We have a phenomenal Lunar eclipse at this Full Moon in Leo, on 11th February at 12.34 am. This Leo Eclipse highlights self-recognition, courage, commitment and discipline and imaginative self-expression.

There are many active, tight aspects in this Eclipse, all within the 20-25 degrees. So, if you have any personal planets or angle rulers at 21-23 degrees of any sign, this eclipse will have an incredibly powerful impact on you. It’s important to not label eclipses as positive or negative, as even difficult eclipses are supporting our ultimate growth and relinquishment of what has outgrown its purpose .

But this isn’t any old Eclipse, and it’s more mystical and special than most. We have a fire Grand Trine with Saturn, Moon and Uranus, inspiring innovative drive and creativity. We also have a Yod configuration which offers us great potential for spiritual evolution and awareness, and a cardinal Grand Square with Pluto, Uranus/Eris, Jupiter and Vesta completing the final leg.

But this rare and special combination of aspects also forms a three dimensional pyramid. This is astounding astrological symmetry, which will open up gifts, real magic, and allows for some amazing accomplishments over the forthcoming months, especially if it touches any personal planets or angle rulers.

With Saturn at the apex of this mystical pyramid, he lends his real grounded mystical wisdom. He offers his patience and stability, which is what we need in this astrological weather, there’s a lot to get on with and a lot to integrate. So lets break this eclipse down and the forthcoming months.

With the Sun in sextile to Saturn and the Moon trining Saturn gives the patience and emotional strength we need to take on any issue. While Jupiter in sextile to Saturn means careful, considered expansion, using rigorous judgment to in matters of relationships, career or personal life. With Saturn trine Uranus changes should be more constructive and less unsettling.

Saturn wants us to harness his energies with a strong level of commitment and a strong work ethic. When we really apply ourselves under saturnian influences, we are likely to succeed. Under these conditions, it’s imperative we apply ourselves, since we will reap incredibly special results. Do take full advantage of the next few months, these opportunities don’t come by frequently.

We also have an upcoming strongly creative, intuitive focus with the Sun’s annual move into Pisces, giving us the opportunity to explore our more intuitive, creative and contemplative side. Dreams become more meaningful and time spent alone supports us to tune into our guidance and realign with our divine purpose and deepest needs. It will help us meet Saturn’s rigorous demands.

The dreaming realm of Pisces holds all possibilities and potential and so we are transitioning into a phase where we have a sea of creativity and imaginative resources available waiting for us to tap into. Anything is possible right now if we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our projects and purpose. This is a time to stop doing for doing sake, from a place just automatic or repetitive action and allow our spirits to move us forward from a deeply purposely driven place.

While the Sun journeys through these creative and spiritual Piscean waters, we are also entering into a time when Mars dominates the astrological landscape. With both Mars and Venus in Aries there are even more opportunities for us to push forward with our life purpose and make things happen.

It’s also a time to understand how we can meet our own needs alone, we just need to go for it. Aries energy is about the separate individual responsible for our own state of mind and consciousness. It’s time to pick up responsibility and accountability (Saturn), no more shifting blame and start making things happen, courageously and fearlessly.

Venus will turn retrograde on 4th March going back and forth – honing our courage and confidence is extremely important at this time – it’s going to be a pivotal few months, in almost all areas of our lives. More on that at the next New Moon post.


Current Planetary Positions

Sun 01° Cancer 22' 18"
Moon 04° Capricorn 39' 17"
Mercury 10° Cancer 30' 12"
Venus 06° Cancer 11' 41"
Mars 09° Taurus 39' 36"
Jupiter 06° Gemini 18' 10"
Saturn 19° Pisces 22' 52"
Uranus 25° Taurus 18' 26"
Neptune 29° Pisces 54' 15"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 33' 37" R
Chiron 23° Aries 01' 53"
TrueNode 12° Aries 10' 55" R
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