The Sovereign Being Programme & Immersion


I welcome you here with all my heart. It is my deepest joy and passion to share this mystical & magical work with you that changed my life, & it is my highest intention that through this programme your life becomes a reflection of true joy, abundance & peace that is your Divine birthright.

It is time for women everywhere to awaken and step into their spiritual leadership. The Abundant Goddess Programme, Immersion and Sisterhood is a powerful vehicle of pure light for women to accelerate their path of awakening and reconnect to the love, wisdom and power of their Abundant Goddess within. The Abundant Goddess Programme & Immersion is an experiential and interactive online ‘consciousness shifting’ transformational programme and retreat for women yearning to deeply align with their soul’s joy and purpose.

You'll Receive Tools, Guidance & Sisterhood

An opportunity for a supported lifelong journey with like-minded women on their path of transformation and abundance.

  • An Amazing Experiential 2 day Immersion 11-12 January 2020 in London: the catalytic push behind the programme
  • A Modular Online Transformational Programme with 40 Tools & Resources: designed to gently initiate the process of your powerful transformation, you go at your pace – videos, audios, PDFs, live Q&As for personal questions
  • 2 Powerful Goddess Initiations: through the Divine Mother, the Queen of Heaven & Goddess Isis
  • A Combined Astrology & Earth Path Reading: a reading over skype lasting 1.5 hours


Special Bonuses

  • Earth Path Online Training for FREE: so you can read your friends, your own and your loved ones charts
  • Online Sovereign Being Community: our supportive, like-minded healing community

Through consciousness changing transformational tools delivered through a modular video, audio, PDFs teachings. It is structured and supported with skype calls, emails and the community of sisters. The teaching is focused around clearing out 7 chakras which we will empty and clear out to make space for our Goddess Self to be deeply embodied.

You ARE a Goddess, like no other, you have your own special Goddess unique to you, seated within your heart and She is calling you towards an unimaginably beautiful and blissful new life chapter.

Transforming your life takes commitment, support and a willingness to dive into all corners of your being. Without a roadmap, we can waste time, get overwhelmed, confused or just plain frustrated. This programme will fast-track your transformation, growth and save you years of therapy, piecemeal workshops and months of trial and error. It will quickly get you onto your path of living out your Divine Soul Purpose.

I have been initating women into rememberance of the Goddess for 10 years and leading large groups of women. I have helped many clients and therapists discover their Goddess within and I’d be honoured to guide you towards this powerful reconnection and relationship.

The Call Of The Divine Feminine

There are many things in this world to distract us from our truth.

The world tugs at our awareness. We make gurus out of our friends, teachers, partners, lovers, the internet, spiritual teachers, doctors, bosses, co-workers, children, mothers and fathers… there’s a lot of wisdom out there, but the simple truth is that until you can feel, unfold, know and follow what your truth is, you will feel lost.

Quite literally, from the moment of birth, your wondrous, infinite potential stretched out before you becomes slowly inundated with the needs, views and values of everyone else.  And women are even more expertly trained in serving and satisfying others’ desires before our own.

And, in living out other peoples’ lives and their expectations of us, the reality is that we stay living amidst many, very real fears – of letting down people, of being rejected, of being alone.

So, I am not interested in you following my truth.

As that wouldn’t be my truth, and besides, we’re not here to recreate the wheel. I want to teach you how to create your own wheel, to learn to find your own truth and then follow it, brazenly.

Once you find the HOME of this inner guidance that is just waiting so patiently for you to discover, you will never again fall into caring about what everyone else in the world thinks or feels before you.

This path is a path of Self discovery, of inner, not outer truth, of understanding your own meaningful reality. And even if your own truth does not always make sense to others in your life, you will feel happy following and knowing what is right for you. Once you connect to this core within you and shine a light on it, you will listen and know what is asked of you from your own Higher Calling.

You will move beyond your fears and you awaken your soul desires, and will hear your heart and soul sing.

Others will begin to notice your self-love, your energy and happiness. They will want to know what your secret is. And you will say, “I have found my centre, my inner guidance, and I follow it”.

My intention is that this programme births that desire or longing in you to find this inner guidance.

This programme is for every woman who yearns for freedom of their spirit, connection with other women and to expand the Divine presence in their lives. Whether you have been stuck with the same old issues, feel like it’s time to finally make an exciting leap forward, or are just intuitively intrigued about how the Goddess energy works, these transformational tools will work for you.  As many other previous participants have experienced, the TAG programme will support you in a number of ways…

A Deeper Look At What You Receive

Once you join our Abundant Goddess programme, you’ll have guidance and support from Kate.

