Spiritual Counselling

A Powerful, Innovative & Transformative Approach To Therapy

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Whether you are new to your spiritual journey or not, life brings times when we are feeling stuck, lost, hopeless or at the end of the line. When life brings it’s challenges, reaching out for professional support can help us heal and navigate the tides.

Wherever you are at on your spiritual journey, you probably understand already that life brings us challenges to increasingly wake us up. The waking up process requires that aspects of us heal in order to reconnect with more of our deepest nature, wholeness, Divnity, potential and ultimate Soul’s purpose.

Challenges can deepen awareness, expand consciousness and take us on a journey to release that which has outlived it’s purpose, but they can also send us into a deep dark night of the soul. Many of these challenges can be transmuted and brought into a more graceful experience to either accelerate, lessen the challenge or release it completely.

Most of us are programmed to only learn through a process of challenge and suffering – whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Yet at some point in our evolution, we are ready for the next stage – a life of joyful growth, where we learn through the power of love and grace. This is at the core of my work, for those that want to taste that exhilerating new level. 

I combine three different approaches in spiritual counselling sessions:

Awareness In The Moment

I use my ten year training in Process-orientated Psychology to track and unfold the process awareness in the moment. Essentially, the Tao of your life’s theme and path is unfolding in the moment between us. The universe and nature is always communicating and feeding back to us the best direction for our healing and alignment with our Divine purpose and service. The secret is knowing how to follow it, which is where I come in. Bringing awareness to the moment means picking up what is almost in your awareness but not quite there yet. My role is to pick up and notice what you are not noticing and support you to bring more conscious awareness to that. This is synonymous with what is present with you in the moment, it might arise through your body signals, postures, feedback (i.e your positive or negative feedback is an indication of what is relevant for you and what is not), your language, the tone of your voice, the way you move your head, eyes, how internal you are, the unexpressed feelings, it can be absolutely anything. When we bring awareness to these subtle signals, they amplify, and then we have a sense of where the Tao is trying to take you. The path of least resistance, the Tao, is always the path of your freedom. What is is often where we need to be, but with more awareness and a deeper sense of it. Then we can be immediately set free. This approach is incorporated into all my sessions, yet when we come to blocks, edges, fears, difficult emotions, experiences, or patterns, we might need more than just awareness, witnessing and presence, we might also need to release, transmute or heal the aspect of our consciousness that holds that lower vibrating energy. In this case, and usually in all sessions there’s something there keeping our stuck, resistant and blocked processes in place, we use the below approach…


Healing & Releasing Work Through The Divine

This aspect of the work is about clearing away the layers of wounding that we have accumulated in our consciousness over the ions of lifetimes and through our ancestors, as well the other dimensions of our existence, and importantly this current lifetime. I work with over 120 tools from clearing beliefs, to internal interference patterns such as suicide, to parental or ancestral imprints, to past lives, trauma releases, to fears, psychological conflicts, addiction patterns, vertebral rebalances, chakra or meridian imbalances, physiological issues, hormonal imbalances to entities and attachments – please see tools to get a taste of some of the many tools I incorporate. I use my intuitive guidance and kineoloslogy to keep us on track, following the Divinely led healing process. In one session, I might work through 5-10 different tools. This way of working requires less input from you, we don’t go into the mental story, more the feelings and experience on a sensory grounded level. Releasing patterns and programmes requires little more than contact with the emotions, our body experience and invoking the Divine to release the layer. After this work you will feel lighter and have access to positive feelings, with more awareness of the foundation of the problem you brought and it is possible after one session to have a complete resolution of the issue you bring (depending on the issue). Often though, there are different layers and levels of healing required for most longer term patterns. I can often give you an estimate of how many layers of healing are required for the resolution of your issue, so you have an overview of what it might involve.

