teaching of being in the NOW, of managing being in unknown territory and letting go of the things we thought were solid, secure and safe.

So to be clear the true crisis here is that what the personality or smaller self deems important, what it has been seeking and holding out for, is simply no longer working in the same way. You can see how all the things we have bought into are now no longer safe bets. We will need to search for things that are more in alignment with our individual soul’s path. And that’s the operative word – individual.

We want no pain and suffering, in our individual lives, but we need to understand that to have this experience and awareness, the smaller self might need to gain a different perspective, to do this you need to open your mind. To do this, it’s helpful to connect more with your Divinity. Depending on how far you want to go with this, that is, is it that you want your complete liberation or a partial one, will determine the level of ‘letting go’ you have to undergo (to become free).

This doesn’t need to be a challenge, but most likely it will be, since in my own experience, when the smaller self goes through it’s deconstruction it’s painful. It’s like we can’t breathe for a time. Our whole energy system works overtime to reorientate to the new truth and regulate itself. It’s not easy, we need to learn to take good care of ourselves and not extend the process through resistance or addictions.

From the perspective of the higher realms of existence and the higher dimensions, this process requires a seeing through open, new eyes to what the actual reality is. We need to face our fears, and see how we have in fact, both individually and globally, claimed a place with our smaller self, separate from Source, and further, especially separate from our own being.

I will say it brutally, there is a lot of nonsense spirituality out there currently and it does a lot of harm. We are here to stand as ‘individuals’. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. This idea that we put aside our self-centredness to ‘save’ those more vulnerable or old is outdated and inaccurate – that’s not how to work this, there’s more intelligent ways to support vulnerable people, and taking the economy a part to achieve that is not the way. Pretty much every step our government is taking, informed by dubious, old science data and research at best, or at worst, deliberated manipulated and controlled agendas, that work against this entire process of serving those less fortunate.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean we can’t make this chaos work for us. I believe we will see the massive flaws in the years to come but hopefully still see how it worked for us, since the Divine is much more present and guiding this process than the media would have us believe.

So we are not here to forsake ourselves as we are currently being asked to do. Life is not meant to be a process of martyrdom, of pulling together, as we are being told we should. This is not the best we can expect for our lives and I do not personally prescribe to this type of consciousness. This is basically a rehash of the second world war mentality, and I suspect that’s deliberate, and I want to say, surely we have and can move more intelligently beyond that now.

So what is this new approach? I’m not entirely sure that is conceived in me now, but it is not service to self, and neither is it martyrdom. But we have the answers, we have the means, we just do not have good people in power who want to good outcomes.

I believe a clue is to be found in Chiron, newly born in Aries. This path is about unfolding our own unique hoof print in the world, not having some collective digitally imprinted quantum chip rendering us pawns of a global totalitarian state. Chiron hasn’t been in Aries long, only since 2018, and he has a few more years yet. He works subtly, bridging awareness, more behind the scenes. His mission is resurrect and heal our individuality from our innate true sense of self, through the Divine.

He is peeling off the outer layers of what we believe to be self. Many still believe we are layers of personality, that interact, that need taming, hiding or controlling. The actual self, our deepest nature, is our Source, our oneness with the Divine and all others. From that place, there is no individuality as we are a synarchy.

So this clear attempt at furthering globalisation, or communitarism, and totalitarianism is a distorted, dangerous subterfuge of Oneness. It’s prescription is to look after the whole and negate the individual. But it strives to control, or sync and harmonise all, sacrificing individuality. To look after the whole, you have to look after the individual, not forsake it.

Our global community is currently constructed by governmental, non governmental organisations, and corporations in order to control and regulate our lives. This is the reality that needs to be seen. It has subtly been woven into our lives so we didn’t notice it’s insidious agenda. When we are not seen as individuals, and our individual influence is watered down, we as individuals cease to exist, that includes our rights and freedom. When we dissent we get marginalised or ostracised. This has happened to me countless times, in small and big ways, I am an expert in this process. It is a powerful process to be in.

If we do not start seeing this agenda for what it is, a Oneness imposture, then we will prolong this process of transition and anchoring higher dimensions of light. Figure out your own ‘active’ Divine Feminine participation in this non-consensual, do not invite permission through passivity, but say NO – NO is important, as through it we filter our yeses.

It is our individual freedom that is at stake, and the most private, important part of us, our body. Chiron in Aries brings our awareness to the wounding of our individuality and the importance of our body’s boundaries (Aries is ruled by Mars – the physical). The body’s value is wounded (Chiron) in our world, and our individual unique life force, our pure flame of Divine being is expressed through the body.

