This full moon in Gemini at 10.45 pm on Wednesday 25th November 2015 is an interesting full moon, highlighting the current square from the dominant Saturn-Neptune square. This square (with other aspects) is creating much of the recent unrest that we’ve seen in the news, influencing both political and religious realities. It’s a good time to track how this Saturn-Neptune aspect is impacting you.  What we are experiencing now is like a kind of trailer; the first of the three Saturn-Neptune squares occurs on 26th November.

So how does Saturn and Neptune express itself in the inner and outer realms. Saturn being the furthest out of the visible planets rules manifestation, boundaries, limits and laws. At the inner level, Saturn encourages us to connect with our inner knowing. We may doubt and complain but deep down within there is a knowing, often an uncomfortable knowing, of the reality we are currently facing. And if we cannot access that level of knowing, Saturn will organise our experience so that we have to wait, bringing his delays, until we are ready to entertain that level of reality.

Saturn also brings melancholy, for some it’s a wake up call, for others it’s the dark night of the soul; your experience is dependent on what is trying to emerge.  But always, if we sink into our Saturn experience, there lies an incredibly creative process which will always yield fresh, inspirational insight. Saturn is not for the faint hearted, since it’s never easy to sit with whatever rises. Our Saturn within, will teach us to build our visions in reality, preferring us to move forward from a place that’s familiar and stick with what we know. Saturn strives for clearly defined boundaries.

Neptune on the other hand, as the higher octave of Venus, symbolises all that connects, unites and brings us together. At its most exalted, essence level, Neptune reflects unconditional love, compassion and Oneness, beyond duality, time and space.   As you can imagine, it’s easy for this pure level of Neptune to be tainted as it reaches our earthly (Saturn-like) plain.  As it does so, it can transform into a lower vibration, bringing forth experience of delusion, projection and confusion. Neptunian energy is incredibly difficult to ground in our physical world as it’s hard to grasp and express in real terms.  But this is now the very challenge facing humanity and in our own lives.

On a personal level, we might be confronting the realities of what we have been avoiding. Saturn might be bringing us his reality check, which can be feel quite heavy. This is the time to create structures, working with rather than against the Lord of Time.  These structures, and they could be anything, might be there to inspire and reconnect you with your community, your divinity and other human beings. There might also be a vision that you have, of your future, that you are trying to translate into real terms – if this is flirting with you, now is the time to be working with that. On the other hand, Neptune’s energy will be dissolving, softening and releasing that which we are holding onto tightly – be that in our minds, emotions or physical being. Just make yourself available for that and take the time to notice what is trying to dissolve.

These two, very different planets come together to form a stressful square aspect which will inevitably increase our frustration or hopelessness around their integration. It will take a lot of patience, trust, surrender and also deliberate effort to get results. We are being challenged to find exactly the right balance of these qualities and to bring our awareness to how we shift within between them – when to move or push forward and when to wait and let go – and this can be on a moment to moment basis.  Watch how in one moment you might be pushing needlessly because a deep part of you feels uncomfortable.  Take the time to bring your awareness to your feelings and thinking at this full moon.

Moving to the outer world expression of Neptune, which is sojourning through Pisces, we have the perfect symbolisation for the apocalyptic movement of Islamic fundamentalism – a movement that like Neptune, is religious subterfuge and won’t go away easily. But with the Uranus-Pluto square now fading after early 2016, which traditionally symbolises social unrest, perhaps these terrorist activities might lessen somewhat. Yet with this on going Neptune-Saturn square, which is in and out of phase throughout 2016, we are now looking at the aftermath of the Uranus Pluto square. Ultimately we are being urged to change our perspectives, values and beliefs that mesh our lives and world together and bring in some real, workable solutions.  This won’t be easy for our governments and political structures if they decide to take up the challenge.

Right now, it might seem as though we are floating about in a whole load of uncertainty, although this full moon might bring at least an aspect of the clarity and knowing you’ve been waiting for. One minute we might be swinging toward a sense of possibility, and in the next, hopelessness. Something feels within our grasp and the next it feels way too out of our reach. Saturn will make us question our sense of right timing and our readiness. Neptune, on the other hand, can make us feel like our ideas are pie in the sky while Saturn brings forth the real challenges of grounding and relating these high ideals or visions.  My suggestion is to get to know your Neptune and your Saturn separately first.  Don’t dive into trying to merge or integrate them, as until you know them both very intimately you likely won’t get too far and you’ll waste a lot of valuable time.

It’s wise for us to now stay with what we know for a little longer, to not get pulled into the confusing Neptunian tides, to take the time to plan, ground and flick back and forth between these two very different energies, checking in that you are not going too far in one direction. They can be integrated, but not within some dedication to the cause. Ask yourself, what do you already know?  Start there.  Most importantly, ask other’s what they think, get support, outsource, that’s the best way to thrash it out. By all means don’t think you need to do it alone, in fact the challenges of this astrology make it almost impossible to do it alone.

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