This month’s full moon is in Gemini on 6th December 2014 at 12.26 pm heralding major crossroads and a time of culmination. There’s currently a lot of energy in Sagittarius, with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all cohabiting tight together, in fact the Sun and Mercury will be just a degree a part. Sagittarius is seeding new cycles in respect to our beliefs, old ways of thinking and perceptions of reality. The Pluto Uranus T-Square is activated once more a week after this full moon, the sixth of seven hits until completion in 2015. This intensifies this full moon and gives us abundant opportunities for rapid transformation.

There’s a few aspects that take the edge off this high optimistic full moon, potentially bringing deeper layers to understanding and transforming ourselves, and one of these is Chiron (along with Neptune), which will be squaring all this full moon energy. Chiron in a difficult square tends to challenge us to look deeper into ourselves.

We’ve just had some nice relationship days of Venus trining Jupiter, it’s been a time when of focusing on the lighter and more bountiful things in life. With Venus also in Sagitarrius – currently ruled by Jupiter, this heightens that positive, optimistic feel that we probably have been experiencing – there might also be a tendency to splash out financially, being more carefree, eat more, play more, you get the picture. Sagittarius being Jupiter ruled tends to love abundance, the dictum ‘less is more’ doesn’t make much sense in his realm it’s better to have plenty. Sagittarius tends to enlarge all it embraces.

With all this strong Sagittarius focus, there could be a tipping point at this full moon, which is a time of strong one-sidedness too. An emergence of the unconscious opposite always occurs when there is a strong one-sidedness in the conscious life, its like a compensation, which eventually breaks through the conscious control. It’s a bit like the yang turning into the yin and vice versa. With Sagittarius energy amplified this might produce the emergence of the unconscious opposite, to regulate the energy.

Life needs to sometimes go to the extremes, or be fully experienced, it means then the other side can enter in, if we don’t allow it and try and keep things in balance then more likely than not we stay in that uncomfortable place of not quite over our edge, it’s a frustrating place to be in. My advice, let yourself go to your extreme if you need to, the energies are urging us to go there, maybe there’s something to learn by doing that, and you could also do it as innerwork, amplifying whatever extreme you are experiencing within yourself.

The Sun and Mercury combination suggests lots of communication, catching up with old friends, perhaps some announcements or revelations too since we are speaking to all and sundry. But with there’s a slight issue with Chiron which is making a tight and uncomfortable square to this energy, suggesting that some of the surprising news is difficult to hear or take. Mercury square Chiron might mean a few things, that we talk incessantly and then hit a nerve with someone and feel bad about what we’ve said. Or overstepping candidness. It’s like you are talking to an old friend who you’ve had some recent uncomfortable history with and it’s all a bit painful to open up the wounds again so there’s a vulnerability there too.

Mercury’s traditional ruler is Virgo and Chiron is currently in Pisces which means we have opposites at odds, logic v intuition. Throwing in Sagittarius candour which is Mercury’s current position, then we get some more of the picture. So working with this requires trusting your inner voice (intuition) and deepening beyond logic to other dimensions of understanding situations. It might not play out to these depths for all of us, but it’s good to be aware that more might be required for awareness and facilitation.

With Sagittarius overkill, it’s good to remember that our perception of reality is influenced by our own belief patterns and ideas about what is right or wrong. In its highest form, Sagittarius represents high ideal and stands for what is true and right. Sagittarius in its lower expression is righteous, polarised, overly forceful and has distorted ideas of right and wrong. This sense of defending our own boundaries and sense of identity might be with us now. Often when we feel penetrated by something or someone, we invoke an external rightness or truth, that we can expect everyone else to go along with, perturbed or dumbfounded when others disagree with our version of truth. We might feel like we need others to bolster our views. We need to be mindful about how we represent our sense of truth and think about why it’s so important that we are right? What are we protecting or defending? What might happen if we weren’t so polarised? There are certainly times to defend our version of reality, and there are times to take the other side.

Perhaps a way of working with these strong polarised energies are to simply enjoy it all, enjoying the duality we experience and welcoming the tension might help the separation fall away. As when we are in duality or oneness, we are still in duality. Just in the idea that we are in one or the other means we are still in separation. But if you welcome all of it, then you begin to close the gap.

With the south node in Aries at the moment, its important to catch ourselves when we get one-sided, mission-like (even in the small ways) and separate-like. Look at what you convince yourself, listen to that internal judge, get interested in the messages behind your versions of truth, rather that presuming that it reflects some kind of objective reality. On a more subtle level, spiritual people do this all the time, me included. This way of explaining and interpreting why things happen the way they do.   All of us, especially when we are looking for reasons and explanations as to why things happen, draw interpretations. We say they are signs, synchronicities etc but they don’t always hold the same meaning that we lay on top of them. This is one of the ways we needlessly suffer, by attempting to back up what we want to be true. We make assumptions, why can’t we stay open to whatever transpires to be, why do we need to invent? Why are we so against the not knowing and being open to what’s emerges? If we just watch and observe the layers of interpretations that we place on things, we will learn an awful lot about ourselves.

There’s also a kite aspect at this full moon, with the Libra north node as the release point. The moon is also trining the north node, supporting us making decisions based on our soul purpose rather than getting pulled too far into that Sagittarius-Mars-like propensity of rushing out and aggressively pursuing our own ends.

Relationships appear to becoming more highlighted again, as Mars moves out of Capricorn and into air sign Aquarius on December 4th. Aquarius is about ideas, groups and unifying consciousness.   It’s a time to achieve your goals in union with others, rather than singly going for them alone. You might notice that some impasses with authority can begin to shift now, at least in your thinking about them. Relationships are also important and with the north node ruler Venus in freedom loving Sagittarius, implying perhaps we need to look for a bit of travel for or freedom in our relationships. Sometimes the best relationships are those that can withstand distance and space.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 21' 56"
Moon 04° Capricorn 34' 05"
Mercury 10° Cancer 29' 24"
Venus 06° Cancer 11' 13"
Mars 09° Taurus 39' 19"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 18' 05"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 52"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 25"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 14"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 38" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 52"
TrueNode 12° Aries 10' 00" R
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