Deeper Work – Journeying Into Our Wounds

Sometimes I get a strong sense that there’s a lynchpin experience or event that needs deeper work. This is often in the case of trauma. For example perhaps there’s a trauma from this lifetime, sexual abuse or a difficult birth as examples, that energetically, emotionally or spiritually are not resolved. Even though these are not experienced directly as challenges in your everyday conscious life, they still hold a charge that impacts your present reality. These painful experiences freeze aspects of our consciousness and the trauma gets recycled or constantly retriggered.  Ultimately the energetic issue becomes a physical issue. The younger or other dimensional aspects of our soul continue to hold the shame, fear, guilt, betrayal or limiting belief system which plays out and bleeds through in our present reality and relationships. In these scenarios, it’s important to work deeply with the trauma to release the issue from this life’s current experiences. More often than not, trauma plays a huge role in our present day issues. In a session such as this, I will work more deeply, you will go more into the story you experienced as the witnessing on a human level is very important for the healing process. We together or I intuitively guide the healing process and stay connected to your experience in the moment, with all the complexity and feelings. After a session such as this, you can expect a huge release and weight off your shoulders in a way that is quite simply life changing.




What Is Spiritual Counselling


Spiritual Counselling is a form of counselling that takes a spiritual perspective on life. It is a powerful, innovative and holistic therapeutic approach combining many paradigms, approaches and tools. While there is no one tool that will resolve all your problems, some are more effective than others. Different problems and different people need different approaches.

Over the ten years of my practise, I have gained a deep understanding of what spiritual tools work best. I have learnt that all answers lay creatively within, we just need support from learn how to access them through a deeper connection with our infinitely wise and loving Higher Self.

I incorporate a multi-disciplined, multi-dimensional approach combining transpersonal, person-centred and process-oriented ethos, theory and practise.  I also combine this with working shamanically with spiritual realms – the sacred fire, higher dimensional Beings of Light, the Goddess tradition and other spiritual realms.  I bring together two different systems of soul and personality analysis through Astrology and the Earth Path (aka Soul Plan) to delineate your soul’s intentions and your Divine purpose for this life time.

At the heart of my work is my diverse and deep training in different psychotherapy models, which spans 10 years. These include transpersonal, process-orientated psychology and gestalt.

How I work


I work like a Taoist and a shaman, following and unfolding the process awareness of the Divine within in the moment, noticing what is already there, our connection with nature and the flirting world – that for me is how the Divine works through us. The world is alive, communicating and feeding back to us, at all times, if we are able to listen.

The deepest transformations begin with being aligned with what’s arising in the moment within. Following the Tao, I stay connected to a deep awareness in myself, which is the path of the feminine, the natural rhythm of change, as opposed to a forced one. Change or our becoming arises from a place of aligning with what is, our soul’s being within. This way we stay embodied and grounded in the present moment, yet deeply aware and with a high state of intuition.

Are You Experiencing Any Of The Following?

I am depressed

I need help with my anxiety

I am stuck and I don’t know why

I want to feel self-worth and love withinI have lost someone or something very dear

I want to know how to unify with my twin flame

I need something different to conventional therapy

I want to know how to work with my negative thoughts

I want help with my fears, emotions or traumatic memories

I want to create better relationships and find a loving partnerships

I want to understand who I am, why I am here, and unlock my Purpose

I am very critical of myself and I judge, get judged and criticised by others

I am an empath, and very sensitive, and want to know how to work with that

I feel isolated, alienated, oppressed, marginalised in my family, social, cultural situations

I have undergone a spiritual awakening and want to explore what it means for me

I feel drawn to you and intuitively found my way to this website and love reading your blog

I am dealing with change or need to make a life-changing decision and need support with that

I have read lots of self development or new age books but don’t know what I need next to develop

I am drawn to the Goddess and the Divine Feminine and want to connect more deeply with what that means

I have had a difficult experience of spirituality or spiritual crisis, or negative energies and need urgent support

Divine Healing Our Multidimensionality

We need to acknowledge, access and embody more of our multidimensionality

Divine Healing that increasingly raises our levels of love, peace and joy requires working with our multidimensionality. The premise of this is that we eternally exist, across space and time, in many moments of now, in the vast realms of our soul’s journey. If some of those moments also hold suffering, we need to heal those moments. We could say that our current issues are comprised of other dimensions of suffering bleeding through.

