Thursday 11 February – New Moon in Aquarius 19:06 GMT

Saturday 13 February – Mercury conjunct Venus 7:48 GMT

Sunday 14 February – Mars sextile Neptune 2:13 GMT

Sunday 14 February – Mercury conjunct Jupiter 21:40 GMT

Wednesday 17 February – Saturn square Uranus 19:08 GMT

Thursday 18 February – Sun into Pisces 10:44 GMT

Friday 19 February – Venus square Mars 23:04 GMT 

Sunday 21 February – Mercury Direct 00:52 GMT

Thursday 25 February – Mars trine Pluto 1:52 GMT

Thursday 25 February – Venus into Pisces 13:11 GMT

Thursday 25 February – Sun sextile Uranus 21:13 GMT

Saturday 27 February  – Full Moon in Virgo 8:17 GMT 

We have a New Moon in Aquarius on 11th February 2021 at 19.06 pm GMT. This is a very powerful New Moon which challenges us to look deeper at our attachments, expectations and all fixed and rigid patterns that confine us into illusion. For Aquarius energy in it’s shadow is rigid and thinking, and the lighter side is forward, progressive thinking.

As we still mine the depths of this Mercury retrograde, we might not feel like reaching out and extending our energy into relationships – despite this being Aquarius season, which is the sign of friends and groups. Things feel more internal and this space feels important for us to honour as a lot is being worked out through creating this inner space for ourselves. Not pushing or forcing connection outside, but supporting it more inside.

There’s also two other things going on at this time, as a little expressed through the cards a below. A clinging to the old, and an invitation to new openings connected to dreams and visions, which might require a little clinging, preserving and push through.

Old seeds which didn’t make it through winter, are now being reseeded. In other words, ideas that you were thought were on par, now might need reworking, as you discover your orientation and direction has changed; changed as you changed. New seeds replace the old visions.

This constant shifting and opening of all possibilities is brought to us by the air element focus. It’s all about Aquarius at this New Moon. We have not only the Sun and Moon, but also Mercury retrograde, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius. Striking some balance within the many possibilities might not feel easy, since lots of air energy can bring over thinking.

All these Aquarius planets are in square to both Mars and Uranus in Taurus, bringing tension and asking us to look at that tension to work out what we need to go forward. Aquarius is all about progress, in it’s highest form, the question is what stands in the way.

It’s a powerful New Moon with some clear themes.

The fixed quality of Aquarius brings a lot of focus and concentration. It gives it a laser beam-like energy, but in the realm of the mind, as it’s the air element. The other side of Aquarius is it’s stubborn devotion to progression, uniqueness and difference, and it’s need for freedom and space to roam. It’s attached and detached at the same time. It might take time to make a decision, but once the choice is made, there’s commitment.

We commit to lots of things in our minds, without realising it. Most we commit to is born out of the collective mainstream thought, since this is largely what we are exposed to. We are not encouraged to think differently, or for ourselves. We are encouraged to belong and adhere to rules or ‘guidelines’ or behaviour (which are rules of conformity).

But we were born into this world with sovereignty; over our own life and our own minds. We were born free to think, feel, learn and love. I’m sure we can all agree that these capacities are infinite within us and that through them, we express our infinite worth. In many ways, the definition of freedom itself is the infinite value of the human sovereign being.

Anything that teaches us that we are not free, or can’t trust our inherent freedom, teaches that we do not have inherent value. To understand our freedom is to understand our inherent value.

We need to understand the difference between principles and rules or laws. Principles describe reality; they help us to make sense of the world as they are enablers – they are useful. They are like laws that govern our world. Every true thing we learn is a principle. Perhaps we could call them Divine Laws also. The movements of our hands are all based on principles. Principles within science like thermodynamics, are based on principles.

Rules and laws, on the other hand, are artificial – they impersonate principles. Through letting principles guide our life, we have more understanding and essentially more power. Through letting authority, laws, others and rules guide our life, we are divested of power, we lose it. Principles are truths that create freedom. We don’t ‘feel’ free when we adhere to laws, whether we are awake to this or not, and most are not awake to this at all. But we always understand this deep in our bones.