Aries, as the force of pure, active Yang, the masculine principle of fertilising, inspiring, initiating, bringing optimism, is directed inward with Chiron, which means we need to tend this inner Divine spark, this inner sacred fire.

The wounded, shadow yang is aggressive and over-reactive, orientated towards the small self, ego driven and dismissive of feelings; where feelings are not permitted or dismissed, you can bet there’s a distorted masculine agenda.

So we might not feel like a warrior at this time, sensing more our vulnerability, and other peoples, and so there’s a fear or hesitancy in taking action. Many of us are imprinted with Chironic wounds – wounds that feel like they will never heal. I want to say this is all part of the conditioning that runs very deep and is being consciously exploited in our society. We believe we have no paper over the wounds as we have been convinced that’s the only option. This is mind control.

But this is not The Truth of who we are. Chiron is opening us up to our vulnerability at this time, right down to our very bodies, and our sense of self. This is really core and where we need to go, and come out the other side with more awareness of what is means to be vulnerable and grow through it.

And the process of Chiron itself is a reorientation of our energy towards the depth of our own being so we can discover that truth. So in a very real way, these aspects of ourselves, that might be uncomfortable or wounded at some level, simply act as a Divine gateway into the true warrior Aries. We just need to believe they can be and that then arrives into our reality, or the necessarily healing arrives to integrate that reality.

This is an opportunity, a time to stand up and speak out, to be an individual, to refuse to collaborate, to expose people, not your neighbours, but the real, ‘usual’ suspects like the media and big corporations, who refuse to respect the body, and the need for individual freedom.

So it can be a truly liberating yet also a frightening and profoundly disorienting time, especially for those who have invested most or all of their identity into a concept of themselves rooted in personality, pretence, fear, other people’s ideas, who have no connection to the deeper realms of truth, who haven’t journeyed and discovered who they are through life’s experience. We need to have compassion for this since we have all been there, but giving compassion doesn’t mean giving it power.

And so we come to how to deal with the current and further upcoming polarisation of light and dark. This is how we have been conditioned to see the world in two halves. Half right, good, true, the other half not. The dark side of fear is being marketed as the one, true reality. And the love, spiritual dimension is the polar opposite. We can’t deny this polarisation. Yet we cannot give it power by feeding it. Love IS the only true reality, when you step into the higher dimensions of essence.

So as Jupiter-Saturn form a conjunction in December 2020, as they do every 20 years, (its known as the Great Mutation), we can expect the entire year to be about this theme of dark versus light, to there being something beyond this.

This conjunction occurs repeatedly in just one element (air, fire, water, or earth) for roughly 200 years. We have just completed the ‘earth’ 200 year cycle and so in December we shift into air, which establishes the next 200 year cycle (it did actually occur in Libra air in 1980 but then regressed back into Earth in year 2000 but from December it’s fully in air). This pinnacle December conjunction happens at 0 Aquarius.

So we get a taste of the future, when Jupiter and Saturn come together in a new element, and as the rulers of society, politics and economics, we can expect some seminal changes, of epidemic proportions. With the addition of Pluto in the mix this year – he adds in a make it bigger quality. Clearly this ‘bigger’ is required, to help show us the deeper issues that we have been avoiding or have been hidden from us.

Jupiter-Saturn combine the hope, optimism and benevolence of Jupiter and the fear of Saturn – and in conjunction they are highly focused. There’s no denying that these two extremes, polarised perspectives are littered throughout the media. Hope and fear, within the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, captures the natural human awareness that positive outcomes can emerge out of suffering. Perhaps then these two ends of the spectrum are not as polarised as we think.

The media is always waving that wand – saying look at the positives from this chaos. Do not believe it. This is not where we need to go collectively now. I believe it is much simpler and far more eloquent. That is, we do not even need to suffer in order to grow. We can choose to have more graceful experiences in order to grow.

So we are gearing up for this conjunction and it’s theme is present with us now. While on one level, all we perceive is polarisation between light and dark, on another level, there is no polarisation, and only essence is real. Can we learn to hold both ends of the spectrum, in balance, the 3D and the 5D?

The next few years of this global awakening process is going to force many battles, and we will need to learn to be adept at detachment. We will be profoundly re-examining our collective vision, our deepest attachments to power and security, and the way we structure our society and civilisation as a whole. Yet how this will happen and the forms it will take are still unknown.

