This is a fresh, reinvigorating new moon in Gemini occurring on Wednesday 28th May 2014 at 6.40 pm GMT. This new moon is tightly square Neptune in Pisces. Of the four mutable, dualistic signs, we have: Sagittarius, a fire sign, which is directional, Virgo which is relatively fixed as it’s earth, and then both Gemini and Pisces, respectively air and water, which are the most dual. Gemini is the most dualistic as it’s air, and of course it’s ruled by the twins.

This is important because the quality of dualism or polarity is increasingly emphasised, with a Gemini Sun/Moon square Pisces Neptune. Collectively and on a personal level, we are going to be experiences issues of integration and polarisation of the psyche.

Any aspect to Neptune is relatively challenging to steer ourselves through although at the same time if energy is applied to work with the creative polarising forces that are likely to arise in us, we are likely to get some kind of breakthrough.

The pain of Gemini is borne from being severed from an ancient connection with being whole, being one. This is why we have its representative as twins, which represent the dualistic dance of life. The nature of twins is that exist and alternate between two different polarities, or realities. Gemini also rules the third house which is our experience with siblings. Twin myths, reflect a consistent theme of separation, duality and searching for the other and in psychological terms, this is the residence of the shadow within. Our searching for our shadow ultimately will make us whole again.

The five senses of Taurus before opens up a new dimensions of awareness. Next with Gemini, separation awakens consciousness and the consciousness of being separate is painful. Gemini as the first experience of separation consciousness in the zodiac wheel, represents also how knowledge and mental processes can also our separates us, internally and with each other.

This search for all of us through the other to complete us comes in many guises, and this feeling of something missing, gets projected by us out onto the world, and so there’s a deep sense of loss or disconnection lies at the heart of Gemini placements. These feelings of loss are not easily forgotten becoming deeply embedded in the unconscious and arising as symptoms such as anxiety or lack of focus – typical to Gemini’s or strong Gemini placements.

Twin myths pervade many cultures and go back to the beginning of time. Interestingly European myths emphasis the similarity of twins, the ideology of identity – we are all the same. Whereas North American myths stress the dissimilarities of twins, the ideology of differences, where we must all exist together. Gemini’s task vacillates between the visceral urge to be in conflict and the social urge to integrate the opposite.

The pure knowledge of Gemini is tempted to remain in the world of thoughts, ideas and communication. The struggle is to come down from the that world and apply it – knowledge applied becomes wisdom, put into action, manifested. In the same way that we all sacrifice our whole ultimate knowing through entering into the realm of duality, we are here to establish connection between the polarities, which means bringing heaven to earth.

So the nature of Gemini gives us many different perspectives and polarities to play with. This is why its such a refreshing energy to work with, that can renew and revitalise us in the area of life/house in which this new moon falls in our chart.

This inquisitive searching nature of Gemini brings us potential detours. If we internally always chastise ourselves or believe that we are avoiding, in self-denial, delusion, deceiving ourselves, we are ignoring the fact that sometimes its the nature of things to not always aim direct. Lets ask more what it means to follow detours, follow the Tao? What does it mean to have more trust the my process of life unfolding?

Sure Neptune will be steaming up our windows and distortion might seem our reality, but having the perspective, or rather the belief, that this is all part of the path is helpful at this new moon. Some of these detours might appear as though we are going backwards, or at least not going forward, but its best to really trust that we and others are on the path, as its the nature of Gemini to take detours to get us there. As humans we struggle when we are faced with an ungraspable quality such as Gemini Sun/Moon/ Pisces Neptune aspect – we get identified with feeling quite lost or hopeless.

When we feel most lost though, clarity is right on the other side, as its polarised opposite, and accessible through allowing the lost feeling to be. Fighting doesn’t readily get us there. Perhaps you are grappling with a frustrating reality that you can’t articulate. Take heart in the Gemini path of learning on the go, try not to be too fixed on outcomes, be open to making mistakes and learning from them. We just need to be open-minded and curious with Gemini rather than fixed and contained. Taking action based on trusting a process, will quell the challenging affect of Neptune.

