Thursday 28 January – Full Moon in Leo 19:16 GMT

Friday 29 January – Sun conjunct Jupiter 1:39 GMT

Saturday 30 January – Mercury Retrograde 15:51 GMT

Monday 1 February – Sun square Mars 10:34 GMT

Monday 1 February – Venus into Aquarius 14:05 GMT

Saturday 6 February – Venus conjunct Saturn 7:07 GMT

Saturday 6 February – Venus sextile Chiron 11:43 GMT

Sunday 7 February – Venus square Uranus 3:33 GMT

Monday 8 February – Sun conjunct Mercury 13:48 GMT

Tuesday 9 February – Saturn sextile Chiron 10:59 GMT

Wednesday 10 February – Mercury square Mars 12:16 GMT

Thursday 11 February – Venus conjunct Jupiter 14:59 GMT

Thursday 11 February – New Moon in Aquarius 19:06 GMT

We have a Full Moon in Leo on Thursday 28 January at 19:16 GMT. The Sun will be exactly conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. That gives power to those that stand in their truth – and with Aquarius, that’s truth that is different from the mainstream. These are times when we must be prepared to stand our ground and stand on different ground, and not fall into group identity or group think. I love this Moon, it gives me some hope. It also feels important to break down ‘Jupiter’, and all it’s truth ‘guises’, or ‘masks’.

2021 is clearly a critical point in human history with 2020’s Saturn-Pluto beginning the journey of exposure of the 3D world. Now, some of us, are seeing it more clearly for what it is. But there’s so many layers and layers of illusion that we have to sort through, as soon as one level of truth is exposed, another emerges in its place showing that it’s just endless. This propagates and contributes towards the now mainstream voice of disinformation, everywhere.

This I suspect is the engineering. I have teachers with a solid 40 years of experience saying to me that they can’t find the truth and so not to bother. The truth can be found. It is a erroneous belief to believe you can’t find it. And as such, if you carry this, it’s time to look at the New Age programming you have unwittingly succumbed to. The New Age is not just in the New Age books – it’s infiltrated everything. It was brought in to consciously pick up those that escape the net of politics, science, social justice and religion.

Yes, the world is one big fat religious programming. You just have to ‘choose’ your religion. And that’s what we have all precisely done. The latest religion of Covid, allows for little debate, certainly to question labels you into a camp and there’s little respect for wanting to maintain basic human rights like a right to earn income and free will over your own body. We are being forced to forsake basic human rights based on suspect ‘scientific’ facts and agendas we have no clue about.

Societal coercion, vilification and silencing and then worse, ignorance of it, rules the day. And alongside it, independent, nuanced thought is now quickly becoming a crime in a world where propaganda has the upper hand. We are in an illusion of a hierarchy in which one particular viewpoint is obsessively fixated on and overshadows all others, all a while insisting on subjugation and sacrifice, even to the point of negating and even nullifying.

This is madness. And yet it seems only the well seasoned are able to see it. Yet the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020 shone a light on all those shadows, for all ‘ready’ to see. All will see eventually, it just might take some time. It’s a careful process of unveiling and those humans somewhat in control of this process, whomever they are, are far more aware of the sensitivity around this, than we are. There are certain humans with this service. Why wouldn’t there be? There’s no chaos in this, only order and compassion in this unveiling, in my world, anyway. As my life’s experience is very tied into this process, and it’s only order.

Think about it, even breathing, singing, talking, hugging is now a threat. This translates to life is a threat. Why of course it is for some, as some people consciously live a cult of death. And those ‘spiritual’ people who don’t believe in the 3D duality anymore need to wake up to the programming and smell the roses. Spirit is not primary to matter. Matter does matter, that’s why indeed it’s called ‘matter’. True duality is when we place importance on either matter or spirit. Both are integral to life and need to be respected and honoured equally.

Equally we are being led to believe that the individual and what thinks of itself as the collective, are in opposition, polarised. And that the solution is to just deal with it and do what other people think you should do; this is the ‘authority over’ programming. Which I’m talk more about later. The focus needs to shift to the sovereign rights of the individual as foundational to the health of the collective. They are one and the same.

This is the same as the polarisation of spirit and matter and that it’s normal to ‘choose’ your religion – left or right brain imbalance – science / politics (matter) or religion / new age (spirit). I’ve had many teachers encourage ‘choosing’. My issue with this is that we don’t often know what we are choosing. The truth is that none of these things need exist in opposition and they are all equally important, and need balancing – which means, the distortions and illusions in each need seeing and correcting. Remember, the true duality is that one side/level is more important than another.

