Wednesday 2 September – Full Moon in Pisces 5:22 GMT

Wednesday 2 September – Venus opposition Saturn 12:17 GMT

Wednesday 2 September – Sun trine Uranus 14:09 GMT

Thursday 3 September – Mercury trine Saturn 7:22 GMT

Friday 4 September – Venus square Mars 9:12 GMT

Friday 4 September – Mercury sextile Venus 20:32 GMT

Saturday 5 September – Mercury into Libra 19:46 GMT

Sunday 6 September – Venus into Leo 7:21 GMT

Wednesday 9 September – Sun trine Jupiter 16:04 GMT

Wednesday 9 September – Mars Retrograde 22:22 GMT

Thursday 10 September – Mercury opposition Chiron 22:24 GMT

Friday 11 September – Sun opposition Neptune 20:26 GMT

Sunday 13 September – Venus trine Chiron 11:25 GMT

Monday 14 September – Sun trine Pluto 23:09 GMT

Tuesday 15 September – Venus square Uranus 15:29 GMT

Thursday 17 September – Mercury square Jupiter 10:34 GMT

Thursday 17 September – New Moon in Virgo 11:00 GMT

I’m on holiday this week, and so no blog post this Full Moon. I think the cards are very telling and work well together, take a look for yourself. Back in two weeks.

Tarot – Justice

Maat, Goddess of Justice, weighing the hearts. A gatekeeper. A force daring to meet. The shadows of the underworld. She who relentlessly examines the soul sprawled out before her. The karmic law of cause and effect. A lively process ensuring balance. A key milestone in the archetypal journey. A demonstration and exacting of authority. Any justice meted out is contingent upon the scales, the weighing, rather than independent of them. There is no way around this. We cannot reason, argue or persuade. We cannot threaten or bribe. The only thing that will meet the requirements is a reckoning: a weighing-in of our actions to date, and the decisions we took to get here; and an adjustment of our course if it is found we took a karmic path.

Archetypes – The Seed

Beginnings come in many forms. They are not always a beautify seed placed intentionally in nourishing soil. Origin stories (like any birth story) are complex, surprising, multilayered and usually reveal a central image or detail that represents the fully formed being. Simply stated, the end is present in the beginning; or the entire oak tree resides within the acorn. Whether you follow this imaginal theory or not, know that when this card appears, there is potent generative energy all around. It stirs your very insides and usually results in an antsy, impatient feeling. Pay particular attention to what agitates you, as it is a sure sign of growth to com. You are bumping up against a growth edge. It is from the grit that the pearl eventually comes to be.

I’Ching – The Power Of The Great 34

This hexagram concerns the use of individual strength, power or force. It is the pure and unconditional power of the individual. It is like the power that cracks open the seed and pushes through the soil. Yet power without the heart (masculine without the feminine). The problem is when we push against the current and the stress this creates. Strength on the other hand is effortless, it relies on flexibility, receptivity, core stability and flow. It’s the opposite of a cardio session. Think more relaxation and yin as the source. Power is unseen experienced through inner awareness, force is experienced through the senses. This hexagram is the individual urge to be different and powerful, but from a unified whole. Beyond strength is majesty, it is hidden, not on display. Humble, subtle and emerges from a place of stillness. We are sovereign, majestic, this our true nature.

Isis Cards – Flower of Life

You are entering a fertile period of your life. You are guided to think of yourself as a creative being and to surrender your control over how things will manifest and, instead, allow them to do so. Don’t resist change; instead, go with the flow and let it happen. Now is the time for your blossoming.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen


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