This month’s New Moon is in Libra at 9 degrees on Saturday 1st October 2016 exact at 12.11 am GMT.  In the northern hemisphere, we have now entered into Autumn – the temperatures slowly begins to drop as the nights draw in.  This New Moon is conjoined Jupiter which brings more optimism for this New Moon cycle.

A big cycle has just come to completion, for me personally also with the end of our 5 month transformational programme and retreat for 21 amazing Goddess women (more to follow on that once the dust has settled). It was a very profound experience for all of us. We can now begin to relax and take in this new quieter phase of life, retreating into more comfortable territory with certainly less pressure.

The energy is now focused on Libra – partnerships and relationships and the bringing together of seeming opposites. Libra likes to bring harmony and balance into our world.

Venus has just moved into Scorpio which means our relationships and our loving nature is more geared towards intimacy and bonding on a deeper, more emotional level.  Although Venus isn’t at her most comfortable in Scorpio since it’s in detriment. At this New Moon Venus trines Neptune giving access to higher octaves of love. While Neptune is making a more uncomfortable quincunx to this New Moon, reminding us to make some small changes within our relationships to make them work better.

If we can focus in on these small improvements in our behaviour, interactions and expectations, we should see some headway in the forthcoming weeks in our relationships. This is a golden year, and particularly the next month, to work on relationships and discover new patterns, reclaim your wholeness and step out of polarising energies into a more balanced and workable, even loving vibration.   A lot of healing can take place if we focus our energy there.

Jupiter is now in Libra after a year’s sojourn in Virgo and conjunct this New Moon which is great also as it supports the movement out of polarity and separateness and into honouring our connectedness and community of working with one another towards everyone being happy. We can feel very supported by others right now, friends, family and neighbours.

Jupiter is all about the larger vista and taking the higher perspective. While in Virgo over the last year, it was about sweating the details, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.  We are now being asked to look at the meaning of our lives, the wood rather than the trees.

With Mars making an uncomfortable square aspect to this New Moon, and newly in Capricorn, there might be a tendency to want to prematurely spur ourselves into action.  It would be wiser to take stock still, take a step back and wait a little while. The dust hasn’t quite settled yet and Mercury is still in his shadow phase – hence it still feeling like Mercury retrograde. Going forward, he has also been reconnecting with many planets he retrograded over, so we are getting small ripples of lost keys and broken phones. This will be over in a week or so.

If a decision needs to be taken right now, this energy might be what you need to move forward and give you the perspective you need to make the right choice. So while perhaps we want to push forward, it’s wiser to wait, follow the deeper sense of what’s right and let your body guide you, rather than the shoulds and oughts guide your action right now.

This is a quieter, more optimistic New Moon, and the quality is buoyant and inviting, so take the time to be at peace this weekend and enjoy these fresher energies.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Leo 07' 38"
Moon 29° Aquarius 12' 37"
Mercury 28° Leo 00' 05"
Venus 14° Leo 31' 39"
Mars 01° Gemini 49' 27"
Jupiter 12° Gemini 49' 41"
Saturn 18° Pisces 58' 12" R
Uranus 26° Taurus 35' 50"
Neptune 29° Pisces 48' 49" R
Pluto 00° Aquarius 51' 51" R
Chiron 23° Aries 31' 49"
TrueNode 08° Aries 54' 54" R
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