One religion, the New Age, is a religion focused on mixing truth with false teaching to create right brain distortions. The left brain has also been the authority, the right brain enslaves itself to the left, in that it believes the power is over there. Mind control is about giving people false choices.

The New Age duped us into another religion. And polarisation dialectics – which is by way of choosing we are going to hold you in a place that keeps you back. Democracy is another form of false choice. Where is the real choice these days? Everything seems to lead us to the same place.

This is why we need to wake up to the agenda of hiding knowledge. Hidden for a specific reason – to deliberately create and maintain a power differential in the world – that is, an us and them, oppressed/oppressor, between the 1% small group of people and the large masses of humanity, but also to divide the people within themselves. What consciousness (as opposed to unconsciousness) brings is an ability to recognise what is happening, to see the patterns and meaning. This is also a practical understanding; an ability to recognise what is happening in and around us.

Not being able to identify patterns or connect the dots is a brain and consciousness issue. It’s an issue of imbalance. While it’s not rigid, there are two general types of consciousness; intellect and logic for the left brain masculine, and intuition, creativity, nurturing and compassion on the right. The programming is if we give up our free will and personal responsibility to perform right action for guru, deity, government, mystical force, we will be saved or safe. This is taking the enslaved ‘right brain’ position, submitting to authority, in this hierarchal division. It includes blind acceptance and collectiveness group think.

Balance, integration and synthesis help bridge and connect or engage the heart, and brings us into right action, and helps us move out into the world. However the people’s will and action is a dangerous thing for the 1%.

When out of imbalance we are stuck in different stages and degrees of mind control. Overuse of the intellectual leads to certain expressions – such as atheism, scientism, authoritarianism, scepticism, control. Right brain imbalance leads to naiveté, blind belief, religious extremism, slave-think and passivity. It’s a good time, with this full moon, to assess where you are in this. Usually there’s issues on both sides and both these cause a prison to be built within. Imbalance is encouraged, in all it’s forms, as this prevents the unlocking of the heart and guts, which takes us into outward movement, and change.

Some core ‘religious new age programming’; ignore the negative, only focus on the positive, avoid anger, we are all one so it’s all good, it’s all an illusion and nothing is real. This is a small section of the many others. Have a think of the ones you have accepted and taken in, and even taught. How do these and others inform your current perspective and action? Think about where your imbalance is and work out what you need.

This season’s Mercury retrograde is very potent. Black Moon Lilith and Eris form a conjunction at the beginning of the retrograde suggesting this is a time of breaking free of this enslavement, enslavement that we have all consented to through our own ignorance. It is our own denial that needs examining, more than anything else. Big processes are not letting up. Identity and attachments, archetypes and dimensions continue to challenge us to move into higher frequencies of unity consciousness.

This Mercury retrograde asks that we begin to examine what we believe ourselves to be and why. Whatever our religion is will become integral to our identity and we will be keen to hold on. It’s a disorientating experience, where safety, security and what we cling to, takes on a whole other level. Inner children need support now, to be seen and heard, or at least acknowledged, since all this clinging has been a way of avoiding the reality of our world and our lives.

I think we need to really appreciate where we are going. Perhaps not everyone is in the throws of this reworking at this time but some are deeply and for those that are, fully appreciate what you doing and where you are heading. It’s the next level, it’s a leap, it’s a big transition and it was never going to be easy. Parts of us are clinging on quite desperately. Lots of self-soothing, even in the lower forms, are back in our lives while we build up the strength to take the leap (that’s caffeine, chocolate cake, box sets). 

It’s feeling like, in retrospect, we have been in hibernation for quite some time. Waiting for this full Moon to activate some kind of inner liberation – Sun-Jupiter-Moon-Aquarius-Leo. The sovereignty of each individual is what’s at stake and it’s now becoming abundantly clear that this is going to require a leap. While before, this leap has perhaps taken on external or internal status, now it’s clear that its both, as relevant to the path of balance and integration of being and doing.

I think we are only just at the beginning of this. For the sovereignty of each individual is a full-on process, and not an overnight feat, it’s an ongoing process that takes us on a path of discovery. It is being initiated, born. If we can be brave enough to step into and stand for our individual rights and freedom, then we serve the whole. Brave people must speak up now, be heard. Brave people need to be supported by other brave people.