While the Nodes journey through the spectrum and polarity of Gemini-Sagittarius, we are learning about the differences, value and importance of differentiation between opinion and fact, truth and fiction, laws and principles, reality and illusion, knowing and openness. With Neptune squaring the nodes, we are challenged further to face denial, deception, delusion and illusion.

Nothing is as it appears with Neptune square the Nodes. There are no easy ways out, through a vaccine for example, or a ‘trust the plan’. In a way, we are forced to sacrifice the illusion, for truth. And this was never going to be a comfortable process. Truth has been exchanged for false narratives which distort and create alternate realities – we simply need to figure out what they are and it appears that the illusion is vast…

But the truth is easy to spot, for it is simple and calls the soul. And this is a time, even while in air season, to be in contact with the soul. Gentleness, valuing our own feelings and those of others keeps us connected in. We are reclaiming our souls really – our self-value and worth. Remember to understand our own worth and value – we need to understand the nature of freedom too, and Aquarius season is the season to do this.

Nothing is more valuable than us – no thing. Freedom is choice and wherever we are denied the opportunity to make our own choices; we are denied the chance to grow strong in our understanding of self – this is our birthright. Where freedom is inhibited, growth is stifled and with it our value, and ultimately our self-love. Freedom reflects our full potential and value back to us. Without it, we become carbon copies of ourselves.

In many ways the soul to soul connections between us (as humans to humans), which are perhaps now emerging more from this internal connection, are feeling more core to our lives. Not in a way that we need people, but that we honour their place in our lives and what they offer us. Whatever type of relationships we occupy, we are working to strengthening our soul connections with others by being inside ourselves more.

The soul is in deep repair, the soul is the bridge between the 3D and 5D dimensions, without it’s health, we struggle to bridge and occupy our full selves and get cornered into aspects of our being. I’ve witnessed a lot of deep soul repair recently. If we can connect deeper with ourselves, and are not ‘shut out’ of our souls, then we can connect deeper with others. So this repairing of our 4th dimensional bridge into the fifth dimensional consciousness is smoothing the pathway into anchoring higher frequencies down into the 3D.

The year long, on and off, ongoing Saturn square Uranus, begins after this New Moon on 17th. The further dates are 14th June and 24th December.

Saturn is about boundaries, authority and control. Authority comes in the guise but it is the control and power over others which is the violence – it teaches that we are not worthy of ruling ourselves. That only government and institutions are worthy of ruling. We alone are the rightful owners of ourselves. If anyone tries to take this away, it needs to be seen for what it is. Saturn is a teacher though, it forces a deeper alchemy within a person.

Uranus on the other hand, seeks freedom, and protects freedom. It is revolutionary change and progress. It is shaking up many established foundations of society. Freedom does not destroy, yet this is what we are now being taught in large doses in the mainstream narrative. When Saturn and Uranus tussle, freedom and authority come up against each other for resolution. With Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus, polarisation can lead to conflict, destruction and suffering. But it can also bring creative tension, a chance to integrate polarities.

Additionally, Jupiter’s recent contact with Saturn, which will return later this year when Jupiter retrograde’s back into Saturn’s domain, brings the big themes of ethics, morality, principles, justice, and responsibility more into the foreground (if they weren’t there already). This all in the realm of society, and community, with it’s journey through Aquarius, as these are the social planets. These together also, like the Uranus and Saturn square, raise larger questions, especially in the wake of all the larger, background, generational transformative astrological patterns (there’s too many to list).

All this is going to extend well into 2021 and beyond, for both Jupiter and Uranus can be seen to polarise with Saturn. Given that changes in society (and in ourselves) will usually involve at least some form of inner and outer death, this year might bring some profound processes of disorientation as the necessary letting go continues.

Familiar buffers, strategies and defences need to be stripped away, a delayering process, which leaves us raw and vulnerable. Usually we try and protect ourselves from this, but it’s time to do the work to uncoil and unravel, opening up space within.

