A powerful activation for those yearning to embody higher frequencies of lightbody…

If you are eager to joyfully and consciously co-create your reality then this activation will assist you towards that goal. 

At this time of great acceleration and awakening, these activations are a prerequisite to access higher dimensional consciousness. Working with the ascended masters and the Elohim we install powerful sacred geometry into your energy field. We upshift the Merkabah, your star tetrahedron used to access higher dimensional realms, to the Merkiva, Merkava and finally the Merkana.  Each level increases the ability to carry higher and higher frequencies of light.

Through the Merkava activation we travel to the Oversoul to clear multiple past lives in just one simultaneous practice. This leaves your astral field free of a lot of it’s old trauma, poverty consciousness, power abuse and victimhood.

Once we have cleared the pathway, we can install the higher 5th dimensional frequencies of the Merkana.

With the Merkana successfully installed, you will be living at a much higher frequency of Light and your thoughts and feelings will manifest at a much faster rate. This is a powerful tool for instant manifestation.

The Purpose Of This Activation Is To:

  • Clear all past lives using the Merkava, Oversoul & Sacred Fire
  • Learn the mechanics of auric protection & maintenance
  • Balance & revive the activities between the two brain hemispheres
  • Increase your life force energy
  • Assist in the shift to 5th dimensional crystalline lightbody
  • Crystallise your DNA, RNA, your pineal, pituitary & thymus glands
  • Install the crystalline codes of Divine Will, Divine Creativity, Divine Unity, Divine Compassion & Divine Wisdom
  • Enable you to manifest at a faster rate, sometimes instantaneously
  • Align you with the 144 crystal grid of the planet activated on 12.12.2012
  • Bring you a higher level of integrity & responsibility – in thought, feeling & action
  • Raise your frequency so to embody greater levels of light, strengthening connection with higher self tenfold
  • Bring forth the experience of 5th dimensional, pure, Unconditional Love
  • Connect you with your 33 chakras

What You Will Receive:

  • An indispensable tool that you can work with repeatedly to clear past lives simultaneously
  • A channelled 12 chakra meditation for daily connection
  • Installation of the Merkiva, Merkava & Merkana & recordings
  • Teach you how to travel to your Oversoul, your control room
  • A fine tuning of each chakra, set so in a coherent chorus with the planet
  • A huge upshift in your consciousness and lightbody
  • And if you manage the Merkana installation – a powerful experience of light reflecting light outpicturing in your reality, pure clarity of being and an incredibly expanded consciousness

This is a private session spanning 4 hours either in person or online activation that is over two sessions.

Purchase and then we organise a date for our private 1-1 session lasting 4 hours

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