We are still in the eclipse/cardinal grand cross territory but now beginning to settle into life on the other side of April – the month that brought us so much awareness – whether we liked it or not.

The Scorpio Full Moon falls is on 14th May 2014, Wednesday evening at 7.17 pm GMT. This Scorpio Full Moon is an opportunity to see now our reality for what it is, dive in that and make the necessary changes to improve our lives. The grand cross has brought new awareness, stark awakenings, consolidation of direction or decision, and for some accomplishment and achievement.

Now we are getting a further dose of reality check in the arena of our close relationships; the relationship we have with others and that which we have with the world and ourselves. Scorpio terrain gives us an opportunity to get intimate with our own lives. This full moon is also conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, which might make this a more sombre, reality checking, full moon. Saturn and Scorpio aka Pluto.

Saturn, the Lord of physical, consensus reality, time and karma is responsible for bringing us right back down to earth if we become too detached from reality – something most people suffer from one way or another. So he wakes us up with his stern reality checks from time to time. If there’s an area of your life which you’ve been ignoring, then Saturn will help you get back in touch with that and redirect you on your path. Saturn helps us build concrete things, he’s crucial if we want to survive in the physical world.

This soft moon energy is not happy in Scorpio, in its fall, which is an astrological term meaning it’s debilitated in some way. It prefers the stability and balance of Taurus or homeliness of waterly Cancer, rather than uneasy emotional transformation of Scorpio.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, infamous as the Lord of the underworld and known for its ruthlessness in the arena of transformation, death and rebirth. As an outer planet, it’s not about us being in control, outer planets operate way beyond the ego level, in the cosmic realms. Pluto prefers to put our ego in a crucible melting pot where it can turn up the fire to bring about transformative soul processes, all necessary for our deepening and evolution.

Many of us though, are against these sort of deepening processes. Rarely will we willingly step into the fire, we are generally pushed, against our will. And there is an extra push at this full moon. Both planets are in something called mutual reception. That is when Saturn is in Scorpio and Pluto is in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). They are working together to give us that necessary push.

Saturn is acting like the parent here. As the Lord of time, it can delay, block or bring something to an end. This could be something physical, like a job or relationship. Or it could be an attachment or fear. Saturn in this way creates its own type of uncomfortable fire, where we are made to wait and be patient. Something human beings hate to do.

But Saturn can also bring us accomplishment and helps us ground our vision in the world. His roots are in the lower chakras, where we manifest our soul destiny in the world. This might also be a time for recentring, pulling yourself back and taking stock before you move forward again in a new direction, in alignment with your true calling.

Undoubtedly, if there is something that we are not confronting, then Saturn will put our nose in it. Simply avoiding fear will not work, it’s our shadow and we need to get to know it. The questions to ask right now if you are in a deep process are: why is this thing disturbing me so much? And, what exactly is it that disturbs me so much? It’s best to get curious and interested in our fears and disturbances rather than run away from them. They are there to teach us something. This is called spiritual deepening, as opposed to spiritual bypassing, which runs away from fear.

Most of us are in desperate need of spiritual deepening. I see countless people who are interested in visualising the light, but when I talk of feeling into the body, they suddenly get edgey. Is it that we see the body as dirty, useless? Or is it that we are so attached to what we think spirituality is all about that we close our minds to what it really is, which is a deepening of the self, of the spiritual essence.

Saturn’s and Pluto’s roles are to deepen us, to commit us, to make us heavy in our bodies. Did you know that in middle age times, the sombreness of Saturnian experiences, such as sadness and depression were viewed as fortunate experiences. It’s only in recent times, with our extreme separation and split of the dark and light, that we have created such aversions to anything that brings up dark feeling. Heaviness and darkness needs to alchemised not ostracised.

Now if you have been splitting yourself between these worlds, favouring the light, this might be your time to stop and invest in exploring the depth of your experience. It requires training and fearlessness to not avoid it, we are so brainwashed into fearing it. But there is nothing to fear in it. Deep inside the darkness is your spiritual essence, love where it takes you. Drop into it, rather than shower it with light, be powerfully deep right now and it will offer up a Phoenix-like rebirth.

Scorpio terrain also deals with intimacy and our most intimate relationships. Again, what is it that you fear so much? Bring it into your consciousness, rather than squirrel it away. Where do you need to hold on to control and power in relationships?

People prefer to choose easy spirituality. But real spirituality is not a high, altered state or a romantic endeavour, as much as we might want it to be. It’s a deeply felt experience that calls for true responsibility and real groundedness. A connection to others that forms deep, authentic and intimate bonds. Too often we like the light but not the heat.

The heat, pyromancy, goes back thousands of years, but it’s not so primitive. Arnold Mindell talks about how we don’t know how to use heat and fire yet, it becomes marginalised and flares up awkwardly and sometimes destructively in our relationships and world at large. In short, this idea is to use the fire of awareness to crack and enter into a more subtle intensity, which brings you your answer.  It’s about getting very real and intimate with your shadow or fear.

At the same time, unconditional love needs to be made real, it cannot stay now the idea. It must show up in its more challenging, personal dimension of real relating. This doesn’t mean blind conflict, it means conflict with awareness. For some people, this is still too threatening. But communicating our fears with each other, saying how we really feel, honouring each other’s truth, risking being vulnerable can be an incredibly liberating experience. It’s again stepping into the fire. And of course it can mean that we realise others are just not on the same page too, that is always difficult, but being free to live more fully is more important in the long run. There’s nothing to ultimately fear from following the white rabbit down the hole. My suggestion is to make a practise of diving in.

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