A Modular Online Interactive Progamme

A structured, supported approach to transformation. Online transformational tools, learning resources, audios, videos, PDFs

  • You get this immediately on signing up
  • A structured, module by module content release that you will have lifetime access to - to go at your own pace - as fast or slow as you like
  • Personal email with Maia
  • Over 40 transformational tools available

VALUE £1850

2 Day Immersion 2023

A Time To Experience The Mysteries Of The Goddess:

  • Receive 2 powerful Goddess initiations
  • Experience extraordinary ceremonies, rituals and powerful transformative processes
  • An opportunity to retreat from ordinary life and immerse yourself into a divinely sacred space
  • Connect and share with the other women on their spiritual journey
  • Dedicate yourself to the practices of transformation and devote intentional time to manifesting your dreams. For more info see The Goddess Workshop

VALUE £125

A Personalised Astrology & Earth Path Combined Reading

Illiumnating your soul’s calling and your blocks to realising your highest potential

  • Received in module 4
  • Working with the combined power of both your Astrology and Earth Path charts
  • Reveals your blind spots
  • Looks at your challenges, talents, goals and soul purpose
  • Decodes your life themes

VALUE £120

Personal Email Support From Maia

I and the team are here to support you, I provides personal support over email.

2 Powerful Goddess Initiations

During the Immersion in March, you will receive 2 life changing Initiations from the Queen of Heaven, the Divine Mother and Goddess Isis during the retreat, which will clear, activate, realign and reconnect you with your Abundant Goddess within.


Special Bonuses

Earth Path Online Training

Access the free Online Earth Path Training and learn how to you read your own chart, your friends and loved ones that you get instant access to when you join the programme.


Temple Sisterhood Online

Our Abundant Goddess Temple Facebook Page and Group have a supportive group of women for you to learn, grow and share with.  In our private community you can share your growth – creative ideas, artwork, reflections. Find your voice, expression and creativity through your mantras, songs, poetry and art.


15% Discount Spiritual Counselling Course

Participants completing this programme will receive the opportunity to join the Spiritual Counselling Training Programme which allows you to journeysdeeper into your process.

VALUE £800

"A wonderful experience that has left me feeling different inside. I hope to continue this wonderful feeling. Thank you for the opportunity of this journey that is putting me on my path."

"There are simply no words to describe this amazing programme - but I will say its absolutely out of this world because well it literally is! I cannot recommend it enough if its Bliss your soul is seeking,you will find it after this programme!"

"The programme has allowed me to really connect with my true self based on a deep knowing and trust. It has allowed me to heal, to understand, to blossom"

The Programme Structure

module 1: Clarifying Your Belief Programming: Family, Ancestral, Cultural & Collective Consciousness Influences

Our old belief systems hold together our identity. These belief systems are not who you really are and prevent you creating in the Now. Many of these beliefs limit our abundance and self-worth. When we associate ourselves with one identity we cut off huge chunk of ourselves. Beliefs are stored in your energetic body and within your body chemistry. Your beliefs are not just yours, they are carried through to you from your family, ancestors and the collective. Understanding how programming is inherited through your mother line. Locating and exploring the origins of your beliefs and clearing them at source is a necessary process for restoring your connection to your own truth.

Module Detail
  • Limiting Beliefs On A Multidimensional Level Webinar
  • Identifying Beliefs Guided Exploration & Finding Them Through The Body
  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs – Violet Flame Guided Meditation
  • Beliefs Throughout Your Multidimensionality – Clearing At Source
  • Memory Clearing – Soul Fragments, Quantum Realm, Violet Flame
  • Powerful 5th Dimensional Pyramid Belief Clearing
  • The 12 Keys of Manifestation
  • Intention Setting & Abundance Manifestation

module 2: Listening To Your Sacred Body’s Wisdom

– Your Body, The Menstrual Cycle, The Moon & Earth’s Cycles

In modern society, we are largely cut off from the rhythms of nature and our own bodies.  The cycles of nature, the moon’s waxing and waning, tidal ebbs and flows and the changing seasons, are reflected in the creative power of the menstrual cycle (a powerful resource), the menarche and menopause.  Your body is your major doorway into experiencing your truth; learn how to intimately work with her. Learn about the maiden, mother and crone wisdom, and our connection with the grandmothers. Learning how to follow and unfold your body’s wisdom is integral to following your own truth. Clear dense emotions like shame, hatred and guilt from the body and discover sacred tools for healing love, sexual and abuse wounds. We also want to raise our body’s frequency too, so we can access more peaceful, still, essence-like states.

