Monday 12 April – New Moon in Aries 3:31 GMT

Monday 12 April – Venus square Pluto 4:20 GMT

Wednesday 14 April – Sun sextile Mars 00:09 GMT

Wednesday 14 April – Venus into Taurus 19:22 GMT

Thursday 15 April – Sun sextile Jupiter 17:58 GMT

Friday 16 April – Sun square Pluto 14:27 GMT

Saturday 17 April – Mars trine Jupiter 6:14 GMT

Saturday 17 April – Mercury sextile Jupiter 17:00 GMT

Saturday 17 April – Mercury sextile Mars 20:09 GMT

Saturday 17 April – Mercury square Pluto 22:49 GMT

Monday 20 April – Sun conjunct Mercury 2:49 GMT

Monday 20 April – Mercury into Taurus 11:29 GMT

Monday 20 April – Sun into Taurus 21:33 GMT

Friday 23 April – Venus conjunct Uranus 2:01 GMT

Friday 23 April – Mars into Cancer 12:49 GMT

Saturday 24 April – Mercury conjunct Uranus 7:42 GMT

Sunday 25 April – Venus square Saturn 5:21 GMT

Sunday 25 April – Mercury square Saturn 12:58 GMT

Sunday 25 April – Mercury conjunct Venus 23:19 GMT

Tuesday 27 April – Full Moon in Scorpio 4:31 GMT

The New Moon is at 22° degrees of Aries. So check if you have planets around this New Moon. We continue with the themes of taking action and moving forward. At least until the Sun and Mars move into Taurus and Cancer respectively.

With fiery, highly charged, Mercury and Venus and Sun all sojourning Aries, either in square about to be in square (Venus is square at the New Moon) to Pluto, we can access a more combustive, obsessive quality. As all the planets – Venus, Sun and then Mercury will making this square over a few days, it could be a heated few days, with power struggles. The best way to channel this energy is into accomplishing something.

It’s worth noting also that with Venus-Pluto, Venus is in detriment in Aries, and still quite close to the Sun, giving it less power. There are social undercurrents simmering away, compromises are needed, so this not the best energy for social events. This will ease to some degree when the Sun moves into Taurus since it gives a boost to Venus, but until then, and with the aspects from Pluto generally around, there’s more to negotiate.

The Sun and other planets in Aries has brought us initiation and independence. Restrictions are being lifted and people feel able to move around more freely. But for how long we’ll see. We need to expect more waves of change this and next year, this is not the end to challenges, especially those that make us look at who we are, what we value and what we need to adjust.

We can expect further protests either mid and certainly later in the year, Saturn and Uranus butt heads and get triggered throughout 2021, drawing us back into the this authority, rules and restrictions versus independence, freedom and the collective.

This is about inner authority and outer authority; we are learning about reclaiming our rights and freedom to be. There are many levels and layers to it. This month, we are learning to feel the courage to speak our minds without fear of judgment and backlash. This is a continuing theme also. It’s another way in which we are being asked to step up into our sovereignty.

This month is in two parts. The first half of the month is a strong initiating force, and the second shifts us in a more completing things phase. The first half of April, there’s more of a  stretch – we are testing ourselves and our energy.

While the second half, with the shift from fire and air to earth and water (as Sun goes into Taurus, and Mars in Cancer), we can expect more determination and perseverance. Taurus energy can be stubborn and focused, but resistant to change. This builds to a challenging Full Moon on 27th April, and then in May we begin the eclipse season, which continues into June.

In May Mercury is also getting ready for his thrice yearly retrograde, this is just before we have a full on retrograde from most of the planets. It will be interesting to see how all these retrogrades take us into spaces we felt with Mars and Venus retrogrades last year. More reviewing and revamping, as opposed to the updating we are moving through now.

This updating is a very clear theme in people’s lives collectively. New structures need to be born, both physically, through changes in our lives, some forced and some by choice. But also internally. We are being asked to look at how we approach life; what do we need to drop our attachment to? What parts of us are bought into old structures that no longer serve us.

