This is the second new moon in Aquarius this month precise on 18th February 2015 at 11.49 pm GMT.  This is the fifth in a series of six new moons that form in the last, 29th degree of Aquarius which makes it incredibly potent – suggesting we are in the depth of a period of new openings, possibilities and opportunities.  So with the Sun intensifying in visionary Aquarius and then slipping into philanthropic Pisces humanity’s awareness advances so we can make steps towards unity consciousness.  In essence we are transitioning from an identity of all being part of the human race to experiencing our relationship with all life seen and unseen.

It might not have always felt like this over the last few months, but this month there is a palatable shift of energy where we can feel the exciting change on the horizon.  The last few weeks, with Mercury retrograde, have been a time of stalling and stilling.  This is a resting time of no decisions and no forward movement.  Even though Mercury has gone direct in the last few days, there’s still been a fair amount of chaos around communication and getting moving again.  The moon is also unaspected, void of course, in the last few degrees of Aquarius, so initiating anything just before this new moon is not a good idea. Wait until the next early morning for that.  But we are now on the verge of shifting into new levels of awareness which this super new moon which supports, especially if supported with a new moon ritual.

We also have Venus and Mars hand in hand, on the verge of conjoining, melding these forces together just after this new moon is exact at the potent Aries cardinal point.  These are seminal times with these pivotal forces meeting and working together towards an Aquarian vision.  The potential awareness that can be garnered at this time is phenomenal.  We just need to be prepared to see what we wouldn’t usually see. This initiates a new cycle between Venus and Mars.  The yin and the yang, the yielding and asserting.  This conjunction is about finding new ways to express these two energies in the same moment.

This month has been a time of much personal growth, things that have been intractable for perhaps years have finally come to a place of completion or new understanding.  Edge awarenesses which we have been grappling with have finally made there way into our conscious understanding and some of us now see some sort of horizon or have turned some sort of corner.  It’s like we have some pieces of the puzzle fitted together and are beginning to see the whole picture.  This will manifest for people in different ways at different levels, some of this will be subtle small shifts that may have rippling effects for our lives, while others might experience this in big life changes that are anything but understated.  For some it might be a subtle awareness that’s the key to a new world and for others it’s a solid, substantial thing.

While we are all making steps towards moving out of our separation consciousness, this new moon might give us a heightened awareness of how we might be just moving through another level of separation consciousness.  The levels of separation are seemingly endless sometimes.  We think we’ve worked it out and then the next year we are looking back seeing how little we actually understood.  This is a healthy, natural process of change not to be denied, we can’t just leap into unity consciousness, and it’s often the tiny steps that open our eyes to what we didn’t know.  The separation must not be separated off either, as is sadly often the case.  It’s to be welcomed as a necessary part of the process to reach the unity and connectedness that we all yearn for.

This new moon activates the Saturn Neptune square and the Uranus Pluto square which raises questions around how we make the implicit explicit and conversely the explicit implicit.  This seems to be such a huge thing in our world – the disparity between the dreaming world of what we sense, feel, intuit and that of consensus reality which is that of tangible, concrete manifestation that we can identify with and cling to.  The problem is that we swing between these worlds and don’t bridge the gap.  Perhaps for instance we intuit what someone is really meaning behind the content of their words but we fail to explicitly address it and so it is destined to float around uncomfortably until we come to a difficult relationship issue.  Or perhaps we spend time doing all the time and focus so much on the tangible concrete reality that we fail to address the dreaming world, denying it’s importance in our lives.  Either way, the two worlds are not bridged, and we are split between an awareness of unity and a clear inhabitation of duality.

Essentially, bridging these two worlds means moving fluidly and effortlessly between them, like the shaman, deconstructing and reconstructing reality.  It means walking a tightrope even as we swing from one extreme to another.  We can’t eradicate the swings of reality (the light and dark), but what is within our capacities is honouring the two worlds of the dreaming and the consensus, and not taking or identifying with any of them either.  It’s as thought we can dance the opposites, the polarities, rather than belong to one or the other.

Just as the yin takes in and the yang pushes out, we don’t need to confine ourselves to one or the other, in any given moment we can be both. This doesn’t mean, for example, that when we feel the invasion by another that we simply just need to kindly and honestly assert our boundaries, it means we do the inner work necessary in that moment to offer a deeper level of awareness, that reflects their own and our own, so we bridge these worlds and in turn reunify ourselves from our momentary separation.  We are then no longer the martyr who gives endlessly or the rigid boundary keeper who refuses to give.  We become instead the one that gives from the deepest part of her wholeness, giving her awareness of the other and on her own terms, in the ways she chooses.  This is stepping into a fifth dimensional eldership.  All of us can pick up the responsibility to facilitate our relationships (in particular) in this way, choosing eldership rather than another bogus version of separation consciousness.

These energies could easily create a response that causes us to defend our position.  We might feel so strongly that we are right and the other is wrong that we fail to reconcile with each other.  Are we willing to step out of our position and see it from the other person’s feeling perspective or do we prefer to just be right?  It takes a lot of awareness to step over that dividing line to the other side.  It takes a surrender of our much loved ego to admit we might not be totally justified in adhering to just our version of reality.  But just the willingness can be enough to kick start the ‘coming back together’ process.   It’s a coming back together with ourselves too, essentially.

The new moon forms at the midpoint between the on going Uranus Pluto square, making semi-squares to both planets.  This is another indicator of the potency of this new moon and the shift from the idea of humanity with common goals to the ultimate reality of the inherent interconnectedness of life.  What stops us from recognising and dropping into how each and every soul is constantly trying to expand our awareness of ourselves?  Training, experience, love?  I don’t think we have any training in working with the dynamics of the quantum reality we live in.  We do not know how to facilitate ourselves in the field of consciousness that we all exist in, that is whispering to us at all times.  We are only trained in separation and duality consciousness, and we have a long way to come if we want to truly understand how we are all connected beyond just the intellectual idea of it.

We can say we are all One until the cows come home, but can we practise it, can we live and help other live by this without subtly creating just another, more illusionary, form stream of separation consciousness?  Do our teachers keep us in polarity or help us navigate it?  Do the belief systems we hold help us reconcile and bring real understanding to the biggest questions of our age or just continue the separation at another level?  These are now the questions that must be asked, we can’t continue to inhabit yet another form of illusionary spiritual oneness.  We have to start asking the universe to provide us with the answers, the people, the teachers when we are stuck in the mire of our separateness and keep recycling the same old patterns.  This is an incredible new moon and I think all of us will experience some kind of inner and outer shift, giving us inspiration for our journey.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 11° Sagittarius 14' 18"
Moon 24° Leo 25' 44"
Mercury 02° Capricorn 21' 57"
Venus 28° Libra 42' 55"
Mars 06° Sagittarius 37' 36"
Jupiter 06° Taurus 51' 14" R
Saturn 01° Pisces 15' 25"
Uranus 20° Taurus 15' 24" R
Neptune 24° Pisces 53' 26" R
Pluto 28° Capricorn 34' 02"
Chiron 15° Aries 42' 10" R
TrueNode 23° Aries 40' 05" R
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