Tuesday 7 September – New Moon in Virgo 1:52 GMT

Tuesday 7 September – Sun trine Uranus 2:29 GMT

Wednesday 8 September  – Mercury opposite Chiron 5:30 GMT

Friday 10 September – Venus into Scorpio 21:39 GMT

Tuesday 14 September – Sun opposite Neptune 10:21 GMT

Wednesday 15 September – Mars into Libra 1:14 GMT

Friday 17 September – Sun trine Pluto 2:53 GMT

Friday 17 September – Venus square Saturn 7:14 GMT

Monday 20 September  – Mercury trine Jupiter 23:53 GMT

Tuesday 21 September – Full Moon in Pisces 00:55 GMT

We have a New Moon in Virgo on 7th September 2021 at 1.52 am GMT. Exacting, discerning, separating and detailed Virgo.

The sovereignty journey asks and forces us to learning seek out, surrender and accept the whole spectrum of who we are. We cannot be sovereign unless we are prepared to journey to the places within that push our boundaries and sense of comfortability in who we think we are. We need to be prepared to journey beyond the familiar confines of our ordinary identities.

Yes it’s not comfortable. As we begin to open to more of who we are, we get in touch with shadow, repressed, unacceptable aspects, which we do not want to experience or let in since they bring up fear.

What sort of fears arise from this? Some foundational programming, such as our capacity to destroy and be dangerous. Which we like to control, or like others to control in us. Virgo season can be about control, and is also about discerning, letting go and eliminating that which doesn’t serve us anymore.

Yet the process of discernment and separating out is not easy, especially when we get in contact with a part that wants to destroy and eliminate, we often come face to face with a lot of fear or judgment of self.

Should I be so harsh and eliminating? Often people believe it’s their ego, or less desirable aspects cutting out things. We need to know it’s ok to bring out the full spectrum of who we are. That means giving space for the colder more ice queen, kali elements of who we are that do not have time for other people’s ego and fear.

We need to see it from all angles. Those on this path of awakening will grow in ruthlessness this year, and this only increase as the world calls for more of it to arise in us.
But the ostracisation and marginalisation of these ‘darker’ or ‘denser’ elements of the spectrum of who we are, which happens through many different means, needs to come to an end. Since they have much power captured within.

The many planets in retrograde – Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – brings an interesting dynamic which is hard to manage and work with. We all prefer straight forward moving energy, that doesn’t take us around the houses, which is directional and clear.

Yet we do not have this now and for some time. We will need to learn to surrender to the deeper, more hidden elements of what we are trying to process and learn.
It’s like you are standing in the ocean up to your knees and you can feel the power of the waves and the tide coming in, and you can feel the undertow pulling the energy way down underneath out. It freaks you out, destabilises, disorientates. Yet it also feels mystical, cyclical and powerful.

Retrograde planets take us into the intricacy of our process, bring up what’s held deep inside that can’t be accessed through traditional talking therapy which works with solar light – bright Sun, as opposed to the deeper regions of lunar therapy. We need to allow for space and time, and depth, to get in touch with this level of being, that is wanting to emerge.

“Open yourself towards those dark, formless and obscure feelings that rise to the surface and reveal themselves in order to be seen.”

The deepest layers are ready to reveal themselves, if we give space to them.

By this I mean, we only know and feel the issue is one thing, we see it in a one dimensional form but it is a much deeper level we need to get in touch with – for example, let’s say we have the experience of giving and not getting back. Within this there are projections, blame and judgments.

Yet when you start to unpack that, you discover there are deeper layers of expectations and standards held that influence the relating, that are not really acknowledged or questioned. Thats the first layer.

Yet drop deeper, and you discover these projections and even the whole relating itself are a way of actually avoiding the real issue, which is the capacity to be a creative force. We tend to distract ourselves and deny our deeper issues in many ways. We have clever strategies of not going deeper and avoiding our power. We trade off with ourselves and wonder why others are trading off with us.

We might be aware of the deeper issue, but we do not directly work with it, we come at them from other more surface issues we can make contact with, as the deep stuff just holds too much fear. The fear we can often hold around our sovereignty, is the fear of our own destroyer, dangerous power. We have been taught to not disturb or disrupt and certainly not destroy life.