Do not think this will be easy. It is the birthing of our sovereign rights and freedom, when we didn’t even know we were enslaved, when we didn’t even really know we wanted to be free, (in some cases)! True freedom requires a letting go from our lower desires and an upliftment of the heart. Our primal parts need to relinquish their hold, and this is where we need to feel safe, in our earthly existence. This Full Moon in Leo is taking us into our brave heart.

We need guides for this process, and many will be called. You might even feel the call yourself.

This bursting through the veil is upon us, it was not meant to happen until now. I can feel it. I can see the heads that were on the other side of the veil poking through and looking about, as though they are making up their minds which side they want to be on, and saying I prefer to be out of this side than on that side, actually, thank you very much. They are about to step beyond it and enter into the freedom that the other brave initiates stand alone in (which never feels very freeing, quite frankly – although being a fish going in the opposite direction can be a very liberating experience at times – just also lonely).

We soon no longer will be alone, important sovereign individuals are about to join us on the other side. And I feel they are well prepared, and not necessarily ‘spiritual’ in this new age BS at all. They see it all quite differently, and difference is what we need. This uprising of freedom is going to be met with quite the opposite, an intense restriction, more than we can possibly imagine right now. This is Saturn-Uranus in February. Meet this we must though.

Lets just be happy we got to this point without a world war, and just a faked pandemic and some intense Saturn restrictions. We have a lot to be grateful for. This global ascension process could is as graceful as it can be.

Tarot – Ace of Coins

To bring forth life. Just as the whole tree is contained within the seed, the ace of coins contains the entire potential of the earth element. Growth, nourishment, the plant and animal kingdom. The visible creation with its potential of becoming. The material realm, profit, security, the physical, and the organic. All of the riches of the earth are contained within those opportunities you are able to seize. A time for new projects. Trust in that which you nourish. Wishes condense. An opportunity to plant a seed. Give the body everything it needs.

Archetypes – The Eternal Child

The Eternal Child is connected to the timeless, ageless, and infinite aspects of life. It is radiant and fearless and seeks joy above all else and at any cost. It struggles being bound to an aging body with physical limitations in a world that demands attention to detail and logistics. The Eternal Child wants to mix all rules and responsibilities and go beyond what others say is possible. It wants to return (with plenty of friends) to the land of the free, where Divine wine and creativity pour from the earth and sky. We all want a sip from the well of eternal youth…and this makes The Eternal Child naturally popular, perhaps even famous. The Eternal Child glimmers. It reminds us what is possible, what is magical about this precious life. When light it is joyful, playful, accepts all, magic. When dark it is addicted, selfish, adrift, burns out.

I’Ching – Possession in Great Measure 14

Believe in the power of your uniqueness, claim your personal freedom. Be in the moment and claim your freedom from the past. No more compromising on your dreams, of what you love to do, be the driving force, enthusiasm. The sun sustains life and is an inexhaustible source of energy and if we rise like the sun, we need only activate our hidden powers of expansion. Like the sun, by simply being, we set off a chain reaction of abundance, the power of attraction, magnetic force, fertility. We cultivate the seeds planted in the dark of winter that now emerge through the soil. This calls for efficiency, competence, and certainly fluidity – thinking logically and laterally. Allowing for creativity and receptivity, listening and responding. We play the guest of life and let things be as they are. This is a time when our sun is rising and life has offered you its gift – the power to shine with an inner certainty, no defences, no control, just like nature. Let life lead you, let it unfold and know your place within the larger flow, cycles and rhythms. Possession by cosmic fire that burns away obstacles that keep you from experiencing yourself in this way. As the image of a hand opening to present an offering, when you open in this way, you will receive. Each individual exists within the greater body – we are not isolated. We need to behave as though we are one identity with all. We cannot exist autonomously. In a way we are merely the building blocks for higher life. It is not us that matter as there is no us – true bountifulness is about creating more and more abundance in every direction and at every level of consciousness.

Isis Cards – The Lady of the Stars

Sirius is a celestial goddess, a star of unconditional love and wisdom at an extremely high vibration. She brings deep soul awakening spiritual gifts and a high capacity of divine service. She asks you to pay attention, now, because something significant is taking place at a spiritual level for you at this time.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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