Many of us have been caught off guard by the so-called pandemic and all that has ensued from it. Where we were at – our ideals, expectations, assumptions, beliefs, habits, approaches and perceptions that we had which formed the foundation of our senses of purpose, service and even what it means to be a human being, have been turned on their head.

This is especially the case if we were on a clearly defined route, that involved more of a linear and less ‘process’ orientated approach to life. What I mean by this is that if you didn’t allow much space for mistakes, shifts, twists and turns and tangents, if you didn’t have respect for the so-called unintentional aspects of life as informing your life, then, well now you probably are beginning to incorporate this more feminine approach.

We are not here to be either feminine or masculine, but to let an integration happen of the two within. That means knowing well and appreciating our tendencies in the expression of these two internal aspects. Most of us are more orientated into the masculine, since this is what culture and society in the western world at least, and encourages. There has been little or no space for the feminine humility and lots of space for ego driven behaviour that ultimately only serves to disconnect us further from reality.

We have little free will now to follow the path of ego. It will just not open up for us. The energy shifts are occurring at a speedier rate. Things are accelerating fast, I think especially since that Venus-Sun conjunction opened up some kind of higher dimensional portal. If we align with Divine will, which certainly does things at it’s own pace, then we can expect a smoother path.

But this is not to say we shouldn’t appreciate the fast, accelerated route. But to be able take the direct route and stay more aligned with it, requires a fair amount of internal work first. We will get thrown off it when we need to learn something. If we can stay humble, receptive, fluid and open, it’s going to be easier to stay aligned.

This is why we talk about realignment. Since while many things, realignment is about getting to a place where you can flow like water, where you can see how the fears and impulses within take you out of your flow.

It’s an interesting time, as many of us are losing a sense of self and gaining at sense of self, both at the same time. It’s as though things are closing in on us and taking us in new directions. I don’t know what better way to put it. In moments of introspection, I have had the sense of needing to be prepared to let go of my whole personality, and I could see the structure of it so clearly, that I knew the part witnessing the structure was so much more. How and if this will happen, I know not.

So dependent on how you can flow like water, will reflect back to you how challenging or easy it is for you to move through letting go of the parts that need to be relinquishing, and simultaneously see how in the letting go, something new takes it’s place.

We are all partners in crime. Where emptiness space is allowed for, it will be filled up. We just need to be open for that to occur. Most of the time, we don’t really want to remain empty and so fill things up ourselves before the right moment emerges organically (being in tune with timing here is important). Like jumping into the new relationship, project, or simply responding to an email prematurely.

The same applies with self. As a part of us no longer has the same use in our lives, it’s outlived it’s value, we are quick to fight to hang on or want our ‘old’ self back (get things back to normal). If we just get used to being in the void, which is the most creative space we have access to, then something creative from it. We are constantly rebirthing, nothing really ever dies, it just changes form.

We think we are letting go, or relinquishing things, but in actuality, they are just changing form; this is the feminine way. Just let things evolve and flow more.

Someone said to me the other day it’s like she needs to chuck out her rule book or life manual and instead start learning on the job. This is precisely what this time is about, learning to learn on the job. That means making up your own rules; throwing out the good little girl, the roles we have played obediently to fulfil others’ expectations. Fewer rules and guidelines will apply in our lives now, that’s the nature of where we are and where we are heading. This is also a clear expression of Saturn-Uranus.

So the broader question for us now – from the individual self to the larger universal governance of the planet is; who or what is governing us? This is why the concept of sovereignty is now so important.

Many possibilities are opening up, it almost feels endless and limitless. It’s like the world is our oyster, in moments. Then we come with a thud back to the ground the next moment. We are swinging between a limited concept of reality to an infinite one. It’s not easy to manage this, unless we know whats happening and then it’s at least understandable by our minds.

This is in the physical, with new work options, with working from home and the new zoom world for example, and then with our sense of self expanding, so that we get in touch with this potential. We are still creating within our own personal blueprint or template (charts etc), yet this is also getting thrown out like a rule book also. To what extent, again I know not.

