We have a New Moon in the sign of Leo at 8.45 pm on 2nd August 2016. Leo is about creativity, and in it’s highest expression, its about Divine creativity, letting the flow of the Divine majestically create and recreate again and again through us in every moment. Leo is about stepping into our Presence, our fullest potential and our beingness since its ruler is the Sun. It holds no shame and holds nothing back.

We are finally verging on a more enthusiastic and passionate expression of the planets. We are now more able to bring intuitive understanding and ah moments into our experience, after many months of sifting through the sludge and drawing out the essence from our wounds and Scorpio complexes (whether this has been a conscious undertaking or not). This dawning sense of being free and even potentially soaring high Is well within our grasp as Mars moves into firey Sagittarius and the Sun and Venus transverse fire ruled Leo.

This sense of illumination, expansiveness and reaping the rewards of our endeavours and hard earned work is upon us. The last few months have been hard work, for some it’s been about dredging the emotional waters, for others its been about a constant sense of trudging through treacle, where for others still it’s been about pure graft and not much let up. Sometimes when we are in the midst of all of this weight and work, particularly when it’s ongoing and we can’t get come up for air, we begin to reject life and resonate with it being about suffering, struggle and have to dive deep to find the meaning or joy in life.

This New Moon is trine Saturn in Sagittarius which is a flowing, easy aspect. Saturn is working to bring grounding to visions and helping us respond to disappointments in a pragmatic and practical manner. This is a time to consider what you have learnt from your dedication over the last few months? What disappointments have you experienced that have helped hone your vision and ground it in more real terms.

With Mars in Scorpio at 29 degrees, about to ingress into Sagittarius, the last few months have revealed how our merger with others both emotionally and energetically has needed more conscious awareness.

At the same time, Saturn in Sagittarius has been revealing and healing how we negatively merge with thoughts, ideas and beliefs, how we so strongly identify with certain ideas that we lose our centre. This is a continuing theme, of catching where we are negatively merged with our own thoughts and beliefs. If we start to cultivate a capacity to catch ourselves in a negative or one-sided attitude then we are working well with the Sagittarius Saturn lessons.

We can see very clearly on a more global scale how we are collectively learning about this merger, and how we are all responsible for clearing out these destructive patterns of belief within that keep us one-sided and tied into the collective 3D realm of dualism – where polarity and suffering exist.

It’s almost felt in recent times, like our soul has been temporarily removed, bringing on an overwhelming need to clean house, in an urge to get it back. There’s been no jollying our way out of it, Mars in Scorpio, fixed, even frozen water, hasn’t allowed for that – instead a more quiet, abiding is the Scorpio way.

If we haven’t been able to work with the deeper processes of Mars Scorpio, then one scenario is that when we come to face the transits of the next sign Sagittarius, as we are with Mars now, then we are faced with false optimism and enthusiasm which attempts to override more indigestible Scorpio experiences of psychological and emotional intensity. The danger is that we create a contrived sense of generosity or forced expansiveness to overcompensate for unaccepted frozen parts of us, and this can go wild.

This New Moon also has a more awkward connection with Neptune, a quincunx which might mean challenges with staying clear on what that vision is, the structure and the manifestation of it. There’s an interesting connection between this New Moon and last one, where the last New Moon had a quincunx to Saturn and flowing trine to Neptune, this time it’s been reversed. So we are ready to take a new perspective on July perhaps here. Just listen and watch for that filtering in in August.

The trick here over this forthcoming month, is to not fall too much into limiting yourself while keeping yourself open to Neptunian dreams and visions. Perhaps its about keeping our dreams alive and big, so our desire and passion is lifted and alive, knowing all the while that at some point Saturn will have his say and make adjustments for grounding purposes. Going all the way with Neptune and Saturn while holding both balls in the air simultaneously is a continuing them for later 2016 and 2017.

Essentially the Leo vibration is about creating with the Divine potential within rather than our egocentric, more self-centred approach to participating with life. Saturn urges us to really look at it what we have, turning to face towards it with courage to unpack it, not through distorted Saturn energy such as self criticism, but really looking at what’s going on. This renders it less dense and even makes it transparent (Saturn is ironically the lightest planet in our solar system), perhaps then we don’t need to experience the painful Saturn lessons.

The This playful New Moon lends such a creative and imaginative energy that we can create and play our way towards some level of integration of the differing Saturn and Neptune energies. The fire emphasis urges us to take up space and enjoy our presence within shining through. That voice that says who are you to express your passion, your joy, your learning and your creativity, that tells you that it must be perfect before it’s seen, can be perhaps ignored for now. Lets fire up a joyous expression of life and start to embrace this welcomed changed of energy.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 16° Sagittarius 40' 42"
Moon 28° Libra 45' 43"
Mercury 07° Capricorn 04' 18"
Venus 05° Scorpio 01' 55"
Mars 10° Sagittarius 29' 35"
Jupiter 06° Taurus 24' 51" R
Saturn 01° Pisces 32' 43"
Uranus 20° Taurus 03' 31" R
Neptune 24° Pisces 53' 24"
Pluto 28° Capricorn 41' 00"
Chiron 15° Aries 36' 08" R
TrueNode 23° Aries 40' 49" R
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