We have a Full Moon in Virgo on 2nd March 2018 at 12.52 am GMT. For the last few weeks, we have been in between eclipses – the Lunar Eclipse on 31st January and the Solar Eclipse on 15th February.

This middle grown can always feel a little uncertain and destabilising; like we are waiting for a big event or shift to take us into a new version of ourselves or a new chapter of our lives. It’s a time for waiting and surrendering to the passage of time, not forcing things, knowing the way forward will soon distill.

When the direction to take or the answer to the quagmire we are in is not forthcoming, the next step is to give up our own personal will to Divine Will. Perhaps this is the first step. But anyhow, its a good time to surrender your control of events to a larger force that can guide us to the perfect decisions, moments in time and body signals. This process is about surrender and trust, and letting go of our personal will, motivations and ego agendas.

As every Pisces will tell you, Pisces energy raises our sensitivity to feelings and energies, the Virgo Full Moon reminds us to be discerning, to not assume we know the answers and truth, but do some digging. While it’s not necessarily a time to hold back from speaking our truth, since other energies support that expression, we will have to do this with awareness since what we think is true might not necessarily be true.

Full Moons can be emotional, intense times, and they often force action, sometimes that action can be premature, sometimes we need a Full Moon to take action or speak our words. But if we force the answers and clarity before we are ready, and fail to stop and differentiate our subjective truth from ‘the truth’, then its likely we will end up disappointed or frustrated.

We need to find our own ways to differentiate between our edges to full expression of our who we are, and legitimate resistance and holding back due to it not feeling the right time or the right thing. The answer can only come through listening to the body, our feelings, it’s signals and our intuition.

Our little (and big) fears need to be navigated carefully to finally be overcome. Sometimes we need to spend a long time around that edge, with that fear, until it’s ripe to be transformed. All fears are ultimately also our teachers. This is not a time to feel the fear and do it anyway, it’s about differentiation and listening closely to ourselves, paying attention to the broader picture and the small details.

A decision that feels uneasy, that feels more like an intuitive no, should be put on the back burner. This is not an easy differentiation to make at Full Moon time, but this Full Moon can certainly support us to refine this lesson.

Wise and intimate Jupiter in Scorpio is now forming a harmonious trine to the Venus, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces, which also conjoin over the next few days. This combination supports us to feel and trust that the small awarenesses we form inside are bringing us closer to clarity. Chiron is supporting us to open to deeper and deeper layers of healing.

You might find that the healing that is occurring (Pisces is a very reconnecting, healing season), is subtle yet intense. It happens more through our awareness and connection, than through anything else we do.

During this time it will help to remember that any new direction is still unseen or fresh to us, so allowing the process to unfurl without ego fear or resistance is integral to it’s smoother actualisation. If we allow feelings of being unsure, lost or confused to overwhelm us, and forget to stay grounded in our awareness of the bigger picture, we end up making choices that lead to us into chaos and disharmony. This is a time to feel – not think – our way through.

Mercury’s conjunctions with Venus and Chiron at this Full Moon will support us to communicate from a place of feeling and this alone helps address the wounds we feel in ourselves and our relationships. Talking about what hurts rebuilds relationships and deepens bonds. Pluto also supports this process by being in flowing sextile to Mercury, while Venus and Chiron invite us to speak the truth, no matter how difficult that is.

Mercury and Venus conjoin together by longitude on 4th March – Mercury and Venus cross over the equator and into Aries on 6th March. For these planets, this is like having a reboot or new start. It can bring a subtle shift in consciousness and energy over the next few weeks. Mercury and Venus are planets that feel into the world. They are connectors. This is a fresh start in combining the qualities of curiosity, play, love and creativity together with Chiron’s vulnerability and sensitivity.

By being aware and open-minded about the world around, our fresh observations can bring renewal to how you can deal with those sensitive places inside. By being willing to see both side of the situation (Mercury), the perspectives of all concerned, the feelings of others, you can realise a new perspective of your own, one that illuminates a new path out of frustration, pain and discouragement.