With the Neptune square, our propensity towards escapism is stronger at this new moon time. This might be the time to explore how substances or addictions give us something we crave at a deeper level. Addictions are like doorways into unknown parts of us, they give us access into other parts of ourselves. But we are also giving our power away to that which we crave when we see it as holding more power than us. It has a power we haven’t fully embodied yet. Which is another form of polarisation. When we depend on something outside of ourselves we are still in polarisation.

The key to working with this polarisation is in accessing the essence-like consciousness of the addiction. Addictions exist at the edge our who we think we are and, through moving into the essence, we live more from our divinity and less from our duality. So while addictions in consensus reality can seemingly take us away from what we need to deeply explore, they are also like gatekeepers, mysteriously taking us towards it.

New moons are times when the veils between consensus reality and other dimensions are more transparent. With Neptune involved too at this new moon, it’s the perfect time to ask to set intentions from your higher self that will give you the essence of that which you crave.

Venus is in the zenith degree of Aries, at 29 degrees and about to ingress into its home of Taurus, the sign it rules. This should help us feel a little more balanced, as for a while both Mars and Venus have been in mutual detriment, in opposite signs. Mercury is in Gemini too, also at 29 degrees. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so it’s very at home here too, absorbing lots of information and knowledge. But it’s just about reaching it’s point of saturation and we might be feeling this right now. What to do with all that information? Venus and Mercury in a sextile aspect brings a need to play with that information now, to bring us into a creative, curious sort of communication.

Gemini challenge is to anchor its knowledge into the world through action and work. Desire needs to be carried out and completed in the world, here within lies the task of Gemini. Therefore knowledge is transmuted into wisdom, the soul experiences itself. If understanding stays abstract and not applied, then soul and body are not brought together. Duality, while being honoured, must also give way to unity, oneness, seeing ourselves in others, the blending of opposites.

The art of working with this Gemini new moon is to engage with both sides, to know that we share the same field, but for a time are taking on a role or exploring an energy. Gemini is masterful at objectively jumping between both polarities and sometimes this can even be it’s downfall, in that it doesn’t stay in one place long enough to really tunnel through into the essence of a polarity. In its unconscious striving for wholeness it misses the creativity and meaning from being submerged in one side.

As spiritual folk, there’s always a tendency to try to be in two polarities at the same time. It rarely works though. Perhaps part of us wants harmony and part of us wants conflict, but generally we value harmony above conflict. We forget that conflict wants to get to the core of an issue and really wants to wrestle with it, understand it through inhabiting it. This is scary for most people. We prefer to not get so dirty.

One way of understanding this is to realise that in trying to resolve and harmonise conflict when we need that conflict, in in effect create more conflict, but within ourselves. Smoothing over conflict prematurely or trying to resolve conflict before it’s core truth is understood will likely just make the conflict more volatile.

This doesn’t mean we need more conflict, it just means we need different ways of working with it. And ironically, once we stop trying so hard to reconcile it without hearing it, it actually becomes harmonious. This is pertinent now what with Mars (in Libra) and Venus (in Aries) being in mutual detriment. With Venus about to move on, at 29 degrees now, and tomorrow in it’s home of Taurus, its important that we begin to see conflict and harmony as less mutually exclusive and now interdependent.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 08° Gemini 22' 12"
Moon 19° Aquarius 16' 29"
Mercury 20° Taurus 30' 00"
Venus 06° Gemini 38' 24"
Mars 21° Aries 49' 04"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 46' 20"
Saturn 18° Pisces 36' 49"
Uranus 24° Taurus 01' 06"
Neptune 29° Pisces 37' 05"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 40" R
Chiron 22° Aries 08' 32"
TrueNode 14° Aries 03' 32" R
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