Big shaking up in our personal lives – as well as on the collective level. We just need to learn to connect more of the dots, the Gemini north node, between the larger collective processes and the smaller personal processes. Once we learn how to form these connections, it’s much easier to identify truth, and then clarity and decisions come easily. It also helps us trust in the path of unfoldment.

So back to the Aquarius New Moon, our mental body and mindscape needs space. And we need to create that space. Space to rethink, undo and reexamine how we have been living. What we have adhered ourselves to without questioning and doubting. Doubt can be a useful process if it leads to questioning of values and the principles or lack of principles we live by. What have we blindly believed to be true or false is in reassessment. Essentially what have we given our power to?

You see, our bodies are finely attuned to truth, and the more trust and contact we have with our body, the easier it is for truth to register within us. When we are prescribing to and living with lies, our body will not rest until we hear it. Sometimes it speaks so loudly that we lose the plot and step outside of the rules. This is not such a bad thing.

Often the environment we find ourselves within is not reflecting the highest of principles. Do not make the mistake of jumping to make yourself the problem. Assess on the basis of principles. Take a more bird’s eye picture. See what might need questioning. This is particularly the case in terms of group dynamics. They have a strong impact on us, if the teaching or teacher is out of alignment, some of us are very sensitive to principles within a group sphere. And Aquarius energy really attunes us to this and challenges will come in whatever form, and through whomever to bring a higher alignment.

Of course, it’s natural to also expect opposition and pain, internal and external, to this, it’s the nature of community, conformity and ego. But if we focus more on within and work on opening up to change, rather than sticking to old patterns and ways of doing things, we will increasingly be shown what is and what is not supporting life. We will be redirected towards other life-giving options, if we have chosen a life of living through principles. Trust in this.

Reality is changing, every moment is a choice (who chooses is the eternal million dollar question without a clear or fixed answer), and as with the bifurcation of time, it will feel like the world is splitting in two. We need to accept that our molecules are rearranging, readjusting to new frequencies. The process of arrival and reawakening means disturbances in personality. It will unsettle our systems, bring emotional stuff up and throw out our hormones. Its normal to be wobbly when we are landing more of us into our bodies. Supporting our internal systems is always central to self-love also.

This is what happens when we open the antahkarana; the bridge between the higher self (Divine aspect) and ego self (personality human aspect). As this bridge widens, they unify, which is essentially the process of awakening. The higher mind which is connected to truth is more accessible when your antahkarana (bridge) widens.

So those stuck in the old illusions of authority and power over, and their false versions of what it means to be free, perhaps can’t see the widening and division, but as the divide widens and the bridge also widens, everyone prepared to stay, will see.

3D reality is still holding it together, but for how much longer? It’s only a matter of time before the structures that hold it together break down in more visible ways. I think it will accelerate, and be accelerated. How long is anyone’s guess. But our work is in our understanding of what we are aligning to – ego and death with power over, or life. Yet to be prepared to destroy what is out served it’s purpose is to support life. This is where death supports life.

Aligning with higher self places us in the path of freedom and life. As we look increasingly inward to access our inner resources (Mercury retrograde) we navigate our way towards higher paths which bring a different flavour of learning into our lives.

The so-called dirty words – fear, shame, guilt, anger, pride, are not our enemies, but we must work through some of the dirt and acknowledge the suffering it causes to become free. Nothing the subtle emotion is the hardest work; the little ways in which our ego self holds on to it’s separate and fear driven reality, we need a lot of awareness for this. But we must also make the links to the narratives and messages outside, so we can discern our way out of the illusion.

So Aquarius fixed sign – how do we trap ourselves – attach, expect, resist? Where are we fixated and super focused or attached to seeing progress happening in a certain way? Fixed signs learn about the correct use of will. Divine will rather than ego will. There’s a need to step out of seeing things in a certain way or light. Can we embrace a sense of adventure in opening our minds in a new way? Can we explore sharing soul to soul connections more in our lives – rather than ego to ego…?

