For a New Year full of love, abundance and manifestation, here’s a little ritual you can do to let go of the old and invite in the new.

What you need: incense, candle, essential oil, crystal

Begin by sitting with these two questions.

1. What do you want to leave behind in 2017?

Think about difficult memories, limiting perceptions of the year, what inhibits you feeling expansive in your soul, whatever is weighing you down.

2. What are your dreams and projects for 2018?

Take a moment to visualise your life in all it’s majesty. What intentions do you have for 2018? What do you want to ground in reality? What do you need more of in your life?

3. Holding your crystal

Close your eyes and attune to it’s vibration.

Holding the crystal, have the intention that it supports you to release the old year and transition you to the New Year and new energies.


4. Time for the release, focus on your body and your breath

Light your candle and incense.

Imagine your roots extending down from your second chakra into the Mother Earth. See them wrapping around tree roots, around beautiful crystals, going through caverns and caves, wrapping around larger crystals, sense and feel them, as you begin now to go down through molten rock and the heat of Mother Earth until you reach the epicentre and an inviting dark cave, Mother Gaia’s home. As you go inside you see her on her throne behind a beautiful campfire of violet flame.

Go sit on her lap and drop all the old stuff, your memories and worries, into her, she will begin the process of transmuting this all for you. Feel yourself surrendering to her love and compassion and total acceptance of you. She loves it all, everything, for she sees everything as her children. Say out loud:

“I call upon St Germain and his Violet Flame angels to light up all the energy in my body that is not conducive to this New Year, now.” Pause and wait for that to happen. Now say “I release all discordant energy from anyone or anything else, all attachments, density, thoughtforms, all fear, anything that doesn’t serve my highest soul path, and I ask for it to release from all my chakras, all DNA, all dimensions and all consciousness. I command it to release into the Violet Flame now.”

Standing up (literally), step into the Violet Flame campfire, feel it consume it all as it now blazes 8 feet high in response to your call.

Now take some time call back all this transmuted energy in its essence form (only the pure part will return), and the gifts and learning from all these challenges, back into your body. Say out loud:

“I call back the pure essence of all this energy back into my being, consciousness and all cells, now”.

Take the power of this energy down into your cells. Feel it integrating back into your core essence, become a flower opening to the Sun.

Bring your energy back up travelling back up through your roots into body fully. Feel that fresh, clear consciousness expand into your entire being.

5. With your candle

Look into the light of the candle and feel yourself merging with it’s light. It represents the light of spirit.

Holding your candle, drop into your heart space, feel your heart’s desires and the light within you. Now with all this new consciousness, state your intentions and dreams for 2018. Really feel your words and connect to the passion and desire in your heart to manifest what you wish for yourself. The more you feel it, the more powerful the ritual.

6. Rub your essential oil on your hands and your candle

If you have a few essential oils available, then just let your intuition guide you, just trust that it is the correct oil.

As you rub the candle, ask spirit and the Goddesses to bring you your desires, say out loud “I hold the intention that spirit fulfills my dreams in the highest and best possible way, in full alignment with my soul’s highest intention”, feel it, and stay in that energy for one moment.

In your heart, complete with welcoming in the New Year.

7. Spend a few moments in meditation

Connect with gratitude in your heart, knowing that your deepest dreams will be fulfilled in alignment with your soul’s desires. Let go of all your expectations as you reflect and open up to the new.

Are you ready to step into your fullest and highest potential this year?

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