Healing our current life issues becomes a graceful process when guided and directed by the Higher ‘God/Goddess’ Self and the higher realms of consciousness. Everyone can connect to and heal through their Higher Self – it is our birthright.

As we isolate and heal the aspects of our consciousness that express pain, we become more fully present in our bodies. We embody more of our soul’s being, we reconnect to our deepest self, we incarnate more of our Higher Self, and only then can we truly move outward and become, transform and evolve into our highest and fullest potential.

We receive our innately loving nature, gifts, power and potential through receiving the light of our Higher Self into your body. When you begin to free these dormant light pockets within your being, you will receive more peace and grace in your life. You will discover your inherent freedom, wisdom and generous nature. You will develop an intimate love for yourself and others, and find your incredible power within. Others will notice, opportunities will open up and you will see that you can never go back.

My highest intention is to support you in restoring your deepest Divine nature – which will bring you ease, grace, surrender, peace, wisdom, power and love, regardless of what difficulties you are experiencing in life.


I creatively synergise Divine healing, energy work, process-orientated pscyhology, gestalt therapy tools, Jungian psychology, body-mind therapies, DNA work, soul fragment/soul retrieval, ancestral and past life work.

I integrate more traditional and ancient traditions including breathwork for gathering and releasing energy, sensory awareness of the body, the importance of ritual and intention, commandments, and meditation. The process of grounding the energy body into the physical body supports to empty and still the mind.

We work to develop a strong focus on subtle sensations, awareness and sentient experiences within, through, and around the body, so while talking is always necessary, connecting with our often marginalised body wisdom, which is the soul’s messenger, is encouraged.

Witnessing of feelings is central for healing and also moves us from left brain thinking to right brain processing, where we can more creatively find answers. Connecting the lower and higher bodies within our energetic field happens naturally through our work with the Higher Self.

To embrace more parts of ourself, our wholeness and potential, we need to mine all channels of experience – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, proprioception, and our relationship with each other and the world. When we expand our awareness to occupy more channels consciously, we wake up our body, being and multidimensionality.

The Divine guides the healing process from a place of awareness of what’s with us in the moment. We draw guidance from our own unique Divine connection and the power of forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves.

Through the Divine, we transmute the layers of trauma, psychological conflicts, fears, current, past or ancestral memories, limiting beliefs, emotions, sabotage patterns, projections, self-judgement, wounded aspects, interference programmes, imprinted messages and any other darker shadow energies. Whatever is present and arising is where we need to be.

I weave a fluid, versatile and creative approach to healing. There are no perscriptions, I cannot tell you in advance what and how we will work, since it is all guided. If this sounds like an approach you like, get in touch.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a healing approach that is structured where you learn the tools yourself, then check out The Abundant Goddess Online Programme & Immersion.

If your Intuition Says ‘Get In Touch’ Then I Invite You To Follow That.

Translating all the abstract New Age theories on healing yourself into real life can be a big stumbling block. I have been down this path, I know what it takes, and I understand the mechanics of healing and what creates and changes our personal reality.

This is not something you can learn in a book or even a few books, it’s taken commitment, time, money, energy, training and balls, and some very, very good teachers to get me to where I am now.  I have acculumated a wealth of tools and experience, which I would love to share to help you totally transform your life.

How do you know if I’m right for you? Read my about page, look at my training, and feel into the depth of my experience.

If I fail to awaken your trust and curiousity, and you only take one thing away, then know that the answers are always within you, and that you are incredibly powerful, beyond any stretch of your imagination, and that actually, there’s far less standing in your way than what you think.