Can we allow ourselves to take risks, stay in trust, invite, receive and then accept grace, be vulnerable and humble, stay authentic and true to ourselves, despite all the outward circumstances? This will all help us navigate the denser aspects of our soul healing and the external reality right now. And I feel that courage, trust, faith and hope are a bit like the gateways in all this – I always feel these are qualities of the soul.

How can we stay connected on a humanitarian level? This is Aquarius – it’s about the soul connections between us. Honour them. This is a sacred journey in 2021, more than any other I feel. One between you and your Divine being.

So whatever we call this – the age of Aquarius, the end times, the second coming of Christ, the golden age, or the great awakening – it’s a major transition of soul. 2021 is an awakening of the bridge. We can make this process a bridging rather than a battle in our own reality. There might be a battle between global domination on the one hand and sovereignty on the other, in the external world, but we can shift our personal reality into interdependence, which is what sovereignty really is – a decentralisation.

The big question is how is all this philosophical and spiritual backdrop informing our decisions and therefore our lives? That’s so big, I can barely stomach it, yet this is where we are heading. Perhaps a simpler focus is to understand the simplicity of sovereignty – connecting to the truth and freedom. 2021 is laying the foundation for sovereignty, paving the way for this.

Finally, with Chiron, travelling between Jupiter and Uranus, intercepting the orbit of Saturn on the way, I think we can expect a large dose of compassion and forgiveness, and a releasing of the Saturnian density in all ways – personally, collectively and historically. Lets perhaps hold onto at least that.

Tarot – The Hierophant

Knower of stars, priest, shaman, initiated into the movement of the planets and the wisdom of the serpent. Guarding the keys to the realm of the unconscious. The gesture of your hand shows your calling. Enlightened to choose the way of service. Transforming suffering into knowing. We get to know the universe. A breath heralds your existence.

Archetypes – The Destroyer

The Destroyer – the final of the three archetypes in the trio of existence – as necessary yet painful work to do in the world. Culturally, we have an aversion to endings. And we hang on to permanence as a signifier of success. Yet The Destroyer pulls the rug out from underneath relationships, jobs, homes, and all forms of security. It’s the part of us that wants things to end. Its painful orientation is to uncover our true purpose. The Destroyer does not let us linger long in comforts, as it knows not much happens in that realm. With its piercing eyes, it seeks out stagnancy from a distance and the rest…becomes history. In the old myths this is the moment when heads begin to roll, the ground opens up, and castles crumble. Hold on for the ride – The Destroyer has arrived. When light it is swift and precise blows that redirect our life. When dark it is self-destruction, negativity, unwillingness to rebuild. 

I’Ching – Abundance 55

Most of the time we experience life as though we are somehow victims of material reality and in servitude to our bodies and the emotions that flood through. Escaping the lower, emotional reality to transcend into higher spiritual states is a way we can become trapped. Yet every emotional experience, if it makes you unhappy, tells us that there’s something there to heal, there’s a correction, we’ve forgotten our true identity as Source. In the search for the heightened state, the fullness, we want it to last forever, and we can cling. But it’s natural for states to change. But as the Sun appears to set and the moon appears to wane, they always remain full. There is fullness within the emptiness, an inexhaustible source. But attitude is everything and true abundance is where we know whatever state or emotion, it is as it should be, even if it then becomes the raw material for inner alchemy. This card is about riding on top of the waves, letting peace reside within, and life replenishes you from this space. Trusting in life, knowing that some of the highest levels of consciousness annihilate the illusion of some kind of spiritual experience. Everything serves us, if we can choose the attitude to see it. And if you can’t find that place, use that as fodder to find the place requiring healing.

Isis Cards – Spirit of Isis

Beloved Initiate, there are times to surrender and let go, but there are never times to give up! Persist with your bold faith and inspired action until the impossible happens. Isis has the spirit of triumph and will never fail in her quest, no matter how bold or impossible it seems. Let her inspire you! Believe.

The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Lynda Bunnell

Isis Oracle Alana Fairchild

Archetypes Kim Krans

Tarot Margaret Petersen

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