Module Detail
  • Visualisation Journey & Journal Work
  • The Body, Lunar & Solar Culture, Womb & Cycles Webinar, Menarche & Creative Cycle Webinar
  • Body Somatic Meditation
  • The Body Elemental Connection – Your Body’s Greatest Ally
  • Listening to Your Body Webinar
  • Following Subtle Body Sensations – Why & How This Supports Body Awareness & Your Multidimensionality
  • The Earth Based Connection Tool
  • Shame & The Female Body – Healing The Shame Body
  • Blissful Rose Pink Flame Body Healing & Ritual
  • Everything You Need To Know About The 7 Chakras
  • How To identify Chakra Deficiencies

module 3: Clearing Your Biological Inheritance – Your Past Life Trauma, Poverty consciousness, Emotional Triggers

To become a vessel for your own truth to flow, you need to remove the damns so the river will flow.  We have emptied out our beliefs, but until we work with the negative influences of past lives, we are still working with contaminated waters. Your past life history is ‘bleeding through’ and alive within you today. No matter how positively you think, your past lives of lack, trauma and survival consciousness are impacting you until healed. We get lost in the dynamics of our old stories and so for your full becoming and this inner connection to grow, these old stories need clearing out. Then, we will be journeying into the majesty of our awakened and future lives, embodying and anchoring all that wisdom and potential into our current incarnation.

Module Detail
  • Workshop Lecture on Ancestral & Past Lives
  • Ancestral & Past Lives Live Webinar
  • Pulling Back Your Projections – Preparation for Past Life Work
  • Pulling Back Your Power – Preparation For Past Life Work
  • Clearing Contracts – Preparation For Past Life Work
  • Forgiving Our Ancestors – Preparation For Past Life Work
  • Ancestral & Past Life DNA Clearing Guided Video
  • Cord Cutting
  • Finding Mastery Lives

module 4: Knowing Yourself – Connecting With Your Wounds & Calling – Working With Your Divine Blueprint

Often we follow the path of least resistance, believing that this is where we need to focus our energy because we are already familiar with that.  The secret is that we are here to grow through facing our challenges and working with unfamiliar territory, learn about your limiting patterns, themes and areas of growth. All this brings into a deeper clarity on our calling for our challenges provide circumstances that encourage us to grow – they are part of our soul contracts.  Your perspective on life will begin to shift when you know more about your chosen pre-birth agreements for it is these agreements that set-up some of your specific lessons. This module includes a full Earth Path and Astrological reading focused on your deepest wounds, your greatest gifts areas of growth and your calling with Kate, and two written reports.

Module Detail
  • Your Personal Blueprints Reading – Your Personal Astrology & Earth Path Charts Reading With Maia
  • Your North & South Nodes – Your Soul’s Purpose
  • 22 Chakra Meditation – Illuminate Your Life Purpose
  • Earth Path System Training – Your Challenges, Talents, Goals & Soul Destiny – separate online programme
  • The Flirting World – Following Flirts

module 5: Meeting Your Goddess Within

Many women are running their lives on empty, and giving more than they are receiving.  We have been trained to believe in separation – from ourselves, from each other and from our divinity. Many New Age teachers still speak of the Higher Self and God / Goddess as a theoretical concept rather than a lived and embodied experience. Our intention is to introduce you to your core truth through your connection with this Divine Source within, through your body.  Your true identity is your Goddess Divinity and when you shed the layers of your old self, she will shine through you. Essentially you will be learning about the mechanics of receiving and surrendering.



Module Detail
  • Getting to Know the Goddess Within & Without
  • Your Multidimensional Connection
  • Threefold Flame Meditation
  • The Flower of Life Meditation
  • Gate of Grace Meditation
  • 4 Elements Meditation

What You'll Be Working With

Chakra 1

Your Birth Right To Be Here

Through understanding more about your Divine Blueprint through your Astrology & Earth Path Reading, you examine the foundations of who you are, the dynamics you’ve chosen to work with, and your right to be here on this planet. You have a Divine Plan and a unique calling. We explore and practice what it means to live from a stable root chakra.

Chakra 2

Your Trust & Surrender To Your Body Wisdom

You delve into the majesty and wisdom of your sacral chakra and womb, exploring how to be in rhythm with life, in relationship your body, and trust yourself deeply. It’s the beginning of surrendering to your Goddess within.

Chakra 3

Your Power & Will

You will be healing your connection with your power and will. Working through relationship projections, calling back our power, and cutting cords with/from wherever it exists outside of us and learning how to assert better energetic boundaries.

