This month’s New Moon is in the fiery sign of Aries on Saturday 18th April 2015 at 6.57 pm GMT. This unaspected new moon, at another zenith 29th degree, holds an incredible charge, perfect for new moon rituals. Aries energy initiates new projects – new moons are also about new consciousness cycles that expand us into ever higher levels of being.

We have just had some challenging energies to contend with, and finally, we can say the energies are beginning to enter into calmer waters. Venus opposition Saturn, just this last week, has caused many to think deeply about the limitations and blocks around their resources – of all kinds. We might have not felt like we have the material security we need to take those next important steps forward in our evolutionary path.   This highlights a sense of lack and perhaps unfairness, beliefs around our entitlement, our ability to create our own lives or be at the mercy of outside forces, might have all been playing on our minds over the past week or so.

Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are all challenging us to look beyond our current limitations and shift our ways of thinking. But firstly, there IS collective fear playing out in our world, fear that will impact us if we let it. Everyone carries atomic energy that for better or worse enters in through the skin and pores of our body and infiltrates our being. We should all be invoking an electronic field of light to protect us from these collective forces.  We are often playing out others fears without even realising it, especially if we are sensitive. But we must not stop being sensitive, or polarise ourselves off further from others saying they are wrong, bad, living in fear and we are holding the light, as this actually only draws further fear towards us so we can learn to understand it’s true nature.

All we simply need to do is release and forgive others, and ourselves, for carrying these fears and projections. It needs to be a daily practice. There are telltale signs of carrying other’s fears – I won’t go into the big, obvious signs such as carrying collective religious fears – but the smaller ones, like when we start to gossip and agree with others how terrible we’ve been treated when there’s that niggling little voice in us simultaneously reminding us that this conforming to others’ expectations of how we should be experiencing life is just a way we try to belong in the world.  Why is it so important to not stand out, why do we allow ourselves to be so small?

At the same time, whom ever we judge is just a projected part of ourselves. Why don’t we just look in the mirror and imagine we are talking to ourselves – a simple way to access the source of our projections, that cuts through every possible projection sent out. It takes a lot of humility to stop projecting, to be willing to look in the mirror and say to yourself what you say about another person. It takes a lot of willingness and responsibility to do this, and a real urge to release ourselves from the comfortable place of denial that duality perpetuates.

But the more uncomfortable your reality gets, the more you are getting ready to end the denial. This sort of willingness, to take responsibility for your own creations comes from the divine part of you, it’s not human will, which is often just about being right and making others wrong. When you are able to pick up the responsibility fully, most of the time, you are humble enough to look yourself in the eyes without judgment and condemnation and simply see yourself in this higher consciousness, in a way, it doesn’t even matter that we entirely resolve the issue, just the humility and willingness alone will do just that. This is Oneness, seeing ourselves in others and stepping into humility and full responsibility for our own projections.

To free yourself from projections I also invite you to do a ceremony at this new moon. Take everything and everyone that you have ever made responsible for your happiness or unhappiness, that have helped you get to this level of consciousness and thank them for their teachings. Once you have gathered all their pictures, names or other representations, throw each into a fire, making a blessing and offering, freeing them from their responsibility for your happiness. Command your Higher Self to fill you with love for yourself. You are now free to enjoy everyone in your life. You do not need them for anything except just being them. Just love them for just being them.

This is the ultimate freedom that a mother could say to her child. We often affirm a child when they do what we think they should be doing or when they don’t do what they should be doing, i.e. when there is a reason. It is so powerful to unconditionally love a child for no reason at all.  It is also the ultimate freedom one could say to a partner or to yourself. We do not need anyone for just being us. Just delight in just being you. This is not something about the past or the future. It is about being you right now. This commitment to yourself will be a radical freedom for yourself and all those around you. No one has to do anything for you in order for you to be you.

So this Aries new moon’s ruler Mars is in the sign of Taurus. Mars in Taurus plays a slow game, there’s no quick fixes, its better to get clear on your plans and means, resources too, when Mars is in Taurus. When creating our futures and dealing with seeming obstacles we have to go where we don’t want to go, learn new patterns to deal with life. Learn from what has happened over the last big few weeks and start making different choices to augment a new future.

So pull back your power from all your outside projections in the world, all authority figures, wherever you’ve projected it and have it as yours. Pull it back through the violet flame, imagine it pouring back into your energetic being and feel it filling you up. Pluto in Capricorn has just stationed retrograde and will be going direct again in September. He is about developing our internal authority and power and with Mars in Taurus making a harmonious trine at this new moon, its about courageously stepping forward into the next phase of the creation process.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 08° Gemini 23' 29"
Moon 19° Aquarius 35' 03"
Mercury 20° Taurus 33' 22"
Venus 06° Gemini 40' 03"
Mars 21° Aries 50' 04"
Jupiter 00° Gemini 46' 39"
Saturn 18° Pisces 36' 53"
Uranus 24° Taurus 01' 11"
Neptune 29° Pisces 37' 07"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 56' 39" R
Chiron 22° Aries 08' 35"
TrueNode 14° Aries 03' 28" R
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