“Quite Simply, The Most Powerful Experience A Woman Can Have”

The Abundant Goddess™

Immersion 25-26 July 2020: £198

You Receive:

♡ 2 days of Tools, Transformation & Sisterhood

♡ 2 Powerful Goddess Initiations initiating you into the Divine Feminine

♡ Optional evening ceremony

♡ Powerful Rituals and Ceremony

♡ Life changing Meditations, Exercises & Teaching

This Goddess Immersion gives you 2 days powerful yet gentle transformation. You will meet your Goddess within and over the 2 days build a relationship with her that will transform your life forever. You will receive 2 very powerful Goddess Initiations that clear out your energy body at root, cause and through all levels and dimensions of your existence. These initiations are like nothing else on this planet. A seed of light is placed in each of your chakras that encodes you with ascension energies and you receive the codes from Isis. You will also be reconnected with your Divine Mother, work on your ancestral wounds, heal your shame body and understand what it takes to transform your reality into a consciousness that enamates no fear and only peace and love.

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