Chakra 4

Forgiveness & Healing Our Heart Wounds

Forgiveness is one of the core principles of healing. If we are holding on to resentment, we cannot fully connect with our Divinity and our Goddess within. You will learn how your Higher Self is in your heart and learn how letting go of old hurt deepens your ability to fall in love with yourself. You will also gain many tools for working with the Violet Flame, which is probably one of the most powerful tool for forgiveness, especially when combined with other tools.

Chakra 5

Manifesting Your Reality & Dreams

As women, we must discover our authentic voice, stand up and engage with the world. This is our right and our voices – both internal and external – need to be mastered. We need to pick up the energy of our critic, know the power of our words and start manifesting our lives through our ability to command. By the programme’s end you will know what it means to stand in your power and speak your truth with love and wisdom.

Chakra 6

Instilling New Truths & Beliefs

As we clear out the lower chakras 1-5, there’s now a need to cultivate our new higher truths and beliefs based on a perception beyond 3D reality. You will learn to weave in your multidimensionality, have clear vision without delusions and projections, and release all the old family, societal and cultural imprints, stories and beliefs that usually dominate our higher consciousness. You will clear old beliefs, instill new truths and open up to higher dimensional communication.

Chakra 7

Your Goddess Connection

As you enter the multidimensional connection of the 7th chakra, you are now ready to look to your I AM Presence and your individual relationship with the Goddess, She is within and without. You will connect to infinite possibilities held within the diversity of nature and yourself as a multidimensional being. You will discover what it means to defer to your heart in every instance. This is a path of love, forgiveness, surrender, gratitude and grace.

Programme's Pace & Rhythm

There are tools of transformation for each module. Each module consists of videos, audios, PDFs for teachings, practises, meditations, breathwork and exercises to heal, align, clear and raise your consciousness and deepend your awareness. With each module we go deeper into the transformative practises, rituals and ceremonies.

You go at your own pace so it fits in with working or motherhood. You have lifetime access to the programme content so you can return at any point to modules and reintegrate deeper.

You will be working with your belief systems, your past lives, your ancestors, your old memories, your relationships, and most importantly your Abundant Goddess within. The teachings are very deep and rich, and the practises are unique and powerful, combining many different systems and approaches.

You do not need any prior training to do this programme, it is designed for many levels as this work is so unique and rich. No matter what stage you are at in your spiritual journey you will benefit from this amazing programme, as the success stories confirm.

Don't Just Take My Word For It

I’m amazed and moved by countless people who tell me that this work (sessions, online training programmes, community, articles) has sparked and sustained a profound and meaningful change in their life.

This work opens a path a living out our Divine Soul Purpose. It inspires people to make bold and courageous moves, take action on long-held dreams and live lives they once only imagined.

Curious what might be in store for you if you join the programme? See below, or read powerful stories from our community right here.


3 of 40 Amazing Testimonials

“This programme has been so transformational from day one! Kate offer so much of their wisdom, tools, information, techniques, guidance as well as so much of their time, love and passion for this work AND for the women on this journey. The programme has allowed me to really connect with true self, based on deep knowing and trust. It has allowed me to heal, to understand, to blossom, to grow and to walk through that golden gate. I have welcomed the goddess within me! I am still digesting the profound and beautiful transformation I experienced at the retreat. And it has been an absolute joy and gift to connect with other women on this deep authentic level and create friendships. If you feel called to this journey, don’t hesitate! The goddesses are calling you 🙂 And what you “receive” on and during this programme and retreat is priceless.” Nina

“The truth is that I cannot think of just one element as I loved the whole online programme from the beginning including the retreat. To be able to laugh again without feeling guilty and to be truly happy inside is such a transformation for me as I had years of unhappiness and I didn’t realise how it has affected me in such a big way like something eating away inside you. Connecting with other sisters was so amazing too and also connecting with the Goddesses was so powerful. I loved being in the atmosphere of the retreat as there was so much love, trust and understanding. …I am truly grateful to you both for what you have done for me.”

“Thank you Maia, your inspired programme has been an incredible journey. Initially I was worried about the finances but now that is no longer a concern as I feel that abundance will and is manifesting; the course is far more valuable than its monetary value, it has enriched all of our lives. The amount of time, effort, support and love you have put into the programme is phenomenal and you have given us budding Goddesses an enormous handbag of tools, techniques, visualisations and meditations to work with – I imagine I will be working with this material for some time to reap all the benefits and have already helped my clients with some of your exercises. If you think you may do this course, do!”