It is the mother energy, so absent on our planet, that is returning. This descending softness, that takes us into pre-creation and procreation, that there is no un-creation, only movement. Our sovereignty is within our womb space, whether you are male or female. We are constantly weaving, creating, this is life, and death is just an illusion.

This weaving is the Di-vine. We are weaving reeds. Our REs – realign, reclaim, reroot and reawaken. This is the cohesive light that is impermeable and impenetrable. As we discover ourselves in this cohesive whole, unified in this way, we cannot be broken. It is impossible.

We are constantly reorientating. It’s also like we are being manoeuvred. Some of us might even feel like we are being mobilised into position, positions and roles we never knew we would be picking up. In some ways, you might be learning that everything you did, for good and bad, even the seemingly minor roles in the past, were all leading you to your purpose. We are never, it seems, working outside of our purpose. While remembering purpose is never a defined thing.

Yes we are creating, weaving our own lives into a circle, a basket; becoming self-governing, and realising we always have the choice. Where there is emptiness, we grow a vine. All the unfolding, unfurling of our lives is beginning to make sense. Or at least it can make sense if we realign with nature and the truth of our inherent infinite value and potential. So we are learning to let the forces and elements of nature steer us; the Divine gives it’s expression through them, and the more organic we become, the more we take our direction from this nature.

So, this rebranding might be about being prepared to leave behind some of the mechanistic ways of functioning and stepping into something more organic. Perhaps this is also the effect of Easter, a rebirthing.

Mars is currently applying to a trine with Jupiter. This is future planning. It’s a stabilising effect for Mars, and smoothes the pathway for things to get done without stress and conflict. Mars as ruler of Aries, is breaking free from all the other planets on the other side of the axis. And yet he’s aligning with the north node also and it will be interesting to see how that manifests. Can add energy to this Feminine rising, where we step more into our feeling, birthing world, but it could also add some volatile or erratic quality too.

Yet this is to be expected, since we are only still getting used to the Cancer North Node. There’s a lot more to welcome into our awareness around this birthing quality, and where perhaps the rage and frustration is a part of that.

There is a Sun-Mercury conjunction on 20th April, just before the Sun moves into Taurus, at 29 degrees Aries. You might have noticed that Mercury is moving fast, communication is fast and decisions are being taken quickly. This continues until this shift into Taurus when things should start grounding. We are after all at the peak of the beginning of Spring, the wood energy is strong, and we need to take more care to ground.

At the end of April, Mars moves into Cancer, which is his position of fall. Mars in Cancer can get quite stuck or stagnant. Mood affects our motivation so what can be done depends on how you feel. Not easy then to get things done. So use the middle of April to get things done. Things that need to be done through a more nuance of feeling and flow will come better in May.

We can expect a little more agitation, defensiveness and impetuous when Mars is in the sign ruled by the Moon. Mars likes to do, do, do and when in Cancer it’s less constructive, might not always act from the right place or at the right time. There’s less moderation and withholding, and more fluxation. Mood and currents might get in the way.

We also might care a little too much, when Mars is in Cancer and so this push and pull affect, where we feel sensitive and careful on the one hand but erratic and impulsive on the other.  The question to ask is how can I stay more attuned and aligned with my deeper feeling and body sense, and less with my emotions, impulses and triggers.

On top of this, the non supportive links from other planets to Mars, will challenge us further. I think this is just us being taken into the challenges of this collective North Node growth that we all have to do. This continues into early June, after which we have Mars in Leo, much easier.

Perhaps one good way to work with this Mars is to pick up the Cancer energy and move into the protective quality. What do you need to protect, inside and outside, what do you need to stand by? Many are needing more safety, especially within new emerging communities, since there’s so much division around, we need to unify under the guise of this Mars in protective Cancer.

