Channeled by Fran Zepeda – September 29, 2013

Mary Magdalene:

My dear friends, my dear beloveds, I come before you today to discuss an important topic in your development. Not all will relate to this in the same way and not all will understand it in the same way. For you are all developing at different speeds and rates and all is perfect for each of you individually at this time.

What I have to share today is about your connection to your higher selves, to look at it in a different perspective and to understand it in a different way. You all have the potential to be one with your higher selves and with your higher aspects and all have the ability to connect with Source in this lifetime.

You do not need to go through an intermediary. Yes, until your telepathic abilities are completely honed, it is helpful to receive information through pure channeled sources, and it is also helpful in allowing your connection and your confidence and your abilities to develop as you connect with the love energy from channels connected with Source information.

But by all means do not discount the fact that as you continue to raise your vibration and build your crystalline structures and be more integrated with your multidimensional selves through the acceptance and integration of light energies available to you now, that you are steadily and surely building a connection with your higher selves and Source. And this is important: You have then the potential to connect with Source AS your higher selves and aspects.

For you are all sovereign and contain a spark and aspect of Source through which your higher selves and aspects are connected.  The time is now to acknowledge that you are integrating and thriving in a new milieu of energy that is conducive to this realization and connection with Source. You all can do it. You all are capable.

Allow yourselves to step-up your vibrations daily and ask to be merged with your higher aspects and higher ascended selves. In that, you can recognize that you are all Masters with complete access to information that you need to grow and thrive in the 5th dimension.

Now does this mean that you are all there right now? It means that you all have the potential. And the clearings and the integration and the building of your light bodies are all leading you there to inhabit the higher dimensions more and more. Many of you are straddling and going back and forth, and many are learning to live in both and several dimensions all at once.

As you increase your light quotient and as you let go of your old outmoded concepts of duality bit by bit, you are honing your energies to be more steadily in the 5th dimension and higher, and many are becoming much more comfortable with this.

It is all just stair-steps really, and how fast you go is dependent on your contracts and individual physical capability of holding the Light that you truly are, of course, but also on your ability to let go of attachments to the 3rd dimensional concepts of yesteryear. You know this; I don’t have to go into it further. But as you sense and experience the freedom that comes from letting go of all attachments and beliefs and issues and fears that bring you back to your old way of living and thinking, like a tether attached to you, you will have the means and ability to soar even higher.

You are all doing very well, and many are experiencing many inspirations and validations of their true divine selves. And this is wonderful to see as you all, at your own pace, let the “light bulbs” go off in the form of  “ahas” and sweet subtle knowings of what you know deep down inside to be true and pure. You are experimenting now with staying in that mode, of always connecting to your highest aspects with complete confidence that what you are getting is true and pure.

You will know this by the simple affirmation you receive from your guides and higher aspects that you are on the right path in the form of a calm certainty and gentle clear perspective on things that has nothing to do with rationalization and misgivings coming from old fears and old beliefs. It is a quiet knowing that you are receiving clear information, and it is accompanied by a loving, exalted excitement, yet peaceful sense of being centered in your hearts. It is accompanied with that feeling of wanting the best outcome for all, no matter what, and it is accompanied by your acknowledgment of yourself as part of One Source.

The minute you try to analyze it, you enter a lower vibration, so practice working with your higher aspects during and after each meditation, being sure in your meditations to raise your vibration by connecting with your heart and the highest vibration of Christ Consciousness and then let go and surrender to what comes in, without monitoring it or coloring it with old concepts and beliefs that used to drive you.

Practice it and you will get better at it, dear ones. I guarantee it. You are presently being lifted with these present energies to allow you to be connected more and more with your higher aspects, and all the work you have done to clear yourselves of fears and connection to false and limiting beliefs, is leading you there.

I beseech you to be in your quiet still space more and more throughout your day in order to connect, and soon you will find you are connecting throughout all your activities because the connection will start to rule your whole perspective and mode of operation in your daily lives.

I leave you now with this advice to ponder and practice. You are all exalted beings of the light and you all have full capability of this connection with your higher aspects constantly, to merge completely, and to operate as the true Divine Beings that you are – full and complete Exalted Beings of the Light, full and complete sparks and aspects of Creator of All-That-Is.

All my love,

Mary Magdalene


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