Your Commitment

You are committing yourself to honouring your Soul’s Divine Purpose, the path it has been calling you to for many lifetimes, bringing into manifestation its birthright to experiencing bliss and joy on this beautiful planet earth.  You are bestowing a precious gift to yourself, consecrating your soul’s path of awakening and journeying back to yourself.

Act now to secure your place and open a new chapter of your life. Places are limited. 

On completing payment, you will receive a welcome email from Maia with all the details. Do you have any specific questions that you need answering before you can join? Just drop Maia an email at and she will endeavour to get back to you asap.

Living a fulfilled life aligned with your Divine Purpose, where you wake up every day glad to be alive and excited about what the day will bring requires a real willingness to follow your own awareness, courage to face and speak about difficult things, and a commitment to yourself from a deep, incredibly loving space. Most of all, it requires consistently showing up and a willingness to journey into yourself. There is no expectation of perfection, for who you are now is perfect, and this is the essence of this work. We are journeying to remember and ignite that perfection inherent in you. This is a journey to deepen that acceptance and perfection in the moment. I am here to support you fully on this journey for as long as you feel called, the programme’s duration or a lifetime. Once you pay your first payment we ask that you follow through with your initial intuition and commitment to the programme – as at times, we all come to our edges and have our doubts. This is a programme where we really support you to follow through, even if you are finding it tough, you just need to stay in communication with me.

Q & As

Where and when is The Abundant Goddess Immersion?

The Abundant Goddess™ 2 Day Immersion runs from 17-18 June 2018. It is near Wandsworth Common in London.

Can I join the programme anytime?

Yes, the programme intake is ongoing, although the immersion places are limited every year, which means you might need to wait until September if the immersion in June is full.

What are the 3 Goddess initiations and can I get them anywhere else?

Over the immersion you will be receiving 2 powerful initiations (there are 3 in total but I only do 2 on this retreat). They expodentially clear your aura and connect you to Goddess Isis. With rare exceptions, you can only receive them at the immersion as they are powerful, sacred initiations that require preparation, ceremony and ritual. Many people get scared when they hear the word initiation. These initiations are anything but scary. Often gentle, sometimes strong but always beautiful, powerful and amazing experiences of unconditional love that reconnect you with the Goddess, you as a Goddess - on a tangible feeling and body level.

What will the immersion consist of? What can I expect?

Powerful transformational teachings, tools and exercises, and of course the Goddess initiations. Connection with other women, a focus on awareness, feelings and consciousness clearing and expansion.

How does the Online Programme work with the Immersion and what does it involve?

The programme is a modular supported transformational programme that is then catalytically grounded through the Immersion.  The theory, experiential practises, meditations and explorations in the programme are complemented by the Immersion. Most importantly the Immersion provides you with your Goddess Initiations which are a fundamental aspect of your healing and expansion.

You are not expected to "keep up" with any programme content, as you have these resources for life and follow your pace.  All the material can be returned to at any point so you can journey into it deeper over the years to come. 

The two essentially can be taken separately or together but I encourage this combination as they are very powerful for transformation when combined.

It is not more work to do both essentially, but for some reasons people might not feel or be able to do both at the same time, hence them also being made available for separate purchase.

What is the reading?

You will receive an Astrology & Earth Path Charts analysis from Kate.  This gives you the opportunity to learn about your energy dynamics, themes, challenges, talents, goals and soul destiny and even past lives. Most importantly, it will key you into your highest potential. This alone is worth £120!


What time commitment is involved?

Since you have access to the online material and resources forever, you can take as much time as you like if you want to go slow and digest in your own time. Or you might want to go fast!

What access do I get to Maia during the programme and immersion?

You get access to Maia for the immersion, for answering questions and helping make sure you get what you need out of this time. With the online programme I offer a two hour block each week to answer email questions. If you have a geniune need for support I am there over skype, but some things might require you to book a session or I will direct you to helpful resources and tools.

What payment options are there?

Payment is in full only.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds are available once you have secured your place.

I don't know anything about the Goddess - does this matter?

Many women don’t!  That’s why we are doing this work! This retreat is suitable for those familiar and not familiar with this work. We will LOVE whatever you bring with you, and you are more than welcome to just come with curiosity. As long as you come with an open mind, and a willingness to look at yourself.

Are there any age restrictions?

As long as you’re a woman 18 years or older, or accompanied by an adult if under 18.

Will there be resources to take away from the immersion?

The retreat will provide around 8 resources to take away, but in the main it is the programme that provides the resources.

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