This Full Moon in Aries is a Supermoon exact at 4.24 am BST on 16th October 2016 at 23 degrees Aries.  This full moon forms a conjunction with Uranus and lesser known Eris. Mars is also making a conjunction to Pluto, which brings two war-like planets into an awkward relationship that both work to amplify each another.

Any conjunction with Uranus can bring on unpredictable events. Uranus teaches us about our relationship to freedom and identity. He can wake us up to where we need to be free in our lives. What limitations have you accepted that you are not prepared to accept anymore? Don’t get angry, or mean about it, just move into action.

There’s something very ruthless about the energies this weekend, the essence is ‘find solutions’, ‘move forward’, ‘get things done’.  Infuse your life with action, don’t wait for things to happen, make it happen, the universe supports action.  Action in support of freedom is far greater than power that oppresses.

There’s no space for over analysing, self-pitying or naval gazing. We will get a sharp wake up call if we think we have time for that. Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom. Time is of the essence, life is speeding up and the energies are reflecting the necessity for us to take charge of our destinies, rather than let our destiny take charge of us.

Forgive everything and anything that allows you to move on and upward.  People don’t really know the true power of forgiveness until you’ve experienced it. If you haven’t, think of someone or something you need to forgive and offer that up, from the centre and deepest part of your heart, and feel the weight that lifts from you at this full moon.  It will free the space for the taking action.

It’s also quite likely you will have some solutions or plans in the pipeline that feel perhaps like the answer to the problem, but perhaps a part of you doesn’t completely trust the extremes of what you are being guided towards.

I think the answer is that you CAN trust here. In other words, you do need to take these potential ideas seriously and begin putting them into action. The answers you have now have been sent as solutions (the caveat being that the solution is taking care of you).

Eris signals to us that our identity, what we identify with and where we belong is up for question. With the Moon in conjunction to Eris and Uranus, it’s about our ancestors, our mother line, our bodies. In what ways does our sense of belonging interrupt or impede a complete freeing up of our identity – so we can be all things?

Eris is about the feminine, but not the kind that most of western society is comfortable with. Like Black Moon Lilith, she represents the ostracised feminine, the enraged feminine that refuses to obey and be manhandled. She’s the Goddess of discord and chaos and she shakes us loose from the shackles of enslavement.

These aspects together are here to awaken women up to how they have been controlled and trained into towing the party line. Women everywhere are receiving lightbulb moments. We are no longer here to be contained or curtailed. Our whole identity, what it means to be a woman, or be feminine, is up for question.

Sex is also on the agenda. Women and men have been kept powerless in the most powerful place of all: our sexuality. Sexuality has been demonised and globally we are more disconnected from our bodies and the true and nature power of our sacred sexuality than we have ever been. Eris is on a mission to extinguish, within us and the world at large, the distorted and warped versions of the feminine and sex.  This is what is bubbling underneath the surface, and has been for some time now.  We are seeing it in our media stories…

This potential for overreaction and feeling belittled, put upon, unfairness is strong at this full moon. But that’s not the way forward here. With Mars sojourning Capricorn, there’s a lot of potential for right action and this action is action through use of our Divine Will, the right use of will in our lives. It’s where our power lies. We are aligning with the Pluto’s higher octave energy and feeling the transformation arise from the discipline we harness.

In fact if we plan, take structured, determined, uncompromising action then we go far in October, since the energy is very focused and helps us really achieve what we set out to. This moon’s energy is best channelled, otherwise this forceful energy doesn’t have a meaningful outlet. Make good use of it throughout all October, as Mars moves slowly through its conjunction with Pluto.

This is a great moon if there’s changes you need to consolidate and solutions that need to be found to problems that have been holding you back for too long.

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