After the peaks and highs of 2012, for many lightworkers 2013 was meant to be a year of rest.  A time to let the tension and fight drain from us.  But many of us have still found this hard, we are so ready and prepared for the fight – even in the smallest of ways.

But the energy we used to fight is now beginning to relax.  What previously challenged us is now shifting into feeling like real opportunities for soul evolution.  This is not everyone’s experience but soon we will all begin to have more of this in our lives.

The main role of the lightworker right now is to bring in this flow and relaxed approach to life into our world.  To give you an idea…  if it flows, then follow it.  If you are pushing upstream like a salmon in the river then you are making effort.  This world knows how to do that.  We don’t need anymore teachers like that – it’s nothing new for our world.

One of the most important things is getting connected to our highest potential, which comes from our higher selves and our multidimensional nature.  When we look in the mirror we might just see one being, but the reality is that we are multiple beings of light.  We are many, not one.  When we grasp, accept, integrate and then live this idea of not being isolated in our linearity then lots of things start changing.

We are multidimensional beings of light.  For now, we move in and out of this experience.  And understanding this through our mind is just not enough.  It doesn’t work – we have to experience it.  But for now making the 5th dimensional reality of multiplicity a stronger experience in your mind is a great first step.

The next important step in our evolution is understanding and anchoring that whatever is happening in your life, whatever the experience it is perfect.  Yes I know we’ve heard this one all before.  But knowing it in your head is not the same from following through and making this part of your reality.

And yet is it also not perfect?  Our world is also hugely imperfect – on a lower level.  And when we have that experience we must start doing the work or at least remind ourselves that we exist in more than one reality in that moment.  We forget that these challenging experiences often lead us towards something golden – especially if we hold the belief that they will…

Life is a cycle, in the same way as the earth has it’s cycles and rhythms.  This idea differs from what we are currently being taught by society and our world leaders who believe in linearity, success and retribution.

Then the question is can we stand for what’s not perfect in our world, holding, expressing it’s imperfection and maintaining it’s perfection at the same time?  This takes strong dual awareness to be aware of these two polarity dimensions.

We have lived many, many lives, we’ve seen it all.  We will live on no matter what.  This is a challenge to connect with.  We get so consumed and identified with what’s happening to us right now.  But perspective can change everything.

But I think this door opens slowly.  We can know it in our head, but feeling this reality takes awareness, discipline, presence and intent.  These qualities of being are more easily accessible when we are regularly connected to and connecting with our higher selves.  Either that or you are born knowing it.

This next idea is somewhat of a mystery.  When we can take a look around ourselves and without any judgement and clearly, accurately isolate what is real and not real, what’s part of the illusion and what’s part of reality, well then we have come a long way.  We often get stuck at this one and subtly without knowing it, identify with the illusion of separateness.

So the question often is how and where do we access this knowing?  Can we also be so sure that it’s a knowing – a certainty.  What blocks this access or interrupts it?  And how do we deal with not knowing, not being so sure?  My idea is that it’s not so much about being certain and sure of what’s real and not.  What’s more important is how we manage ourselves when we have to play the waiting game to get the clarity.

The process of differentiation, of gaining clarity over matters, can sometimes be a long one that pulls us into strong fear responses.  But what if we could gently and softly try and get clarity, and if it doesn’t come that way, we can say well, ce la vie – it’s not meant to be right now, I will be patient and wait.  And then we have to manage the part of us that wants to escape relationships (in particular) and avoid dealing with reality.

We often have this idea that ascension is something that will lift us into the clouds…  I see it more of a decension.  Not as an escape to the stars but a coming to know that planet earth is your home.  And when you know that, you will be in the stars, for our earth is a star.

But this means being and managing reality, not escaping it.

Our body is a great way of following what’s real and not.  Others might be able to find it in the idea of what ignites fear or love within. When we can step out of our own limiting beliefs, behaviours and emotional triggers to ask the question what’s happening right here now, is this real, does this get us connected or keep us separate from our fellow human beings… then we have developed a strong inner facilitator to negotiate and facilitate our reality.  Then we can accurately evaluate our world and universe.

Most of what we are taught is not real.  So ultimately high consciousness living requires simultaneously engaging with and questioning just about everything that others assume is reality.

We might feel alone in this new reality for a while.  The world might look mad to us to begin with, our friends might look mad to us, but that’s just perfect until we settle into that that’s just part of a perfect process.

Finally quietness, stillness and balance – these are the attributes of a soul that has stepped into an ancient remembrance.  That doesn’t require external stillness and quietness all the time.  It’s more internalised.  It gives us a relaxation in the world.

Here there is no reason to validate, define and justify the ego.  We are the Tao through which everything flows.  This just is, our reality is what it is and that’s ok.  Quietness is an attribute of wisdom.  This one is way down the line though…  especially for us westerners.  Those in the East know this one well.

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