One thing we do need to protect is the body. In the ongoing onslaught from social media and the digitalisation of the body, we might feel even more disembodied at this time, with the new spring energy and sense of freedom that we are acclimatising to.

This Spring momentum moving us forward might be well balanced with Mars in Cancer, slowing us down if we stay closer to ourselves. Our obsession with digital environments elevates our inability to integrate the shifts of consciousness, leaving us disembodied and unable to discern reality from fiction. With no body connection, there’s no connection to what feels right or not.

We are being initiated, I think, into an awareness that we need to protect our bodies and rights to ownership over our own bodies. This is also what it means to sovereign – embodied, free to choose, with dominion over self. We need to be awake to the distortions being promoted around us right now.

Later in the month, just before the Full Moon, the ongoing tension between Saturn and Uranus is triggered by Venus and then the Sun move into Taurus and then into a position of square to Saturn and then conjunction to Uranus.

This will be felt just before the Full Moon, which will doubtless make it intense, and then very late in the month and into early May. This should bring up some challenges around communication and relationship. It might also bring further protests. Not an easy Full Moon, giving you this in advance so you can prepare accordingly.

Tarot – Mother of Cups

I was born of the flow in every form. As the rain I am mother of fertility. As a river I create connections and exist everywhere. As the ocean I am the mother giving birth to life. As a spring I am mother of origins. As a dewdrop I am the tears of the night. As a tear I am the mother of grief. As sweat and urine I am the one who washes away all toxins. I am the cleansing one, the one who flows in all bodies. As mixer of lovers I mix the consistency of their secretions. I nourish. I am soft and flowing. As the dreaming one I bring that which is deeply hidden to your attention. As the one who mirrors I reveal moods and feelings. As the compassionate one I show the beauty of dissolving illusions. I am the shining one, the seductress, the deceiving one, the one who dulls and clears. If you are trying to hold me, I run through your fingers. If you look into the mirror of my surface, you will see what you are able to see. If you touch me, your feelings will awaken. If you fall into me, I will grant you deep insights. My husband, the flowing one, told me that the moon on my surface is only a mirror image.

Archetypes – Apocolypsis

Apocolypsis indicates a particularly painful time, one that unfolds when two desperate dynamics occur simultaneously, pulling the psyche in seemingly opposing directions. The first is a lifting of the veil. This means truths that have been kept in the dark are revealed, seen, and unearthed. No matter how relieving it is to witness them come into the light, an element of despair and grief follows. The second dynamic is the regeneration that comes from the wreckage of the revealed truth. The old narrative breaks, and a new story forms. Apocolypsis energy is similar to a forest fire’s: devastation for the sake of regeneration. The veil lifts and we see who and what has been hiding. From the nakedness of the truth a child is born. Have faith in the process, hold on to your center – that is the only way. When light it is the unknown becomes known and guides the way. When dark it is nihilism, fatalism, hopelessness.

I’Ching – 12 The Way of Discrimination

This hexagram is about moving from Vanity to Purity. At the Shadow frequency of Vanity is really the Dilemma of aloneness. It’s about the balance of wanting to be alone and wanting to be part of something and others. Vanity is the false belief that we actually exist as individuals. From the view of the heart or the purity, there is only One being here because we all are a single consciousness. The Shadow brings out the fear that others can take away the spirit of our freedom, it’s the same fear that makes us emotionally cautious. These boundaries have been developed to keep people away, to prevent them from causing hurt. At the Gift level of Discrimination, it’s all about balancing the emotions and the mind, understanding where the behaviour is coming from. It’s important to note that purified and refined emotions are talked about, not the unconscious ego driven expression. We have to let the whole world into our heart and as we learn to discriminate we realise that other people can’t touch us. The 12th Siddhi shows us that we are nothing but purity. No one and nothing can take away the purity of our heart.

Isis Cards – Divine Sun Child

Blessings of the Sun flow to you now. It is time to allow your life to flourish, without limits, to let your light burn bright and without veil, just like the midsummer sun burning without contest in the Egyptian desert! It is your time to shine bright.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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