The creative process itself requires a level of editing – or eradication – discarding what is not needed. This is Virgo. This level of power is rarely understood and embraced. This is why Virgo people often feel so misunderstood and are so complex.

Rather than control the spectrum of who we are, the shadow or the depth, which is the go to place of Virgo, we need to pick up the process of discernment and actively know our yes from our no. This defines who we are, at least on one level.

Most people feel dangerous deep down, they fear the destroyer. Yet the destroyer is a part of the triad. And it’s left out of the game as though it doesn’t matter. We live generally on the two dimensional plane, where there is no depth, only projections and sides.

Sovereignty reveals to us space. Space is one, but in our incarnation, space is also separate from us. There is differentiation and this is what allows for evolution and existence through relationship, also and often polarisation. Manifested and separated in the ‘I’ and ‘you’.

Beyond this is sensing, touching – but it is still flat and one dimensional. Beyond this further is the 3-Dimensional object. Here we can not only sense, touch it, we can also imagine and feel it in our hands – like holding an apple. It is manifested creation.

How many of us can say we honestly live at this level, where our awareness is with us fully in the objects we hold? Where you appreciate the sacredness of this? I will talk more about this and define it better in the months to come in our online community – join us there, it’s free.

In this whole scenario – I just want to throw this out there also. That this destroyer aspect of creator, sustainer and destroyer – is often avoided, it is a foundational aspect of this spacial, depth awareness. Or at least, its awareness is blocked, resisted and denied. The sustainer is the one that holds the balance between the creator and destroyer and this balance is also a struggle to attain.

“There is a precarious balance to be struck – if we go too far from our walking reality and are unable to return and integrate the experience, we may be labeled an unstable psychotic. But if we don’t even dare venture beyond the terrain of our mind, we’ll be a stable psychotic.”

Bringing awareness and understanding to these elements within us is the sovereign journey. How they interact. The Sovereign Being holds all spectrums of reality, integrates and navigates. It is way beyond the concept of higher self.

This incapacity to go beyond the terrain of the mind, the 2D, into a spacial awareness of the world, into depth, physical reality, the body is our more generic limitation and block at the heart. We like to stay safe and in an illusionary, programmed reality. Anything else evokes fear. Real, physical living feels like too much responsibility and takes too much ownership.

Yet this is where we are going, whether we like it or not.

If we don’t entertain our judgment, criticism, doubt, fear, and inability to see that we are not here striving for perfection as a sense of meaning but the capacity to entertain and humble ourselves into the reality of being human, then, well the sovereign journey won’t hold much substance. For substance and matter is it’s game. Imperfection is the name of the game. This is the perfection of imperfection in a way.

Let’s remember the personal planets are not retrograde, at least not unless Mercury moves retrograde on 26th September. We can move forward with them direct but it won’t necessarily feel like we are moving direct. Direct in less obvious ways.

Mercury-Chiron is exact at this New Moon. This is about addressing issues that make us feel vulnerable and exposed. It’s not a good time to project onto others and move into that ‘binary’ way of viewing the world. Chiron wants us to entertain our multidimensionality, our existence at lots of levels and move more internal. This doesn’t include going off planet. This means being more of this world.

Dimensional being is grounded and embodied, full of sensory, spacial and depth awareness. There is a potential for healing in relationships if we don’t go into the blaming and judging mode. Aim for self-containment and awareness in the present moment.

Mercury is very busy this month with a trine to Jupiter and square to Pluto. This brings optimism and faith, and depth. It feels like a lot will need integration and perhaps also expression. But it doesn’t bode to be easy, there is challenges around this and as always the journey is to go deeper.

This New Moon is rightly trine Uranus. Change, breaking through, out and free is part of the picture. New awarenesses and creative ways around the difficult circumstances we find ourselves within. We are really orientating to the edges of our awareness this month.

“Seek out truth in the darkest corners of the world and carry it back for all to see. This unique capacity resides within us all, regardless of our relationship to creativity.”

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