Body Consciousness Realignment

A powerful process of realignment which gets our body elementals working on side, with you, rather than against you - an essential process for those on their awakening path
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The body has a consciousness of it’s own, made up of thousands of devic, elemental beings or keepers. These beings run the body’s functions, regulating our system, organs and all the resources and supplies so that our body supports our physical incarnation on earth. When we begin to embody our lightbody of the 5th dimension, which is the awakening process, our body elementals, with whom we have taken joint vows to keep us in separation consciousness, begin to struggle. Their role is after all to keep us in separation and honour the original plan – separation consciousness, keeping us disconnected from Source.

As our body consciousness struggles to assimilate and integrate the new light coming in, we can begin to get an array of different and amplified symptoms. This is a process of realignment which the result of getting your body elementals on board with the current changes and shifts to come. As the light continues to enter through the energetic shifts occuring on our planet and also through the purification, light and body work, meditation, and good nutrition, the effect is that the body consciousness, who are operating under the old ‘rules’, struggle to keep up. They continue to out picture disturbances through the body, and as our personality and soul are rise in frequency, the issue can strengthen it’s grip.

With the harmonic convergence of 1987, the game of separation from spirit was complete. This means that while there’s a lot of work to do, and it might take generations for that full reconnection to Source to be anchored, we are still no longer moving into separation and our path is now one of reconnection with spirit. This doesn’t necessarily make things easier, but at least we know where we are heading and have some ideas now of how to get there. This process is one of the few, genuine ‘quick fixes’ that I have discovered along my path of awakening, that I can stand by and say it accelerates and stabilises us on this sometimes challenging journey.

Signs That This Right For You 

Scattered and out of balance
An amplification of physical symptoms – inflammation rooted issues
Feel like your body is working against you
Separate from your body and like it has a will on its own
Incoherent – like your mind and body are working against your intention

Body Consciousness Realignment involves

Establishing a communication link with the body consciousness
Breaking the original vows taken – we break these vows from a very high level of consciousness and work with specific beings
Replacing elemental beings who are ready to move on to their next step in evolution

You Can Expect To Feel

More grounded and relaxed
Background level fear is dissolved
Feeling more focussed and still

A sense of coherence, clarity and clear thinking

A sense that something is different – in a good, permanent way

What It Can Bring

There are no guarantees, but I have witnessed spontaneous healings from this process – both in terms of the body and the mind


£140 for 1 hr 30 mins

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