“Maia has a peculiar ability to know exactly what’s going on for people; she will say just the right thing or ask just the right question; she will invoke soft yet powerful energy in just the right way for you; she will help you access the deepest and highest parts of your awareness and being; and she will create a safe space that feels just right for you for the day.”


“Amongst the noise, stress and pace of city living, it’s difficult for me to hear let alone trust the faint voice of intuition.  In moments of calm and reflection, when the confusion settles, I’m centred and know myself but those moments are fleeting and difficult to sustain; doubt often lurks around the corner.  I was impressed at how accurately you described the “real” me and my relationship to my past (what I thought were my private interpretations of those events).  When you described what were and would be the challenges of my life it was very much as if she were speaking on behalf of and amplifying that faint voice of intuition.  I regard myself as open but healthily wary of all things esoteric but I came away from the session with you feeling strangely reassured and connected to a profound sense of purpose. I was moved.  Thank you.”


“The programme has allowed me to really connect with my true self based on a deep knowing and trust. It has allowed me to heal, to understand, to blossom”

Releasing & Making Space

There is an intrinsic beauty and symmetry in the universe.  Our problems should not be viewed as something to eradicate. Many of our problems are also keys to our transformation which we usually only acknowledge in hindsight. As Taoism teaches, conflict can be innately creative. When unfolded with awareness, we can make leaps in our consciousness.

But within our consciousness, in the realm of the subconscious and unconscious, are our old programmes of fear. Fear is what separates and polarises us – from each other and the trust in the Divine. Programmes of fear are passed down through our past lives and our ancestors. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many other ways we acculmulate programmes of fear and separation. Clearing, releasing and healing the origins and subsequent patterns that arise is a very simple, easy, and painless process.

When we bring conscious light to our fears, and witness, release and heal these programmes we are taking off layers of an onion that covers up our Divinity. This is the process of remembering and restoring our deepest Divine nature, which is our Divine Birthright, before all the eons of destructive programming.

Embodying Divinity

Aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions – essentially our three haras – our belly, heart and third eye – and journeying up and down the chakra system is what brings our Life and Soul Purpose into real manifestation.

When we have alignment, our minds are still and focused, we are in touch with the more subtle feelings in our body (they don’t need to shout), and our will and power take us into action without too much hestitation. We function more as a unity, rather than in parts, and we are centred in our hearts, the bridge of our chakras.

Our perceptions, values and beliefs create our reality, so knowing what’s serving you and what’s not and recreating new ways of thinking, feeling and believing moves us more into alignment with our Divinity. This in turn takes us towards making choices that support growth and flow in our lives.

Consciousness can function both within the body in a localised state or outside the body in non-localised states; when we access it, trust it and follow it, we come into alignment.  Our consciousness is what creates our reality.  We change our reality by working within our consciousness.

The Goddess Self, otherwise known as the Higher Self, naturally initiates and sustains this process. When we surrender to Her within, we are immediately on the path to reconnect with our essential Divine Nature.


Working On Our Relationships

Relationships are the meeting point of souls so we are always working on our relationships. Engaging in relationships stimulates our spiritual growth, yet there can be much wounding in our relationships. For many, creating a healthy, fulfilling relationship is a huge challenge.

When working with relationship issues, we need to take into consideration both the individuals and the relationship as a whole with a force and life of its own.

We polarise and project our parts and issues in relationships – working on these polarisations and projections as unlived aspects of ourselves enables the calling back of more of ourselves.

All relationships have a deeper dreaming behind them. Spiritual bonds bring and keep people binded together. Looking at the relationship theme from all spectrums – very real challenges to the spiritual binds supports more awareness of relationship’s nature.

Unfolding the roles within the relationship and expressing what’s not easily said, encourages honesty and intimacy in our relationships.

All relationships go through difficult dynamics and at times even conflict. Facilitating the hot spots supports a deeper spiritual meaning to emerge from conflict, opening the relationship to new life and growth.