This month’s full moon is rather special. Termed a super moon, it is close to the Aries point, an incredibly powerful, potent point in the astrological chart, also known as zero point consciousness. This is a Lunar Eclipse, exact at 2.52 am GMT on 28th September 2015.  We have the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries, both around 4 degrees (which is close enough to zero to have an impact). We’ve recently had lots of planetary action, in particular planet ingresses, which is when planets move on to the next sign. The Sun has moved into Libra, Saturn into Sagittarius, and Mars into Virgo.

Eclipses generally have a bad reputation for they generate high emotion, charged events and irreversible outcomes. This eclipse demands scrupulousness. Those that are ready to be that and access that within themselves will have an easier ride than those that refuse to find that within and instead demand it from others.

Eclipses can be incredibly exhilarating and bring much needed change. There’s always a deep abiding method in the seeming madness, that is if we can trust and surrender to the passage of time, letting things gradually fall into place.

Focusing on the bigger picture, and with it, its relationship to the smaller details of our life could be beneficial now. Many of us have plans, ideas, visions, dreams of where we want to be and some of us also have a few ideas of how we want to get there. Perhaps it’s that we want to have a working, intimate relationship or initiate a two year project. Sometimes we have a less clearly defined idea for our lives and suffer from a vague sense of meandering through hoping it’ll hit us between our eyes.

We’ll all have different responses to this eclipse depending where we are at, but one thing that we all have in common is that we might get wind of the missing link. That missing something that has, in a sense, been giving us the feeling that we are not ready (we don’t have the skills), it’s not the right time or we don’t have the time, we haven’t the confidence, or some other vague sense of ‘can’t move forward’. Now we might find out what we need to be, do or have to further our goals or fulfil our purpose, and for some, this missing link might be revealed in very clearly defined terms.

Just before this Eclipse, we have the Moon journeying through Pisces. This is about the larger picture, as opposed to the details. Most of us at the moment have been eyeballing the details, although I would say not with much success. There’s been more questions and non-starter moments than answers. So it’s worthwhile taking some time to see and connect with this bigger picture.

This is more than simply the vision or dream you hold for your life – most of us spiritual folk are well over-acquainted with that. I mean, you, who you are, what you love, the drive, the passion, and the love you hold for yourself. Bring it back to you. Resist, for a time, seeing this dream as outside of yourself. Instead first feel it within and remind yourself that you already have everything you really need and desire right now, in that deep peace within.

The self-judgment, the self-criticism, the lack of worthiness or even just the part that sabotages your life and dreams is also you, but it’s not the real you, its not the you that holds and contains all of it, it’s not the you that says ‘I want to change these things’ – that’s the real you inside.

The real us, is talking with us all the time, it’s the Divine aspect within. It’s the awareness that we are, that reflects, reviews, and reframes things positively as we self-judge and judge others. Mercury is retrograde right now, it’s the time for sitting with ourselves and assessing whether the narrative we have been running really holds any substance or reality base. Have we now outlived it without realising it?

Beliefs can instantaneously dissolve, when we allow a bit of self-questioning and self-challenge. Do we really want to carry that belief around? Is it really serving us, or can we tap into a different reality or truth now within? How can we think differently, this new style of thinking emanating from a deeper, more aligned space, even perhaps without the evidence.

Sometimes, life arises most powerfully and simply from a place of decision and commitment. We want to experience a different reality – we’ve had enough, we are fully saturated with our previous reality and now it’s time for a newer truth that takes us beyond our current reality, more permanently.

As with all eclipses, the nodal axis is integral – here we can imagine the South Node in Aries with the Moon on top of it. The South Node asks us to let go of whatever has outlived its usefulness. It may be staring you right in the face but it just needs that final conscious acknowledgement by you. With the Aries South Node we might be asked to let go of whatever is keeping us separate from others or from the deepest part of ourselves. What will increase our level of intimacy with ourselves or / and the world?

Our lives would be truly exhilarating if we could simply let go and act just through making a choice and decision. Resisting or refusing to make decisions when we really need to makes us stuck. Life is a process of constant conscious choosing, it can’t be avoided, we are constantly choosing our reality with our thoughts, feelings and actions. And this is on a multi-dimensional level too, we exist in other dimensions. These decisions go out into the world, and of course back into us, for better or worse.

Thoughts might be invisible to the naked eye but their impact is very real – they hold an energetic substance. So, what do we do if we are thinking negative thoughts or having bad feeling? Simply, we should strive for more self-knowledge, we should ask for guidance, even ‘command’ a deeper or higher (or both) awareness.

The most dangerous thing right now is to blindly, blinkedly or nonchalantly expect that it’ll be all ok – while the days, weeks and years pass by. Hey, I hear, we have a dream, it’ll happen if I dream it often enough. Well, certainly, it will help the process, and for the blessed few, it might very well be that simple. But for the majority, we need to take action and MAKE things happen. We need to get organised, we need to have a plan and resist just firing arrows without a target.

Saturn is in Sagittarius. Mars is in Virgo. Sagittarius requires a deep degree of focus and aim, its the thrust outwards as in birth, the expansiveness and new release after Scorpio.  Without a clear aim, (i.e. clear decision, idea, project) then what we seek, our quest becomes aimless, we are drifting in the wind, like throwing a load of leaves up and seeing where they land – possibly anywhere the wind chooses to pull – and of course we’ll learn our lessons.  Sagittarius seeks to take us beyond where we have been before.  It’s concern is hunches, intuitions, prophecy.  With Saturn here, we should get realistic about these and begin to consolidate further.

Mars in Virgo is rather uncomfortable, but the uncomfortable is precisely what we need right now. We must get real, that means we have to take our ideas and set forth with pen to paper, mapping out how that could actually happen and then taking the necessary steps. If there ever was a time to get yourself a mentor or life coach, then this is it.

The other thing about Saturn in Sagittarius is impeccability, responsibility and integrity. This next two and half years will challenge us to follow what feels right. This means that there really are no shortcuts, that to really do things the right way we need to take the time, make the investment, have the patience, humility and develop an integrated understanding. To pretend otherwise is the ego’s trick – if I could only make this shortcut… I’m sure it’ll be ok, I’ll get away with it…

Know thyself and well. Invest in that. Whatever your own version of that is. This is the only stable foundation that we ever really have, from which everything else emerges. If we abandon that, or take it for granted that it’s already done, it ends up biting us in the butt as life wants us to know ourselves for who we really are. Stay focused, re-commit, reframe, reinvent yourself and strive for impeccability in all you are. Saturn demands our manifest reality reflects our highest dreams, do not settle for a pale imitation without the substance because it’s just easier. This is not the time for being laid back, it’s the time to work.

The challenge is with Mars squaring Saturn. As Mars rules Aries, the sign of this eclipse, whatever happens with Mars reverberates into this eclipse energy. Mars in Virgo requires any action we take to be precise, mindful and deliberate. Saturn in Sagittarius demands it be carefully orchestrated as well as reflecting our highest intentions. Together, we have a clear approach, but it’s not exactly easy. Fortunately, Saturn is making easy flowing aspects to this Sun Moon, which should support outcomes and the impetus of this Aries Moon moves us out of procrastination and encourages us to make decisions based upon our gut instinct. Enjoy the eclipse energies!

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 17' 53"
Moon 03° Capricorn 36' 20"
Mercury 10° Cancer 20' 37"
Venus 06° Cancer 06' 01"
Mars 09° Taurus 36' 14"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 17' 08"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 49"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 13"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 13"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 43" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 45"
TrueNode 12° Aries 11' 50" R
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