The fact that this new Jupiter-Saturn occurs in the same year as a new Saturn-Pluto cycle began January 2020 (and an incredibly rare one at that with the planetary nodes) suggests that we will be dealing with the repercussions of this meeting for decades to come. It may feel like we collectively have some truly insurmountable issues. Again, the only answer to this whole quagmire is the Divine, but it might take a while for this to be recognised. Or it might not. But it could take us up to 2030 – which is another big shift. Yet first we need to get through 2021.

So we are now in what could be termed an overlap of cycle endings and beginnings, bringing inevitable social uprising and push backs on the most urgent of issues – especially on an economic front, and this will lead to many other things. Underneath this are many more insidious issues that haven’t even remotely touched the collective, mainstream awareness.

But do not be fooled, your role is not to be pulled into the drama (as that’s ego), but to first and foremost perceive and open to your Divinity in the moment, it’s not even an anchoring, it’s just feeling, perceiving it. Chiron in Aries provides that little spark of fire, the idea, encouraging us to embolden and stand for what we know to be true and so this global Divine being can spread like wildfire, and the wildfire is the tapestry and synarchy that lies beneath chaos. That while we appear separate in our individuality, and this is true, we are one big Divine being underneath, perfectly reflecting all the extremes of the spectrum during this mass awakening.

So the digestion and integration of the extremes might become an issue, I think it’s just the silent witness role for now, we can’t take it all in, that’s madness (avoid TV news – it’s far more toxic than audio). Keep coming back to simplicity, to what is true for you, to your trust and faith in positive timelines, I have no doubt in these, that’s why I don’t harp on about it. It’s a given. Yet scope this out, foster and nurture this in whatever way feels right. Heal the trees, give back to nature, take care of the children. Witness and feel the human suffering but don’t abide in it, feed victimhood or give it power. We are far more powerful than we believe.

May begins with some exciting and dynamic energy. Mercury transits Uranus, then joins with the Sun, same day Venus squares Neptune – watch out for this day, everything is not what it seems. Venus goes retrograde soon on 13th May, this I will discuss in the next Full Moon post.

Lastly our protection at this time is our Source, as this is our nature, our being, who we really are. When we are full of Source, we relax, there’s nothing to do, we just are, and we trust implicitly.

And as you embrace what comes, the purpose of your life becomes clear. It is not what you do, it is who you are, how you be. Lets stop trying to make things happen and just surrender to the Divine Will and timing. Let this be your guide.

Cards For This New Moon

The Tarot – Magic

Sun winds are stroking the strings of a sitar, The song of the birds the air is vibrating, pulsating Through the mask it sounds, I am. Soul glides int bod – Ever-new self-creation. Knowing the essence of the elements. Fire, Earth, Air, Water. The lively dance of sounds. Remembering oneness. Audible breath. I am.

I’Ching – Coming To Meet 44

This is about cooperation, teamwork, and at it’s highest level, synarchy. This is about understanding and developing structures for inherent synarchy, behind everything to be unveiled. Within the bee hive a single spirit appears to pervade the whole society, and the queen symbolically and chemically maintains the focus and direction of every single member. Like everything, each part, each individual has a perfect fit in the overall system, or geometry. If there is no resistance through the individual forms, the totality can function as one. Yet each unique individual needs to equally be seen as the whole, there is no separation within or without. 44 is also an access point to the holy trinity, teaching us about a circular hierarchy – where no one is above anyone else. This is a core I’Ching pattern and as with core patterns, when the interference is resolved, it’s a domino effect filtering through all. The awakening of a core aspect involves the death of the illusion of the small self, so a larger reality and truth can emerge from behind the veil.

Archetypes – The Empty Room

The Empty Room haunts us all. It is the universal and all too frequent feeling of lack, of wanting of the craving to fill ourselves with something, anything we too often attempt to remedy the discomfort of the Empty Room by any means necessary, leading us to a culture of more. Ironically, the empty room is filled to the brim with potential, yet we perceive it as not enough. This card is a cry for patience for sitting within the barren walls of not knowing, for awaiting true vision and purpose before attaching to what we ‘should’ do next to save our outward appearance. Be with the nothingness Be with the impatience. The empty room has immense power. Let others wonder what you are doing. If you can settle in to the magic of emptiness, you will soon hear it’s whispers of wisdom.

Isis Cards – Mother of Life

When life seems dry, depleted, filled with repetitive tasks or simply stagnant and stifled, Isis, the Mother of Life, holds the ability to revive even the most numb, resistant and difficult circumstances in your life. She calls to you now, seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you. Be bold and brave; open your arms and receive.

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