Sun opposite Moon

This is a Full Moon chart, for those born just before, at or after a Full Moon. The Sun is opposite the Moon, which juxtapositions the solar identity opposite the emotions & needs. The Moon’s unconscious light mirrors the Sun’s solar conscious light. You may see yourself echoed in others. The Sun is the total opposite of the Moon in many ways, so having them in opposition isn’t entirely uncomfortable. However it does endow individuals a level of intensity in their relationships – much will be experienced and encountered through relationships.

Here the individual’s mission is to bring synergy & balance between the masculine & feminine aspects of the psyche, the ego & feelings. Your conflict & struggle can be creative & initially, the process might be about discovering the stimulating aspects of opposite yin yang forces. Both extreme expressions of the person require to be lived & embodied – the masculine & feminine, although initially the identity might express itself more in one than the other, until later balance & integration are found.

When the Sun is more in focus, the Moon’s qualities (with it the feelings, values, needs, vulnerability) get marginalised, repressed or avoided by the individual. With the Moon subjugated, the needs for nurture and support are projected onto others – you might encounter individuals who need you to take care of them, or conversely, they may have the need to sustain you. You may also have a strong ego, have a lot of conflict in your life & not be in touch with others’ feelings. Underneath the appearance of independence there might be some very deep yearnings to be met – the Moon in shadow excludes the needs for care & support.

Whereas when the Moon is emphasised, more primary & familiar to the individual, the identity & sense of self is marginalised & the person might be a muddle of intense feelings. With the Sun subjugated, the sense of self is projected onto others, resulting in them displaying strength of identity whereas you do not – you might encounter strong individuals who know precisely who they are. Your relationships with partners & family are more likely to be co-dependent, living life through others. Your emotions dominate, & you have a very weak sense of self. The predisposition is towards self-indulgence.

Either way, it’s quite likely that the reconciliation of these opposing, polarised forces plays out in relationships. There’s a strong possibility of creating & projecting qualities that are not recognised as part of you.

Embracing the marginalised Sun or Moon requires work on the belief systems that act as the boundary between what you see as you & what is not you. A big part of the journey to reconcile these opposing forces will be to look at your family background & what you learnt from your parents’ relationship. Frequently, parents were poles apart & very different in nature. Sometimes that might have caused an irreconcilable split, whilst in other cases, the parents might have stayed together despite their opposed views & conflicts.

The ego represented by the Sun might try & defend itself against the unconscious emotions that get projected & come at you through others. There is also a tendency to suppression & conflict. Remember the ‘other’ is there to teach you more about yourself, even if it appears as a disturbance.

Opposition brings a level of intensity, in the same way that Full Moons are a time of culmination. Keeping perspective amidst strong emotions might be part of the journey with this key aspect. You might assume that others think, feel and hold the same values as you. When resolved, the active and passive, masculine and feminine sides of the psyche are integrated and in balance, giving you a strong sense of identity that also has the awareness of others, & a nurturing, caring emotional side that can take into account others feelings.

Relationships are not always easy as they are your arena. Yet you value them immensely, both for making you feel alive as well as a tool for your transformation. It may be hard to find someone who you feel is your genuine soul mate because you are constantly meeting challenge, conflict & growth through your relationships. Remember, the true definition of soul mate is not someone who is the same as you, even though you sometimes yearn for that. Deep, intensely fulfilling relationships, meeting you at all levels, and satisfying all your needs, is what you crave. It’s important to understand that part of the reconciliation & maintenance of these situations requires compromise & recognition of others rather than just your own needs & values. You might also need to learn how to be in a relationship; how to receive & give, & combine forces constructively. Part of that requires you to get in touch with yourself – the ‘real you’ despite all the conditions placed upon you. That ‘you’ is buried deep inside, and needs unearthing. The challenges you are given make you into the strong, capable & determined individual you are.

The Full Moon gives you the tendency to act without thought & consideration. You may at times be unpredictable, unreliable or contradictory.  It’s good to slow down & understand that your cultivating objectivity will help. While it might be impossible to achieve a measured release of energy, with more integration of both the Sun & Moon, the anima & animus, you will find the flow & fluidity for more beneficial movement of energy. Taoism, martial arts, tai chi or qi gong might support you long term for this synthesis & release.

Letting go of the past, your family of origins, your enculturation, & the conditioning that sometimes runs deep might be part of your learning path. Endings and letting go is part of the Full Moon aspect. The tendency might be to be one-sided – being strongly individual & diminishing the need for your roots, family or country of origin, or, strongly clinging to the past. Knowing your boundaries within your feeling world & in your relationships can support your move forward. Your path is one that’s full of feeling & this is what needs to be enhanced the world. Remember, it’s your gift as well as your nemesis. Remind yourself what your goals are & be clear on where you are heading, lest you get swept up in the intense feeling that prevents you applying detachment to your decisions.

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