Its easy place to get stuck, unable to make clear choices since all options feel equally challenging or destabilising. We generally resist change as it brings up fear of expansion, and that for most people is really scary. Pisces energy tends to enlarge our fantasy world too, so we can spend our days and nights daydreaming a different reality, and with that our expectations can subtly grow out of proportion. This is particularly where women can suffer.

The process-oriented approach of Venus-Moon governing the female psyche means that women tend to embrace relationships (of all kinds) often without thinking about the consequences of them, this makes women naturally more receptive and inclusive.  It’s especially easy for women to enter a fantasy and illusionary world since we are more receptive and open in relationships. We just live relationships and understand that relationships stimulate our growth.

Women can easily get lost in the fantasy of what a relationship might be like, rather than deeply consider its reality. For many, it’s also a way to avoid commitment, a way out of the body and grounded, real, challenging relationships. Most women benefit from learning to consider their own needs from a deeper more realistic, grounded place. This helps integrate the wiser Moon element in her consciousness (which happens when Venus matures into the Moon).

Conversely, the goal-orientated aspect of Mars-Saturn which governs the male psyche means that the consequences and reality of relationships dominate. In the male psyche, there’s an internal tug of war between the pure desire impulse of Mars and the added responsibility cautioned by Saturn.  This is one reason why men tend to hold back, acting from a more cautious, grey area space before committing. Of course do men give themselves over to relationships but it’s much more frightening, and when there’s indecision, they generally cut and run.

Men are learning to not quash their Martian energy with Saturn, or let it run amok. Men are learning to bring together desire, responsibility, and personal integrity. Responsibility then becomes honour. Mars can then work towards it’s goals and Saturn backs him up. The two can work together in a particularly attractive way, for women.

We all have male and female aspects within, and a key part of evolution is integrating the feminine and masculine within. This path of integration in the male and female psyche is not easy. There are many illusions and pot holes along the way. Partners can spend most of their time lost in positive and negative projections received or given, desperately trying to find their own truth, and there are many false truths. Rather than work through relationship issues, many people choose to split and move on.

Right now, we are learning to get more realistic about our relationships, and clearer on our real needs and desires. The process of grounding and getting realistic can feel like it curtails expectations. This is never easy, but it doesn’t need to also lower your self-esteem (because you didn’t get what you’d hoped for) or mean you can’t learn to deeply value your own feelings and trust in them.

Being honest with yourself and others, valuing your feelings and trusting in them, knowing intuitively when to speak about them is a delicate process right now. It has to be attended to with love, care and kindness.

The flirting world, which is alive and vital with information. We need to learn to fully receive the feedback and stimuli we receive from our environment while staying in our centre and power.

This softening, receptive process has personally taught me that I should not just ‘have my say’ because, among other things, I feel I’ve been so challenged to find my voice, and it’s my right to use it.

We only make an internal battle for ourselves if we are unable to fully receive feedback from our environment. This Virgo Full Moon opens us up to many things, but more than anything its teaches us to receive that valuable feedback and deepen our connection with others and our environment. Have the faith that not being so stuck on your truth and opinions will open up difficult situations and help you move beyond them.

Perhaps the path I feel most pertinent for this Full Moon is one of humility and sensitivity to those you love and their experience. Then we can deeply receive these powerful, consciousness changing vibrations fully and completely right down to into our cellular being.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 00° Gemini 10' 04"
Moon 27° Libra 16' 17"
Mercury 06° Taurus 44' 05"
Venus 26° Taurus 08' 28"
Mars 15° Aries 21' 39"
Jupiter 28° Taurus 45' 45"
Saturn 18° Pisces 07' 41"
Uranus 23° Taurus 31' 43"
Neptune 29° Pisces 26' 47"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 01' 46" R
Chiron 21° Aries 44' 33"
TrueNode 14° Aries 55' 55" R
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